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Paulo Londra

Paulo Londra biography
Paulo Londra, from Instagram
Personal information
Full namePaulo Ezequiel Londra Farías
BirthdateApril 12, 1998
Age26 years old
OccupationSinger and songwriter
GendersTrap, rap, and reggaeton
Zodiac signAries
Biography in other languages


Paulo Londra biography

Paulo Londra (born April 12, 1998) is a singer and rapper from Córdoba, Argentina. He grew up in a close-knit family who supported his musical career. From the age of 15, he showed his ability to improvise and compete in street rap battles. These experiences helped him to participate in formal rap events.


The beginnings of Paulo Londra’s career.

Paulo Londra began his career in improvised freestyle rap battles. His first battle was at the Plaza de la Intendencia, where he started to make a name for himself in the Latin trap scene. In 2017, he participated in a rap battle against the well-known artist Duki on YouTube. He gained recognition and popularity among fans of the genre thanks to his outstanding performance and earned the respect of other artists.

Confident in his talent, he decided to participate in Sin Escritura and later in El Quinto Escalón, an important urban event in the Hispanic world. He was fortunate enough to take first place, and at that moment gained international recognition. Later, his focus shifted to breaking into the urban music industry. He continued to advance, gaining more airtime on radio stations in other countries, especially in Latin America, gaining followers, views on music platforms, and awards.

His biggest influence is the rapper Eminem. When he saw the film 8 Mile, he decided to follow in his footsteps and pursue a career in music. He started at the same time as artists like Lit Killah, Kodigo, and Duki, and he competed against them in events such as A Cara de Perro Zoo. At a young age, he already leads the trap genre in Argentina; his songs have over 20 million plays on Spotify. Under an independent label, the artist has released his debut single “Relax.” On December 4, he released “Condenado Para el Millón.”


Musical career

In 2018, Paulo Londra published “Nena Maldición” with Lenny Tavarez. Months later, he was seen collaborating with the well-known Piso 21 artists on the single “Te Amo.” From this work came “Dímelo” and “Chica Paranormal,” which were very successful. On August 2, 2018, he recorded “Cuando Te Besé” with the famous Becky G. Recently, he released “Adán y Eva,” which has been well received. He has good relations with Colombian trap artists like J Balvin.

Paulo Londra has been inspired by artists like Fianru and Movimiento Original, from whom he acquired some aspects of pronunciation. He has also been nourished by the music of Cosculluela, Los Rolling Stone, and Bad Bunny to work on creating new melodies with innovative and versatile rhythms. Thanks to this, his songs have been greatly popularized, and this is also reflected in his official Instagram account, which currently has 4.4 million followers. He has managed to collaborate with artists like Ovy on the drums, a trap producer. He has a privileged place on the music lists of Argentina.

“Nena Maldición” entered the list of the 20 most important trends in Latin America. The artist is a follower of the Colombian country, highlighting its beauty, especially in the city of Medellín. He has come to the country to record the official video of “Te Amo” by Piso 21. Here he was close to important artists in the industry, including De La Ghetto, J Balvin, Justin Quiles, Karol G, Mike Bahía, and Mario Bautista. The video was directed by Paloma Valencia. Quickly, the video reached over a million views, as a result it reached number 9 in trends. In the same way, it became the trendiest video on the digital platform, becoming the most listened-to Argentine artist in Spotify, surpassing Abel Pintos who has one million. On September 28, 2018, he performed a show at the Gran Rex Theater. He was also recently in the Chilean capital where he was received by a large number of followers, and his new song “Adán y Eva” was very cheered. He has slowly driven his career, and although he now studies law, he has decided to dedicate more energy to the musical part.

On June 18, 2019, the artist Ed Sheeran announced Paulo Londra’s collaboration on one of his songs “Nothing on You” that is part of the new album to be released.





Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma Biography
Peso Pluma, vía Instagram

Peso Pluma Biography

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija (June 15, 1999), known artistically as Peso Pluma, is a singer and songwriter born in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. He gained international fame with his hits “Ella Baila Sola”, PRC” and “La Bebé (Remix)”.


Early years

Hassan, better known as Peso Pluma, originates from Zapopan, Mexico, and boasts Lebanese ancestry on his paternal side. Displaying a keen interest in music from a young age, he was greatly influenced by the musical environment within his family. During his adolescence, he took up the guitar, deriving joy from performing and singing songs by the renowned Mexican artist Ariel Camacho.

In the subsequent years, Hassan teamed up with his cousins, forming a musical group that included Roberto “Tito Double P” Laija. Together, they collaborated on writing and composing music.


Stage Name

Originally, the artist associated themselves with the recreational use of THC feathers and observed a shared slender build among some friends. During a performance at a private event in Guadalajara, fate intervened when they crossed paths with the featherweight boxing champion, Marco Antonio Barrera. Deeming this encounter as a sign from destiny, they embraced “Peso Pluma” as the artist’s stage name. Similarly, the Instagram moniker “La Doble P” is a nod to the initials of this chosen stage name.


Beginnings and Career

Peso Pluma embarked on his career with great fervor, sparing no time for rest and seizing every opportunity that came his way. In the span of a year, he released three albums, numerous singles, and collaborations. In February 2020, he unveiled his first live album, titled “Disco en Vivo (en Vivo)”, which received an enthusiastic response from the audience. Just a month later, he dropped his debut studio album, “Ah y Qué?”, which also garnered a very positive reception.

In October of the same year, he released his second live album, “Disco en Vivo, Vol.2 (En Vivo)”, featuring eight songs and a collaboration with Los Plebes de la Cuadra. During that year, he also released the singles “Relajado Voy” and “El Petter”.

In the first quarter of 2021, Peso Pluma released his second studio album, titled “Efectos Secundarios”, marking his fourth overall release. Throughout the year, he collaborated with Jorge Morales “El Jilguero” on “Gente del Cartel” and dropped the singles “Todo es Playa”, “Spiral” and “Por Las Noches”, with the latter propelling him to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In 2022, Peso Pluma decided to bet on the song “El Belicón” in collaboration with Raúl Vega, which saw increasing success, selling 480 thousand copies in the United States. Concurrently, he participated in the song “Sentosa”, created for the mobile game Garena Free Fire, alongside singers Polo González and Tornillo.

On August 15, Peso Pluma released his collaboration with Luis R. Conriquez, “Siempre Pendientes”, which quickly became a success on Spotify. This achievement solidified Peso Pluma as a new figure in the regional and corridos tumbados genre, according to various media outlets. However, the promotion of the song was surrounded by controversy as some accused the lyrics of promoting drug trafficking, given references to one of the nicknames of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. As a result, the official music video of the song was taken down from YouTube shortly after its release, although it was re-uploaded months later.

“En una Urus me salgo a pasear
Diez camionetas se miran atrás
Cuido la plaza del señor Guzmán
Y al Piyi traigo de anillo de seguridad”.

In February 2023, Peso Pluma achieved another milestone by securing a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list with “AMG”, featuring Gabito Ballesteros and Natanael Cano. The track reached the #92 spot on the chart, serving as a platform for subsequent collaborations with various artists in the following months. This included partnerships with Fuerza Regida on “Igualito a Mi Apá”, Junior H on “El Azul”, Alemán on “Delivery” and once again with Natanael Cano on “PRC”.

Furthermore, on February 27 of the same year, the remix of “Por Las Noches” was released, featuring the collaboration of Argentine singer Nicki Nicole. Consequently, Peso Pluma’s solo version achieved its first individual success in the United States, entering the Hot 100 chart at number 92 weeks after its release.

On March 16 of the same year, Peso Pluma released his song “Ella Baila Sola” in collaboration with Eslabón Armado. The song reached the #10 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the highest-charting regional Mexican genre song in the United States and the second-highest for a Mexican artist, only behind Carlos Santana. Additionally, it became Peso Pluma’s first song to top the Spotify Global 200 chart, making him the first Mexican artist to surpass 30 million monthly listeners on the platform. The next day, Peso Pluma participated in the remix of “La Bebé”, a song by Mexican artist Yng Lvcas, which also secured a place on the Billboard chart at #77.

In March 2023, Billboard magazine included Peso Pluma in its list of the most influential artists in regional Mexican music in the United States, alongside Chino Pacas, Grupo Frontera and Natanael Cano. Towards the end of March, Peso Pluma collaborated with Becky G on her song “Chanel”. In April, he premiered “Las Morras” with Colombian artist Blessd.

Peso Pluma was the guest performer during urban singer Becky G’s Coachella presentation. Together, they delivered a captivating performance of “Chanel”, leaving the audience enthralled.


Ella Baila Sola: Pedro Tovar vs. Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma has rapidly achieved significant fame, even making appearances on highly popular television shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, aired on April 28, 2023.

However, Peso Pluma’s success has sparked some tensions. Pedro Tovar, the lead vocalist of Eslabón Armado and the songwriter behind the song “Ella Baila Sola”, on which Peso Pluma collaborated, has expressed his disappointment for not receiving the credit they deserve. For Tovar, it’s frustrating to see his group take a back seat while Peso Pluma reaps all the success from their joint effort. It’s important to note that many people are unaware that the single is a collaboration, leading to some resentment within the group.


Bizarrap: Music Sessions #55

On May 31, 2023, Peso Pluma teamed up with the Argentine viral producer Bizarrap for “Peso Pluma: Bzrp Music Sessions #55”. Opinions on this collaboration were mixed, with fans and followers of La Doble P considering it one of his best works, while some in the Argentine audience found it to be something different. The Mexican audience takes pride in seeing a compatriot in these renowned sessions and has aimed to surpass the record set by Shakira’s session. As of now, it’s unclear whether they achieved their goal, but what is known is that the singer was thoroughly satisfied with his performance.



Personal life

As of now, the singer has been successful in keeping his personal life private. In mid-June 2023, rumors began circulating about a possible romantic connection between Peso Pluma and the renowned Argentine singer Nicki Nicole. Currently, he has officially confirmed his relationship with the talented Argentine artist, Nicki Nicole.



 “The Chapo”

Mexican singer Peso Pluma stirred controversy when he was invited to the 8 MusicFest in Culiacán, Sinaloa. During his performance of the hit song “El Belicón”, an image of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, a notorious Mexican drug lord, was projected. This sparked criticism and accusations of promoting criminal activities. Although the singer denied any responsibility, activists called for sanctions and assurances against repetition. The Culiacán government defended freedom of expression, while the event organizers distanced themselves from any responsibility.



It all began when Maluma, one of the most successful reggaeton artists, posted a video on his Instagram criticizing the lyrical content of some corridos tumbados artists, including Peso Pluma. In response, the singer posted a series of messages on his own Instagram account, defending his musical style and arguing that corridos tumbados reflect the reality of many people. Peso Pluma also took the opportunity to criticize the content of some reggaeton songs, where women are often sexualized and objectified.



Musical Works by Peso Pluma:


“Disco en Vivo (En Vivo)” (2020):

  1. Jeraqui de Nivel – En Vivo.
  2. Relajado Voy – En Vivo.
  3. El AK – En Vivo.
  4. Yo Ando Agusto – En Vivo.
  5. Fuentes de Ortiz – En Vivo.
  6. La Belikiada – En Vivo.
  7. Un Suspiro – En Vivo.
  8. Tus Lindos Versos – En Vivo.
  9. Producto de La – En Vivo.
  10. Playera 77 – En Vivo.

“Ah y Que?” (2020):

  1. La Beliakiada.
  2. Relajado Voy.
  3. Productor de La.
  4. Omnia, junto a El Choforo.
  5. Pastaillas Pa Olvidar.
  6. Jerarquia de Nivel.
  7. La Pluma de Wax.
  8. El Pengüin, junto a Jorge Morales El Jilguero.
  9. La Roca.
  10. Yo Ando Agusto.
  11. Los Pixeliados, junto a Lalo Reyes.
  12. 18/02.

“Disco en Vivo, Vol.2 (En Vivo)” (2020):

  1. La Melena – En Vivo.
  2. Lo Que Me Das – En Vivo.
  3. Entre Aguilas – En Vivo.
  4. El 08 – En Vivo.
  5. El Ejecutivo – En Vivo.
  6. El Chango – En Vivo.
  7. Escuela de la Palma – En Vivo.
  8. El Travieso – En Vivo, junto a Los Plebes de la Cuadra.

“Efectos Secundarios” (2021):

  1. La Melena.
  2. Lo Que Me Das.
  3. La Encontré.
  4. El Chuletas, junto a El Choforo.
  5. No Está Fácil.
  6. Entre Humo y Huesos.
  7. Mil Historias, junto a Héctor Rubio.
  8. Con Dinero Baila el Perro.
  9. Y Qué?.
  10. Les Cuesta, junto a Los Del FI.

“GÉNESIS” (2023):

  1. ROSA PASTEL, junto a Jasiel Nuñez.
  2. LUNA, junto a Junior H.
  3. 77, junto a Eladio Carrión.
  5. CARNAL, junto a Natanael Cano.
  6. LAS MORRAS, junto a Blessd.
  7. GAVILÁN, junto a Tito Double P.
  8. VVS, junto a Edgardo Nuñez y Los Dareyes De La Sierra.
  9. SU CASA, junto a Luis R. Conriquez.
  10. LADY GAGA, junto a Gabito Ballesteros y Junior H.
  11. ZAPATA.
  12. LA PEOPLE, junto a Tito Double P.
  14. TULUM, junto a Grupo Frontera.
  15. LAGUNAS, junto a Jasiel Nuñez.
  16. BYE.


“Sembrando” (2022):

  1. Sembrando.
  2. El Capi.
  3. El Güero.
  4. El Viejón de la Loma.
  5. Me Convertí.
  6. Spiral.




  • “Relajado Voy”, junto a Decreto Real.
  • “Mil Historias”, junto a Héctor Rubio.
  • “El Petter”, junto a Decreto Real.


  • “Gente del Cartel”, junto a Jorge Morales El Jilguero.
  • “Con Dinero Baila el Perro”.
  • “Lo Que Me Das”.
  • “Por las Noches”.
  • “Todo Es Playa”.
  • “Spiral”.


  • “El Belicón”, junto a Raúl Vega.
  • “Sentosa”, junto a Tornillo y Polo González.
  • “30 Tiros”.
  • “Siempre Pendientes”, junto a Luis R. Conriquez.
  • “El Gavilán”, junto a Luis R. Conriquez y Tony Aguirre.
  • “Igualito A Mi Apá”, junto a Fuerza Regida.
  • “Ando Enfocado”, junto a Jaziel Avilez y Codiciado.
  • “AMG”, junto a Natanael Cano y Gabito Ballesteros.
  • “Delivery”, junto a Alemán.


  • “PCR”, junto a Natanael Cano.
  • “El Azul”, junto a Junior H.
  • “Por Las Noches (Remix)”, junto a Nicki Nicole.
  • “EL HECHIZO”, junto a Ovy On The Drums.
  • “Ella Baila Sola”, junto a Eslabón Armado.
  • “La Bebé (Remix)”, junto a Yng Lvcas.
  • “Chanel”, junto a Becky G.
  • “Las Morras”, junto a Blessd.
  • “El Tsurito”, junto a Junior H y Gabito Ballesteros.
  • “Rosa Pastel”, junto a Jasiel Nuñez.
  • Peso Pluma: Bzrp Music Sessions #55“, junto a Bizarrap.
  • “PLEBADA”, junto a El Alfa.
  • “Pancake”, junto a Natanael Cano.
  • “QUEMA”, junto a Ryan Castro y SOG.
  • “Feria en el Sobre”, junto a Gera MX y Herencia de Patrones.
  • “QLONA”, junto a Karol G.
  • “OJOS AZULES”, junto a Blessd y SOG.
  • “EL RELOJ”, junto a Blessd y Maluma.
  • “Ex-Special”, junto a Jhayco.
  • “BIPOLAR”, junto a Jasiel Nuñez y Junio H.
  • “LA CHAMBA”, junto a Arcángel.
  • “Peligro”.
  • “UNA BALA”, junto a Milo J.
  • “BELLAKEO”, junto a Anitta.
  • “Rompe La Dompe”, junto a Junior H y Oscar Maydon.
  • “La Intención”, junto a Christian Nodal.
  • “Igual que Un Ángel”, junto a Kali Uchis.
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Natanael Cano

Natanael Cano Biography
Natanael Cano, vía Instagram

Natanael Cano Biography

Nathanahel Rubén Cano Monge (March 27, 2001), known artistically as Natanael Cano, is a singer and songwriter from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Regarded as a trailblazer in the corridos tumbados genre, Cano has left an indelible mark on the Mexican music scene, being one of the pioneers who introduced and popularized this genre both nationally and internationally.


Who is Natanael Cano?

Natanael Cano is a Mexican singer and songwriter, recognized as one of the foremost figures in the fusion genre known as corridos tumbados. His acclaim is built on successes such as “F1”, “Pacas Verdes”, “El de la Codeína” and “Soy El Diablo”. These tracks have not only gained popularity in the musical sphere but have also solidified Cano’s position as an influential figure in the contemporary Mexican music scene.


Early Years

Nathanahel Rubén Cano Monge, also known as Natanael Cano, is the son of Rubén Cano and Ciria Monge. He has two siblings: Daneiry and Ángel. From an early age, Natanael displayed a keen interest and innate talent for music. Growing up in an environment where regional Mexican music had a strong presence, Cano was drawn to the world of corridos, a popular music form in Mexican culture. At the tender age of 9, influenced and encouraged by his father, he took his first steps into music by picking up the guitar and starting to sing, showcasing his skills within the family at various gatherings.

The prominent singer Ariel Camacho became Natanael Cano’s source of inspiration, shaping his aspirations and guiding his initial steps into the world of regional Mexican music.

Throughout his time in high school, his affinity for music strengthened significantly, despite not excelling in his studies. While residing in Mexico, he began immersing himself in the captivating world of corridos tumbados, a passion he cultivated while sharing the stage with his peers in impromptu musical performances during the scarce breaks between classes.

The desire to pursue a musical career took deep roots within him, prompting him to make the serious decision to drop out of high school. With determination, he relocated to the United States, hoping to achieve recognition and fame in the music industry. This significant change marked the beginning of his exciting journey in the quest for his place in the international music scene.




Despite his youth, Natanael Cano quickly gained recognition in the music scene through social media, particularly on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. His unique style, blending traditional corrido with modern and urban elements, garnered him a growing fan base. He soon began making a name for himself in the music scene, gaining notoriety before joining Rancho Humilde, a group with which he began his career. After collaborating with them for a while, he made the decision in 2018 to embark on his solo path.




In 2018, Natanael Cano burst onto the music scene at the early age of 17 with the release of “El de los Lentes Gucci”. In the following year, he quickly gained prominence with “F1”, a single that surpassed 11 million views on YouTube, solidifying his presence in the music landscape. His ascent continued with notable collaborations, such as “El de la Codeína” alongside Los hijos de García and Herencia de Patrones.

Recognition expanded with the release of his debut album “Mi Nuevo Yo“, featuring hits like “Soy El Diablo”, a collaboration with the renowned Bad Bunny. Songs like “Amor Tumbado” and “Compa Bladi” contributed to the album’s success. In 2019, Cano continued his streak with the release of “Corridos Tumbados”, which included hits like “El Drip” and “El Cazador”, alongside notable collaborations such as “El AK” with Junior H and “Tranquilo Me Han De Ver” with Dan Sánchez.

In the vibrant year of 2020, Natanael left an indelible mark on the music scene with impactful collaborations and shining successes. At the beginning of the year, he joined forces with the Colombian group Piso 21 in the single “Placas Verdes”, marking the start of a series of artistic triumphs. In a landmark collaboration, he took part in the powerful song “Cuenta Conmigo”, alongside various artists: Fuerza Regida, Los Tigres del Norte, and Ana Bárbara. The track successfully secured a position in the top 50 of Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart.

The pinnacle was reached with the release of “Arriba” on May 5, 2020, a song that stands as an essential pillar in the career of the talented Mexican artist. The lyrics of this track became a phenomenon by incorporating elements from Ed Maverick’s song “Fuentes de Ortiz”, catapulting the single’s popularity and ensuring the sale of over 240,000 copies in the United States. This success earned him the RIAA 4x Platinum certification and positioned him at an impressive #31 on the prestigious Hot Latin Songs chart in the country.

In the latter half of the same year, he released his fourth album, “Corridos Tumbados, Vol. 2”, a collaborative project with renowned artists. During this time, he forged notable collaborations, including partnerships with acclaimed artists like Junior H and Snoop Dogg. This continuous growth and artistic versatility have further solidified Natanael Cano’s position in the music scene.

In mid-2023, Natanael Cano surprised his followers with the release of his eleventh studio album, titled “Nata Montana”. This project stood out for its collaborations with various singers, including Amilkar Galaviz, Tito Torbellino Jr, Hernan Trejo, Chino Pacas, Gabito Ballesteros, Dan Sanchez, Peso Pluma, Luis R. Conriquez, and Junior H. Notably, the album marked a return to the classic style of corridos tumbados, completely stepping away from trap or electronic elements.

Originally composed of 16 tracks, “Nata Montana” experienced an unexpected change when the song “Cuerno Azulado”, which opened the album, was censored on various platforms. In response, the album was re-released, this time including only the other 15 songs. Despite this setback, the album has garnered notable successes, such as “Pacas de Billetes”, “Como es Arriba es Abajo”, “AMG” and “Mi Bello Ángel”. The diversity of collaborations and the return to his musical roots demonstrate the versatility and continuous evolution of the Mexican artist in his career.

In 2023, Natanael Cano left his fans astonished by taking an unexpected turn in his career and venturing into the world of acting. In the series “VGLY”, the talented artist not only immersed himself in the role of an actor but also embodied the character of Lil Vato, adding a new facet to his artistic versatility.



Personal life

The singer’s love life has sparked curiosity among many people. What is known so far is that Natanael Cano is reportedly dating the American actress Brighton Sharbino. They have been photographed together on several occasions, and the artist has been seen commenting on her photos on Instagram.



Musical Works of Natanael Cano:


  • “Todo Es Diferente” (2019).
  • “Corridos Tumbados” (2019).
  • “Mi Nuevo Yo” (2019).
  • “Corridos Tumbados Vol. 2” (2020).
  • “Trap Tumbado” (2020).
  • “Soy El Nata” (2020).
  • “Las 3 Torres” (2020).
  • “Nata” (2021).
  • “A Mis 20” (2021).
  • “Soy El Diablo” (2022).
  • “NataKong” (2022).
  • “Nata Montana” (2023).



Acting Works of Natanael Cano:


  • “VGLY” (2023).
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Xavi Biography
Xavi, vía Facebook

Xavi Biography

Joshua Xavier Gutiérrez Alonso (May 5, 2004), known by his stage name Xavi, is a singer and songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. His ascent to fame was solidified through the success of his notable tracks, “La Víctima” and “La Diabla”, propelling him into the music scene and significantly contributing to his rapid growth and recognition in the industry.


Who is Xavi?

Joshua Xavier Gutiérrez Alonso, better known artistically as Xavi, is a singer and songwriter in the corridos tumbados genre. He is the son of Fabio Gutiérrez and Rubi Alonso González. Xavi is the second of six siblings; he shares parents with his brothers Fabio and Chris, and has three younger siblings: Leila and Mia from his father’s side, and the youngest, Oscar, from his mother’s side, completing the family.

He hails from Phoenix, Arizona, United States, but maintains a strong connection to his Mexican roots, nurturing his deep love for music. Despite being born on American soil, Xavi’s Mexican heritage has profoundly influenced his artistic identity.

There is often confusion among people about whether Xavi has a twin brother. However, this assumption is incorrect; Fabio is, indeed, his older brother and shares musical talent with Xavi. Under the artistic name Fabio Capri, he also stands out as a singer, with his most notable success being the captivating song titled “Delirio”.




Since his childhood, Xavi exhibited a profound interest in music, much like his siblings. While music was considered more of a pastime for the young members of the Gutiérrez Alonso family, for Xavi, it took a more significant turn. At the age of 10, he developed a unique skill by learning to play the guitar, a talent that has accompanied him ever since.

His early encounters with music took place in the community church, but it was alongside his father that Xavi began to explore his voice and perform covers, sharing them on various online platforms. It wasn’t until the year 2020 that his music career officially took off. The track “Vete Ya” marked the beginning of his journey, and from that moment, he started building his presence on social media, carving a name for himself in the world of music




Independently and over the years, Xavi released a series of singles that captivated his growing audience. Among these gems are tracks like “Te Quiero”, “Ojitos de Miel” and “Zero Sentimientos”, to name a few.

The year 2023 marked a turning point in Xavi’s career, thanks to the TikTok platform, which catapulted his relevance both nationally and internationally. During that period, he dedicated his efforts to creating new singles, culminating in the release of his first album titled “My Mom’s Playlist” as an emotional tribute to his mother. This album offers a unique experience as Xavi pays homage to the songs from his mother Rubi’s personal music playlist. Through this project, he showcased the versatility he possesses as an artist, leaving listeners astonished with his ability to tackle different styles and genres. “My Mom’s Playlist” not only solidified his position in the music scene but also revealed the profound connection between music and family in Xavi’s life.

In the first week of December, the success of “La Víctima” translated into more than 5 million views in the United States, marking a significant milestone for Xavi. This achievement secured his first-place position within the top 10 in the category and an impressive debut at the ninth spot on the Latin Streaming Songs chart. “La Víctima” didn’t stop there, as it also secured the #24 position on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart, climbing to the tenth spot by mid-December in 2023.

To date, his most viral track has been “La Diabla”, which, much like his previous works, skyrocketed to popularity on various music platforms and social media networks. Particularly, TikTok played a pivotal role in the song’s virality, attracting content creators who sparked trends, contributing to the track’s success beyond this social network. This phenomenon not only underscores Xavi’s influence in the musical realm but also showcases his ability to connect with diverse audiences through the most relevant digital platforms.

Xavi’s successes have thrust the artist into the spotlight, prompting questions and comments that inevitably draw comparisons to prominent singers like Peso Pluma and Natanael Cano. The uniqueness of his singing and intonation style reflects that this talented artist is destined for a bright future in the corridos tumbados genre.

To date, Xavi has amassed over 27.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, solidifying his position as an influential force in today’s music scene. Additionally, his YouTube channel boasts a robust following, surpassing 2 million subscribers.



Personal life

Xavi has mostly kept his personal and intimate life private, creating a veil of mystery around the promising star of “corridos tumbados”. While it is known that his primary focus is on his musical career, details about his current romantic situation remain undisclosed.



Xavi biography

Credits: TikTok

Xavi faced a pivotal moment in his life after a severe car accident, an experience that left a notable scar beneath his lip. The narrative of this physical mark is directly linked to the incident that profoundly affected him: while driving, his vehicle collided, causing severe fractures to various facial bones, including the cheekbones, nose, and forehead.

The gravity of these injuries was exacerbated by the lack of precautions while driving; Xavi wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, and the car lacked an airbag. This negligence resulted in devastating consequences for his physical health, leading him into a coma that lasted several days. Potential aftermaths, such as the loss of the ability to sing, walk, and implications on his brain, added an additional dimension to the seriousness of the situation.

Despite this dark chapter in his life, Xavi did not give up. He demonstrated incredible strength and determination to overcome the challenges that arose after the accident. His story is a testament to resilience and the will to move forward.




Musical works by Xavi:



  • “Vete Ya”.
  • “En La 29 (En Vivo)”, feat Banda la Alterada.


  • “Te Quiero”.
  • “Si Me Ven”.
  • “Ojitos de Miel”.
  • “Amigos con Derecho”.
  • “Me Aguanto”.


  • “Y Tú”.
  • “Anahí”.
  • “Vámonos De Aquí”.
  • “Quiero Contarte”.
  • “Loko”, feat Los Primos del Este.
  • “Se Chambiar”, feat Clave 520.
  • “Zero Sentimientos”, feat Eduardo Soto.
  • “Te Mereces A Mi”.
  • “Santa Claus Llegó A La Ciudad”.


  • “Aquí Estoy”, feat Eduardo Soto.
  • “Solo Recuerdos”, feat Los Aptos.
  • “Rayando El Sol (En Vivo)”.
  • “Sin Pagar Renta”.
  • “La Víctima”.
  • “Poco A Poco”, feat Los Dareyes De La Sierra”.
  • “Modo DND”, feat Tony Aguirre.
  • “La Diabla”.




“My Mom’s Playlist” (2023):
  1. Kilómetros, (Sin Banderas).
  2. Rayando El Sol, (Maná).
  3. Tocando Fondo, (Kalimba).
  4. Aquí Estoy Yo, (Alek Syntek, Luis Fonsi, David Bisbal and Noel Schajris).
  5. Ahora Te Puedes Marchar, (Luis Miguel).
  6. No Me Queda Más, (Selena Quintanilla).
  7. Si Tú No Estás Aquí, (Rosana).
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Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio Biography
Paulina Rubio, vía Instagram

Paulina Rubio Biography

Paulina Susana Rubio Dosamantes (born June 17, 1971), better known as Paulina Rubio or “La Chica Dorada” (“The Golden Girl”),  is a singer, entrepreneur, actress, and celebrity hailing from Mexico City, Mexico.


Early years

Paulina Rubio Dosamantes, artistically known as Paulina Rubio, is a Mexican singer and celebrity. She is the daughter of the famous Mexican actor and singer Enrique Rubio and actress Susana Dosamantes. From an early age, Paulina was immersed in the world of entertainment, which greatly impacted her future career.

Her mother had the greatest influence on her, as she introduced her to the realms of acting, singing, dancing, and painting at the Centro de Educación Artística (CEA).

Paulina Rubio Biography

Photo: @paulinarubio (vía Instagram)



Paulina Rubio took her first steps in music at a very young age. At the age of 10, she joined the children’s group Timbiriche, which already had a substantial following in Latin America. Throughout her time in the group, Rubio showcased her talent and charisma, making her one of the standout members. Her voice and stage presence propelled her to fame and provided a strong foundation for her solo career. This ensemble included renowned artists, among them Thalía.

During that time, apart from delving into the musical world, she also ventured into acting. She participated in well-known soap operas and theater productions.



In 1992, Paulina Rubio released her debut solo album titled “La Chica Dorada”, which quickly became a success in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. The album showcased a fresh and catchy pop style that resonated with the younger audience. Her single “Mío” became an instant hit, solidifying Rubio’s position as a prominent figure in the world of Latin pop music.

Over the following years, Paulina continued to release successful albums such as “24 Kilates” in 1993, “El Tiempo Es Oro” in 1995, and “Paulina” in 2000. Her music blended elements of pop, rock, and electronic, allowing her to remain relevant and appeal to a wide audience. Songs like “Y Yo Sigo Aquí”, “Ni Una Sola Palabra” and “Lo Haré Por Ti” became pop anthems throughout Latin America.

As her career progressed, Paulina Rubio managed to expand her success internationally. Her 2000 album “Paulina” opened doors in international markets, particularly in Spain and the United States. The song “Lo Haré Por Ti” reached the top of charts in several countries.

In the 2010s, Paulina Rubio continued her musical career with albums like “Gran City Pop” in 2009 and “Brava!” in 2011, which included the popular single “Me Gustas Tanto”. Besides her musical endeavors, Rubio served as a judge on the talent show “The X Factor” in the United States during its second season in 2012. Two years later, La Chica Dorada returned to acting with a cameo in the American dramedy series “Jane the Virgin”.

The most recent album released by the talented Mexican artist is “Deseo”, which saw the light in 2018 and features a special edition. Additionally, in 2022, she had the honor of being part of the judging panel on the show “Mira Quién Baila All Stars”.


Personal life

Paulina Rubio’s personal life also garnered media attention. She married Spanish businessman Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, known as “Colate”, and later had a relationship with Mexican actor Gerardo Bazúa. With Nicolás, she had a son whom they named Andrea Nicolás Vallejo Rubio.

However, her marriage to Nicolás faced difficulties, and they separated in 2012, leading to a legal custody battle over their son. Throughout the years, Paulina also experienced ups and downs in her relationship with her family and her career.

Following that, it was when the artist entered into a relationship with Gerardo Bazúa, also known as Jerry Bazúa, from which her second child, Eros Bazúa Rubio, was born.

The relationship of La Chica Dorada with her ex-partners is tense, as she maintains that she must financially support her children while they are with their parents and also cover the expenses of both children full-time. On the other hand, the children’s parents argue that their incomes are insufficient, a stance which was acknowledged by the United States court. But that’s not all, as Rubio’s attorney mentioned that the singer is the one covering the expenses of the legal proceedings she maintains with both ex-partners.



Musical works by Paulina Rubio:


  • “La Chica Dorada” (1992).
  • “24 Kilates” (1993).
  • “El Tiempo Es Oro” (1995).
  • “Planeta Paulina” (1996).
  • “Paulina” (2000).
  • “Border Girl” (2002).
  • “Pau-Latina” (2004).
  • “Ananda” (2006).
  • “Gran City Pop” (2009).
  • “Brava!” (2011).
  • “Deseo” (2018).




  • “Siempre Tuya Desde La Raíz”.


  • “Nada Puede Cambiarme”.


  • “Ni Rosa, Ni Juguetes”, ft Pitbull.


  • “Algo De Ti (Remix)”.


  • “Me Voy”, ft Espinoza Paz.


  • “Mi Nuevo Vicio”.


  • “Si Te Vas”.
  • “Me Quema”.


  • “Desire (Me Tienes Loquita)”, ft Nacho.
  • “Suave Y Sutil”.


  • “Ya No Me Engañas”.
  • “Si Supieran”.
  • “De Qué Sirve”.


  • “Tú Y Yo”.
  • 2021
  • “Yo Soy”.


  • “Me Gusta”, ft Maffio.


  • “No Es Mi Culpa”.
  • “Mi Decisión”.
  • “Propiedad Privada”.
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Yahritza y Su Esencia

History of Yahritza y Su Esencia
Yahritza y Su Esencia, vía Instagram

History of Yahritza y Su Esencia

Yahritza y Su Esencia (2022) is a regional Mexican music group originating from Yakima Valley, Washington, United States. The ensemble consists of a trio of siblings: Yahritza Martínez (vocalist and acoustic guitar), Jairo Martínez (acoustic bass), and Armando “Mando” Martínez (guitar). Their melodies stand out within the urban sierreño subgenre.



The group “Yahritza y Su Esencia” is formed by the Martinez siblings: Armando is the oldest, followed by Jairo, the middle brother, and finally Yahritza, the youngest sister, who is also the main vocalist of the band. All of them were born in Yakima Valley, Washington, United States, but they have Mexican roots due to their parents, who come from Michoacán and emigrated in search of opportunities in the United States.

From an early age, they grew up immersed in Mexican traditions at home. Their parents passed down their rich culture, allowing them to explore the rhythms of regional Mexican music from its roots. Moreover, their father, who had once been a part of a regional music band while living in Mexico, provided his support and experience in that field.

At the age of 14, the youngest of the Martínez siblings began playing the guitar and delved into the world of social media. It was through these platforms that she shared her talent and her voice, which are now the heart and soul of the ensemble.



One of their most recognized songs is titled “Soy El Único”. The vocalist wrote this song at the age of fourteen, focusing on the theme of a romantic breakup. The inspiration for the lyrics came from the comments she received on her videos, where people shared their own experiences in relationships. The single climbed to the #1 position on the Billboard Global 200 chart, also achieving the prominent #1 spot on the YouTube Music ranking in the United States, and a respectable #5 position on the popularity charts in Mexico.

They gained prominence when a video featuring their music audio went viral on Tik Tok. This achievement drew the attention of influential figures and, thanks to the collaboration of Ramón Ruiz and Alex Guerra from the group Legado 7, the record label Lumbre Music emerged, which currently represents Yahritza y Su Esencia.

After signing the contract, the band released their debut album, “Obsessed”, in late April 2023. The album performed exceptionally well in terms of commercial success, achieving platinum certification in the United States, with sales of 60,000 equivalent units in the country.

In 2023, Yahritza y Su Esencia joined forces in collaborations with prominent artists such as Yuridia, Ángela Aguilar, and Grupo Frontera. These collaborations, particularly with Grupo Frontera, played a significant role in their increasing international popularity. Their strong track record has earned them nominations at various award ceremonies, including the Latin Grammy Awards, Latin American Music Awards, and Premios Lo Nuestro. In the latter, they managed to clinch the coveted award.



The controversy arose in August 2023 when a video of an interview conducted with the group in January of the same year went viral. During the interview, they were asked about their experience in Mexico City (CDMX), to which the vocalist responded: “Yes, I like it, but I don’t like it when I wake up and as I’m falling asleep, because you can hear the cars and the police sirens, but yeah, I do like it. It’s nice here”.

After this, the vocalist hands the microphone to her older brother, who expresses with little enthusiasm his lack of excitement for Mexican food, emphasizing his preference for the food from their hometown in the United States. Then, the microphone is passed to Jairo, who agrees with the opinions of “Mando” Martínez and shares that he has a sensitive stomach and is careful about what he eats.

“For me, it’s also the food because I’m quite sensitive and well… I mostly eat, eat chicken. Ajá. I only eat… wings”.

History of Yahritza y Su Esencia

(vía Instagram)


Apologies from Yahritza y Su Esencia

Following the emergence of this controversy, Yahritza y Su Esencia spoke out. In the company of her brother Jairo, Yahritza Martínez offered apologies to the Mexican people. Although her older brother couldn’t be present, he contributed his thoughts to the subsequent statements.

“Hello everyone, how are we? Ah, we want to send you a big greeting on behalf of Yahritza y Su
Esencia. Unfortunately, “Mando” couldn’t be here with us, but he was indeed part of this message we want to convey to you. Um, so to start, first and foremost, we want you to know that what motivates us every day to write songs and music is the great pride of having Mexican blood in our veins. No matter where we were born, we are proudly Mexican and deeply appreciate the love from the audience, especially in Mexico. Ahm, you always show us so much affection and receive us with so much, much love, and for that, we are grateful, but also apologetic.

We’ve seen the recent comments on social media and we believe you, the audience, are absolutely right. And, well… No, we didn’t express ourselves correctly. Instead of talking about how much we love the country, especially Mexico City, we were discussing some details that were out of place, and we understand that now. Ahm, so we genuinely offer you an apology from the bottom of our hearts. If we offended anyone, that was never our intention. Ah… We love Mexico, our culture, and its people, and we’re honored to be part of that culture. We never wanted to disrespect our land, I swear, it was never our intention.

For us, it’s important to have an honest relationship with you, and that’s why we appreciate you letting us know when something isn’t right or when something you don’t like happens, because that way we can improve. (Jairo:) And really, we love you a lot too and we appreciate all your support, so… Thank you very much. (Yahritza:) And again, everyone, ahm… A thousand apologies on behalf of Yahritza y Su Esencia, a big hug”.



The statements made by the group caused discomfort and offense among many Mexican citizens. They were labeled as “No sabo kids” (a term implying ignorance or naivety), and there were mockeries about their appearance and derogatory comments were made. On TikTok, a trend started where people would hit their speakers whenever a song by Yahritza y Su Esencia played, as a form of protest and criticism.

The repercussions were not limited to reactions. Prior to this incident, Yahritza y Su Esencia had over 5.7 million followers on Instagram, but following the statements, that number drastically plummeted to 718k followers. Furthermore, on their music platforms, their audience, subscribers, and listeners experienced a concerning decrease.



Musical Works by Yahritza y Su Esencia:



  • “Soy El Único”.
  • “Esta Noche”.
  • “Amarga Navidad”.
  • “Fuentes de Ortíz”.
  • “Inseparables”, feat Iván Cornejo.


  • “Cambiaste”.
  • “No Se Puede Decir Adiós”.
  • “Nuestra Canción”.
  • “Frágil”, feat Grupo Frontera.
  • “Qué Agonía”, feat Yuridia and Ángela Aguilar.



“Obsessed” (2022):

  1. Esta Noche.
  2. Enamorado.
  3. Soy El Único.
  4. Siendo Sincero.
  5. Déjalo Ir.
  6. Nadie Sabe.
  7. Estás En Mi Pasado.
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