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Junior H

Junior H, from Instagram
Personal information
Full nameAntonio Herrera Pérez
BirthdateFebruary 7, 2000
Age24 years old
OccupationSinger and songwriter
Stage nameJunior H
Height1.70 m
GendersCorrido tumbado
Zodiac signAquarius
Biography in other languages


Biography of Junior H

Antonio Herrera Pérez (February 7, 2000), better known professionally as Junior H, is a Mexican singer and songwriter, emerging artist of the corrido tumbado genre. He began his music career at the age of 14, releasing a few songs online before debuting with “Mi vida en un Cigarro” in 2019. That same year, Junior went viral on YouTube with “No he Cambiado,” leading him to sign with Rancho Humilde. His second album, “Atrapado en un Sueño,” was released in 2020. “No he Cambiado,” “Mente Positiva,” “Dicen,” and “Atrapado en un Sueño” are some of his hit songs.


Early Life

Born in Guanajuato, Mexico, Junior started composing at the age of 12 alongside a friend. He didn’t know how to play any instruments at the time, but had an easy time writing. It took him another two years to learn how to record and by the age of 15, he had a few songs circulating online. Like many other artists, Junior started uploading songs and covers to YouTube, where he quickly gained notoriety.

However, it wasn’t all easy; the artist had to start over after his family decided to move to Utah in the United States. It was another reality, another language and a completely different place from his home, but that didn’t stop him. Junior learned to play the guitar by watching YouTube tutorials, continued recording and writing his own songs, and worked at a sandwich shop for a while.


Junior H: Debut, Fame, and Career

After a few years on YouTube, Junior jumped into the scene in February 2019 with the release of his first album, a nine-song demo titled “Mi vida en un Cigarro.” The album included songs such as “A los 19,” “El Barbero,” “El de la Chevy,” and his first big hit, “No he cambiado.” However, the song would take several months to become a trend on YouTube. The success was such that Junior, then 17 years old, was discovered by his now manager, Jimmy Humilde, of Rancho Humilde.

It didn’t take long for Junior to sign a contract and begin recording with the label. He was included in the successful compilation of Natanael Cano, “Corridos Tumbados,” in the songs “Ella,” “El AK,” “Disfruto lo Malo,” and “El M4.” Thanks to this work, Junior’s popularity continued to grow. Later came the singles “El de la H,” “Vivo a Mi Manera,” and “En Mis Dedos un Gatillo” (ft. Gabriel Esteban).


Trapped in a Dream

His second album, “Atrapado En Un Sueño,” arrived in March 2020 and immediately became a success. So much so, that it debuted at #5 on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart, being the second to reach the top after Natanael. The album consisted of a total of seven songs; among these were: “Atrapado en un Sueño,” “Mente Positiva,” “Dicen,” “Me siento,” and the collaboration “Si Mañana” with Natanael.

In June 2020, the deluxe edition of “Atrapado en un Sueño” was released, which included a new song, “Tengo Motivos.” Junior also collaborated with Natanael on the single “Seca tus lagrimas” from his EP “Corazón Tumbado.”


MUSICA <3 and Cruisin’ with Junior H

Later, in September 2020, Junior released two albums on the same day titled: “MUSICA <3” and “Cruisin’ with Junior H.” Both albums would include 12 songs. In “MUSICA <3” (2020), the hits “No Cap,” “Días Nublados,” and “Psicodélica” appeared, as well as the collaborations “Hey CJ” with Compa Steve and “Suena” with José Mejía. In “Cruisin’ with Junior H,” songs such as “No Me Pesa,” “Se Amerita,” and “Clave Ali” came out, along with the collaborations “Ojos Colorados” with Alto Linaje and “Con Un Presidente” with Esteban Gabriel.


The 3 Towers

Also in 2020, specifically on December 18th, Junior premiered the collaborative album “Las 3 Torres,” along with Natanael Cano and Ovi. The album featured the participation of various artists such as Snoop Dogg, Ñengo Flow, and Snow Tha Product, in songs such as “Crónicas de un Gallo” and “Felling Good.” From the album, the songs also stood out “Pienso en Ella,” “Las Tres Torres,” “Verdes Verdes,” and “En el Cora.”


2021: $ad Boyz 4 Life

In February 2021, Junior H returned with “$ad Boyz 4 Life,” an album of 16 songs, whose lyrics spoke of love and heartbreak. In less than 24 hours, it managed to position itself in the Top 10 of Latin albums on Apple Music. Some of the most well-known songs from the album were the singles: “La Bestia,” “160 Gramos,” and “Me Consume.”

A few months after “$ad Boyz 4 Life,” Junior released the single “Corrido Tumbado.” In December 2021, “Nací Para Amarte” and “Empresa Fly Club” were released. These were his last releases in 2021.


2022: Mi Vida En Un Cigarro 2

Following the example of 2021, Junior released his seventh studio album “Mi Vida En Un Cigarro 2” in February 2022. The album referenced the name of his first album, which was released in February 2019. “Mi Vida En Un Cigarro 2” includes 21 songs, among them several collaborations such as “Los Botones Azules” with Luis R Conrique, “Pa que te Duela” with Eslabon Armado, and “El Pana” with Compa Steve. Other songs from the album were “Nunca Tristes Simpre Locos,” “Esta Vida,” “Que Siga La Mata Dando,” and “Como Jordan.”

Later, in April, Junior premiered “12 Rifles,” a single that features a live music video accompanied by a band.




  • Mi Vida En Un Cigarro (2019)
  • Atrapado En Un Sueño(2020)
  • MUSICA <3 (2020)
  • Cruisin’ with Junior H(2020)
  • Las 3 Torres(2020)
  • $ad Boyz 4 Life(2021)
  • Mi Vida En Un Cigarro 2(2022)



  • Se amerita (2020)
  • Mente positiva
  • Ella
  • 1004 kilómetros
  • Disfruto lo malo
  • Jueves 10
  • Paso en Culiacán
  • No me pesa
  • Días nublados
  • Atrapado en un sueño
  • Los 4 ases
  • Clave ali
  • La vi llorar
  • Tengo motivos
  • Psicodélica
  • Se quedanviendo
  • Pakas en las rakas
  • El chachito anda alegre
  • Ojos colorados
  • Verdes verdes
  • El de la H
  • Si mañana
  • El Ak
  • La bestia
  • 160 gramos
  • Me siento
  • Me consume
  • Venadeando
  • Dicen
  • No cap
  • El F


Tina Turner

Tina Turner Biography
Tina Turner, vía Instagram

Tina Turner Biography

Anna Mae Bullock (November 26, 1939), known professionally as Tina Turner, was an African-American singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and choreographer. She was born in Brownsville, Tennessee, United States. She is considered the “Queen of Rock” after a fifty-four-year musical career.


Early years

Tina Turner is the youngest daughter of Zelma Priscilla Currie and Floyd Richard Bullock. She lived with her grandparents for much of her childhood and youth as her parents moved to Knoxville, Tennessee during World War II. Her grandparents took her to Woodlwan Missionary Baptist Church near Highway 19, which is now known as the Tina Turner Highway in her honor. They were very religious, disciplined, and strict individuals. Tina attended Flagg Glove Elementary School and continued attending church, this time at Nutbush Hill Baptist Church, where she had her first exposure to music.

For a period of time, Tina returned to live with her parents, but the family situation was never good; her father was a violent and abusive man. When she turned eleven, her mother left them to live in St. Louis. Two years later, her father started a new relationship and gradually distanced himself from his daughters, until the sisters were forced to be taken in by their grandmother in Georgeanna, Brownsville. For Tina, experiencing the lack of love from her mother was a very tough aspect of her life. Tina dedicated herself to studying and balancing her school days with her role as a cheerleader for the basketball team, and sometimes she even played the sport herself.

When she was sixteen years old, her grandmother died unexpectedly, and her mother took her with her to St. Louis. In this city, she was enrolled in Sumner High School and completed her studies in 1958. She then worked as a nurse’s aide at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, with the goal of eventually becoming the head nurse. After some time in the 1950s, she discovered that her sister Aillene had a magnificent voice. They started singing together at home.



Later, Tina suggested to her sister that they should sing in nightclubs. They started frequenting the Manhattan Club, a nightclub in the East St. Louis area, and over the months, Tina and her sister formed a small band. During one of their performances, Tina heard the Kings of the Rhythm band. The lead singer was Ike Turner. On another occasion, Gene Washington, the band’s drummer, invited Tina and her sister to join them on stage and perform a song.

The only one who dared was Tina. With Tina’s astonishing voice and magnificent performance on stage, Ike approached her and they sang a duet. Some time later, Ike offered Tina to join the band. From that moment on, Tina’s musical career took off, and Ike played a significant role in her career. In 1958, Tina made her first studio recording titled “Box Top” with singer Carlson Oliver under the name “Little Ann”.


Career: Iker & Tina Turner

Annie Bullock was already known by the stage name “Little Ann” before being associated with Ike Turner, who was already a prominent figure in black music in the city of St. Louis. In the late 1950s, they formed the duo Ike & Tina Turner, which had a successful artistic career from 1959 to 1973. They released their first songs in 1959, but it wasn’t until 1961 that any of their songs managed to enter national charts. Annie then formed the soul duo with Ike, whom she was in love with.

The duo quickly gained popularity, thanks to Ike’s recognition as one of the finest African-American voices in soul, being a singer who successfully evolved from his blues roots and seamlessly adapted to the rising R&B genre. In just one year, they managed to place three songs in the top 100, and the critics hailed them as the group with the greatest potential and impact of the moment. In essence, Tina Turner’s sexy image, the divinity of her voice, and her stage presence made them one of the best duos of the 60’s.

In 1966, they released the song “River Deep, Mountain High”, produced by Phil Spector, which gained tremendous worldwide resonance. Their subsequent singles topped the charts, and tours followed one after another. However, due to personal issues, Tina realized that her relationship with Ike was not as successful as her music career, leading her to make the decision to separate and end the duo. Her decision was influenced by Ike Turner’s inappropriate behavior, as he was arrested multiple times for drug possession, and his drug addiction had a negative impact on his vocal performance.


Solo career

Tina continued her solo career, but it wasn’t easy for her as she was emotionally devastated. She had a role in “Tommy,” the film by The Who, and recorded the album “Acid Queen”, which had little commercial success. Unfortunately, the same happened with her next work, “Rough” (1979). Fortunately, her career started to revitalize with the support of her sister, and she was invited in 1982 to sing on a version of “Ball Of Confusion” by the group B.E.F., who also produced a rendition of the song “Let’s Stay Together” (1983) by Al Green.

Over time, Tina continued to achieve brilliant success thanks to her talent. She released albums like “Let’s Stay Together” (1983) produced with the support of David Bowie, “Private Dancer” (1984), “Break Every Rule” (1986), “Foreign Affair” (1989), “Wildest Dreams” (1996), and “Soul Kiss” (1998), among others, many of which were Grammy Award winners. This marked Tina’s return to superstar status. With “Private Dancer”, her music was firmly established on the international scene, selling over ten million copies. Her fame continued to grow after she took on a role in the film “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. Additionally, her single “We Don’t Need Another Hero” was included in the film’s soundtrack.

Another one of her successes was “Break Every Rule” (1986), an album that featured collaborations with important figures such as Phil Collins and Steve Winwood. She later embarked on a fourteen-month tour across various parts of the world. In 1988, she released “Tina Live in Europe”, which featured collaborations with Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Bryan Adams, and bluesman Robert Cray. In 1989, she once again dominated the playlists with the album “Foreign Affair”, which included hit singles like “The Best” and “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” and achieved million-selling status.

Between 1991 and 1993, Tina Turner released the albums “Simply The Best” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. In these albums, she maintained her distinctive musical style and iconic image. In early April 1996, she released the album “Wildest Dreams” and embarked on a tour in the United Kingdom. Her next album, “Twenty Four Seven”, was a major success both in sales and critical acclaim, reaching number nine on the Billboard 200 chart. This album marked the beginning of a new phase in her career.

In addition, she embarked on a successful worldwide tour called the “Twenty Four Seven Tour”, which became one of the most prominent tours of the year. During this time, Tina Turner demonstrated that she still possessed an electrifying voice and an inexhaustible charisma to thrill audiences. She embarked on a significant tour across the United States and several European countries.

After several decades of a music career and sixty years of life, Tina Turner announced her retirement in the summer of 2000 while residing in Zurich, Switzerland.

In 2004, Turner released a new compilation album titled “All the Best”, which included her most notable hits and some new songs. This album served as a reminder of her incredible journey in the music industry and was warmly received by both critics and fans.

The year 2008 marked Tina Turner’s triumphant return to the stage with a series of concerts at the famous O2 Arena in London. These performances not only generated immense interest but also proved that Tina’s energy and charisma were still intact. The audience response was overwhelming and confirmed her status as a living legend in the music industry.


2009: Retirement from Performing

In 2009, after concluding her successful “Tina!: 50th Anniversary Tour”, Tina Turner announced her official retirement from music. Although she has made sporadic appearances at special events since then, she has made it clear that she does not plan to tour or release new albums. The following year, Turner attended the opening of a Broadway musical based on her life, titled “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical”. This musical captivated audiences with its powerful storytelling and talented cast, receiving critical acclaim and nominations for several Tony Awards.


During the 2018 Grammy Awards ceremony, Tina Turner received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to music.

In 2019, the singer shared her personal story with the world by publishing her autobiography titled “Tina Turner: My Love Story”. In this book, she recounted her life and career in detail, allowing readers to delve into her triumphs and challenges over the years. The book was well received and became a bestseller.

On March 27, 2021, Tina Turner once again moved her fans as she bid farewell through the HBO documentary titled “Tina”, a work that offers a deep look into her life and career. In this captivating film, the legendary Tina Turner shares her longing to embark on the final and most meaningful stage of her life, where she seeks to find peace and fulfillment away from the spotlight. Furthermore, she courageously reveals that she has experienced post-traumatic stress as a result of the painful abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband and father of her children, singer Ike Turner.


Personal life

Initially, in 1958, Tina was involved in a relationship with The Kings of Rhythm saxophonist, Raymond Hill. At the age of eighteen, she became pregnant with the artist. As a result, her mother kicked her out of the house. When she tried to seek support from Raymond, she did not receive it because he had decided to return to his hometown due to an ankle fracture, leaving everything behind.

With her firstborn son Craig in her arms, Tina had nowhere to live, and that’s when Ike Turner allowed the singer to temporarily stay at his house in East St. Louis. During that time, both artists maintained only a friendship, as Ike was married to Lorraine Taylor, the mother of his two children, Ike Jr. and Michael.

In 1960, Tina and Ike entered into a relationship, and the singer became pregnant with their second child, their first and only child together, Ronald Turner, also known as Roonie Turner. Two years later, the singers got married in Tijuana, and as their wedding night, Ike Turner decided to take Tina to a brothel, where he indulged himself with the ladies working there.

After marrying the singer, that’s when Anna Mae change your name a Tina Turner. Additionally, the artist adopted Ike’s children from his previous marriage, Ike Jr. and Michael.


Ike Turner: Physical, emotional and sexual abuse

Tina Turner suffered a series of abuses from her husband, Ike, which started with a beating for refusing to go on tour. These abuses and beatings escalated due to Ike’s cocaine addiction. Additionally, it should be noted that Ike was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

During her marriage, Tina endured everything from sexual abuse to beatings that left her face shattered. Despite it all, she remained silent. On one occasion, she had to be hospitalized with broken bones and third-degree burns after having a cup of hot coffee thrown in her face. The injuries were so severe that she required reconstructive nose surgery due to both the burns and the blows she suffered.

In addition to all of that, Tina Turner had to face the pain of betrayals and infidelities. In 1968, while expecting another child with Ike, she learned that her friend, Ann Thomas, was also pregnant by him, which led her to make the painful decision to undergo a secret abortion. That same year, just before a concert in Los Angeles, Tina attempted suicide by ingesting Valium pills.

In July 1976, after being involved in a violent fight at the hotel where they were staying, Tina decided to end her relationship with Ike Turner. She was a victim of brutal beatings by her husband and managed to escape shortly after their arrival. In that same month, Tina filed for divorce and dissolved the musical duo they had formed together, Ike & Tina Turner.


New beginnings: Erwin Bach

After her separation from Ike Turner, the talented singer decided to focus on her solo career and enjoy her time alone. However, in 1985, her life took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with Erwin Bach, a German music producer, during a party organized by her record label in the city of London. Despite the traumas she had endured in past relationships, Tina made the brave decision to step forward, engage in a conversation, and ask him out. Over time, this choice would prove to be one of the best decisions of her life.

From 1986 onwards, Erwin and Tina began their relationship, and over the next 25 years, their love blossomed. Finally, in 2013, they decided to take their commitment to the next level and formalized their union in marriage, sealing their love officially.

After getting married and living in Switzerland for twenty years, Tina Turner decided to apply for the nationality of that country. In early 2013, she managed to obtain it, simultaneously renouncing her American nationality.


Tina Turner’s illnesses

In 2016, Tina was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, and the following year she received a kidney transplant from her husband, Erwin Bach. Turner had faced a series of health issues, including cancer, a stroke, and kidney failure. In addition to that, she suffered from post-traumatic stress due to the abuse she had endured from Ike Turner.


Death of her sons: Craig and Roonie

In 2018, at her residence in Studio City, Los Angeles, California, the artist’s eldest son, Craig Raymond Turner, tragically took his own life at the age of 59. According to reports from local police, Craig was found deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

As for Ronnie Turner, he faced various health issues throughout his life, including a cancer diagnosis. In a 911 call, it was reported that Ronnie was experiencing respiratory distress, which unfortunately worsened leading to his passing. Despite the paramedics’ efforts to revive him, he was pronounced deceased shortly after. Ronnie passed away at his home in Encino, California, on December 8, 2022.


Death of Tina Turner

On May 24, 2023, Tina Turner passed away at the age of 83 in her residence in Küsnacht, after bravely battling an illness that accompanied her in her final years of life.



Film works Tina Turner participated in:


  • “The Big T.N.T. Show” (1966).
  • “It’s Your Thing” (1970).
  • “Soul to Soul” (1971).
  • “Ally McBeal” (2000).


  • “Gimme Shelter” (1970).
  • “Taking Off” (1971).
  • “Tommy” (1975).
  • “All This and World War II” (1976).
  • “John Denver and the Ladies” (1979).
  • “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” (1985).
  • “What’s Love Got to Do with It” (1993).
  • “Last Action Hero” (1993).



Musical works Tina Turner worked on:


  • “Tina Turns the Country On!” (1974).
  • “Acid Queen” (1975).
  • “Rough” (1978).
  • “Love Explosion” (1979).
  • “Private Dancer (30th Anniversary Issue)” (1984).
  • “Mad Max Thunderdome (Original Motion Picutre Soundtrack)” (1985).
  • “Break Every Rule” (1986).
  • “Tina Live in Europe” (1988).
  • “Foreign Affair” (1989).
  • “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” (1993).
  • “Wildest Dreams” (1996).
  • “Wildest Dreams (Expanded Version)” (1996).
  • “Twenty Four Seven” (1999).
  • “Twenty Four Seven (Expanded Version)” (1999).
  • “Tina Live” (2009).
  • “Children Beyond” (2011).



  • “The Best” (1989).
  • “Foreign Affair (The Singles)” (1989).




  • “Proud Mary”.


  • “When the Heartache is Over”.
  • “I Can’t Stand the Rain”.
  • “On Silent Wings”.


  • “Open Arms”.
  • “Great Spirits”.
  • “Cose Della Vita”, ft Eros Ramazzotti.
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Los Inquietos del Norte

Los Inquietos del Norte
Los Inquietos del Norte, from Instagram

The history of Los Inquietos Del Norte

Los Inquietos Del Norte is a Mexican regional music group formed in 1995. The group is composed of 5 members: Felipe, José, and Rosalio Mesa; Jorge Torres, and Manuel Acevedo. They are known for their aggressive style corridos and have earned the title of the Fathers of Corridos. For years, they struggled to secure a good contract until they signed with EAGLE MUSIC in 2002. That same year, they released their first official work, Los Mal Encachados. In 2005, they released Los Padres del Corrido and with La Clika in 2007, they earned their first Gold record. The group was nominated for the Premios Lo Nuestro in 2010.


Musical beginnings

The history of Los Inquietos del Norte cannot be told without the Meza brothers, as it all started with them. Born in the land of tequila, Guadalajara, Jalisco, the three brothers began their music careers at a very young age. By the time they were less than ten years old, they were singing on trucks. After finishing their studies, regional music became their focus. They began by singing in bars, restaurants, and racetracks. After various adventures, they arrived in California, where they met Jorge and Los Inquietos was born. Later, Manuel joined the group, bringing his special touch with the violin.

Since their beginning, the group has been oriented towards two well-defined styles within regional music. On one hand, there are the aggressive, fast or heavy-style corridos, and on the other hand, there are the romantic songs similar to ballads. The name of the group emerged unexpectedly during the recording of Me cayó el FBI, one of their first songs, in the 90s. This decade includes several works, including the album La Limosina Blanca, released in 1999. The album included songs such as Mujeres Malas, El Postre de Michoacán, Un Buen Pericazo, El Compa Julio, and Dando y Dando.


Contract with Eagle Music and the release of Los Mal Encachados

In 2002, the group signed a contract with Eagle Music, a record label that opened its doors to them and where they have been able to showcase their unique style. That same year, Los Inquietos released their first album, Los Mal Encachados, which featured 15 songs, including Pedro y Mingo, El Corrido de Fernando, and Arriba Guanajuato. The following year, they released Tierra de Traficantes (2003), Soy quien soy con Banda, and Entre Gallos Finos, which were released in 2004.


Los Padres del Corrido

It was with Los Padres del Corrido that the group achieved fame in 2005. This album of 15 songs also gave them their nickname, as from then on, the group was known as the Fathers of Corridos. The album included songs such as Pedos Hasta La Chingada, Ya no puedo vivir sin ti, El Primazo Martin, Parranda de Gallos, Pa Cocineros, and Soy de Colima.

With lyrics filled with emotions, love, passion, and lust, the group has achieved great success. They have triumphed on countless tours, mainly in Mexico and have also been a huge success in various cities in the United States, such as Washington, Texas, Illinois, and California.

Among the lyrics that have propelled them to the top are hits like Ya no puedo vivir sin ti (2005), Hasta la madre de borracho (2007), La borrachera (2008), and 90 millas (2009). Fans have also significantly influenced their success. That’s why the group named their eighth album La Clika, in 2007. La Clika, as their fans are known, featured 17 songs, including the hit La Clika, El Compa Tony, Amor Mortal, Te amo tanto, El Endiablado, and Las Parrandas. Other notable songs include El Maldito, La Teibolera, and El Plebe y el Primo.

Other hits

The album 4:20 Mi vicio, released in 2008, followed in success. Later came La Borrachera (2008), Locos Desde Ayer (2010), and Febrero 14 Románticas (2010). Also in 2010, they released Vamos a Darle Con Todo and the collection of hits, Serie Diamante. That year, the group was nominated for the first time for the Premios Lo Nuestro in the category “Norteño Group of the Year.” In 2012, the album La Gritera was released with songs such as Carne Quemada, La Gritera, El Diablo Encabronado, 2 Besos, and La Consigna.

With Sin ti, from the album Con El Corazón Inquieto (2013), Los Inquietos entered the national Top 10 in 2013. Later that year, they released Los Psychos Del Corrido (2013) and were nominated for the Billboard Mexican Music Awards.

Without taking a break, since 2002, Los Inquietos have released one to two albums per year. In 2014, they released 12 Favoritas; a year later, Mi Amigo El De Arriba (2015) and De Noche Enfiestado (2015) came out, and in 2017, Firme Y Pa’ Delante. Casa de Dragones was released in 2019 and Adrenalina in 2020.

Among their recent singles, it’s worth mentioning ¡México México! (2020), La Pesadilla (2020), Qué Bonita La Noche De Anoche (2021) and Me Sacaron Coraje (2021).


Since their beginnings, the group has identified with the phrase Algún Pinche Problema (A.P.P.).

Members of Los Inquietos del Norte

  • José Meza (bajo sexto and vocals)
  • Felipe Meza (electric bass and vocals)
  • Rosalio Meza (accordion and vocals)
  • Jorge Torres (drums)
  • Manuel Acevedo (violin)
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Grupo Firme

History of the Grupo Firme
Grupo Firme, From Instagram

History of Grupo Firme

Grupo Firme is a musical group of Mexican regional music from Tijuana. It was created in 2014 and its members are: Eduin Cazares (leader and vocalist); Joaquín Ruiz (bass guitar); Jhonny Caz (vocalist), Abraham Hernández (second voice); Christian Téllez (bass); Dylan Camacho (accordion); and Fito Rubio (drums). Initially they made themselves known on social networks with some covers and in 2017 they made their debut with their first album Past, Present, Future. In 2018, their first hits, Pídeme, El Roto and Juro Por Dios came out and a year later they became famous with the hit El Amor No Fue Pa’ Mi, among other hits. Currently they are seen as the new fashionable group.

The beginnings

United by their love of music and coming from different parts of Mexico, the seven members of the group met in Tijuana. They grew up and began their careers in this city as members of different groups, although they knew each other from their work in the artistic industry. The founders of the group were Eduin and Joaquín, who coincidentally joined various groups before founding the group in early 2013 or 2014.

Joaquín and Eduin started in the group Reto Sierreño, then moved on to the groups Aventado2 de Tijuana and Los 4 de la frontera, and finally coincidentally joined the group Fuerza Oculta. This last group became, after some changes, the Grupo Firme, although it was initially called Grupo Fuerza. Because many groups had the same name, the members decided to opt for a synonym and chose “Firme”.

This is how Grupo Firme was born, with Eduin as the vocalist and leader, Joaquín on the bass guitar, Abraham and Jhonny as second voice, Christian on the bass, Dylan on the accordion, and Fito on the drums.

With the help of their manager and representative Isael Gutiérrez, who is also the head of the Music VIP Entertainment label, the group took its first steps in bars and events. At the same time, they made themselves known on social networks and other platforms by uploading covers of recognized artists, such as Los Tigres del Norte, José Alfredo Jiménez, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, and others. Often, the group uploaded songs at the request of the public, so they didn’t take long to have their own fanbase.

Grupo Firme: debut and career

In April 2017, after three years of performances and covers on social media, the group released its debut album, “Past, Present, Future”. This album consisted of twelve songs, highlighting “De Sol a Sol”, “Metas Cumplidas”, “Perdóname”, and “El de los Huaraches”. Although the album was not very successful, it managed to make the group known. A few months later, the group returned with “El Barco” (2017), a fifteen-song album with the tracks “El Bueno de Tijuana”, “Dile”, “Gente de Verdad”, and “La Interezada”.

In addition, that year, the group collaborated with Los Buitres de Culiacán Sinaloa on the album “En Vivo Desde Tijuana los Buitrones y los Firmes” (2017). Success finally arrived in 2018 with the singles “Pídeme”, “El Roto”, and “Juro Por Dios”. That year, the group was quite active, releasing singles, collaborations, and making several appearances. They even went to Colombia, where they were well received and recorded their “En Vivo desde Medellín Colombia” (2018). The album, which included the tracks “El Teclas”, “El Peña”, and “El Flaquito”, was quite popular within and outside of Mexico.

The group finally achieved fame in 2019 thanks to the releases of “Me Cansé de Amarte” and the hit “El Amor No Fue Pa’ Mí” (ft. Banda Coloso). Later came the successful “El Muelas”, “En Realidad” with Banda Coloso, “Lujos y Secretos” with Quinto V Imperio, and “Porque Te Quiero” with Luis Alfonso Partida “El Yaki”. They also released that year the singles “Qué Me Vas A Dar Si Vuelvo”, “El Panal”, and “A Ti Te Conviene” with Calibre 50.

The successes continued in 2020. The group began the year by releasing the single “La Estoy Pasando Mal”, and later collaborating with Enigma Norteño on the song “Mi Pretexto de Borracho”. Later they appeared on the single “Yo Diría” by Uziel Payan and collaborated with Marca MP on “El Güero”. In March, “Acábame de Matar” was released and in April they premiered “Quiero Pistear” with Luis Ángel “El Flaco”.

Their second live album, “En Vivo Desde Anaheim, CA”, was released in July of this year, including their biggest hits: “Pídeme”, “Que Me Vas a Dar Si Vuelvo”, “El Roto”, “Descuide”, “Porque Te Quiero”, “El Amor No Fue Pa’ Mí”, among others.

In 2022, the news is released that the band, Grupo Firme, breaks the attendance record with more than 280,000 people in Mexico City’s Zócalo. In this way, this renowned band surpasses the record that belonged to Vicente Fernández, who had 217,000 people. Prior to these last two, Justin Bieber and Shakira had the record, with the attendance of 210,000 people present in the Zócalo.

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Los Dos Carnales

Los Dos Carnales
Los Dos Carnales, from Instagram

The history of Los Dos Carnales

Los Dos Carnales is the name of the norteño music group formed by brothers Imanol and Poncho Quezada along with Armando Hernández and Kevin Montemayor. They debuted in festivals and bars, and in 2018 they released their first album, Te Lo Dije. Fame didn’t wait, in 2019 Los Dos Carnales achieved success with the hit single Vida Ventajosa. Later came the hits El Envidioso, El Corrido del Fantasma, Cabrón y Vago, and Al Estilo Rancherón. Despite their short career, they are now seen as the new great exponents of the norteño genre.



Originating from San Pedro de las Colonias (Coahuila) and united by music, Pocho, Imanol, Armando, and Kevin began their journey as a group around 2015. The band, which takes its name from the relationship of its voices: Poncho and Imanol, was born around the brothers. They had started as musicians from a very young age, and it was Poncho (the older of the two by 6 years) who was in charge of Imanol’s artistic formation.

As they said, they always had a good relationship and both felt attracted to the same musical style, so it wasn’t surprising that they ended up singing together. They both started as clowns at parties, then did some performances, and finally went to bars, where they gradually started to gain recognition. It was during that period that the Al Estilo Rancherón quartet was born.

With Poncho as the singer and bajo quinto player; Imanol as the second voice and accordion player; Armando on the bass, and Kevin on the drums, Los Dos Carnales burst onto the scene in 2015 by opening for La Trakalosa de Monterrey in their native Coahuila. In this way, the group began their very fruitful career. From 2015 to 2018, the group continued to play and open for other artists until finally making their official debut.


Los Dos Carnales: debut and career

In early 2018, Pocho, Imanol, Armando, and Kevin officially entered the scene with their first single, Puro Dos Carnales. A few months later, on May 1, 2018, the group released their first album, Te Lo Dije, featuring songs like Le Hace Falta un Beso, Imperio Beltran Leyva, and a collaboration with Luciano Diaz that gives the album its name. In the middle of the following year, the band returned with the EP Dio Vuelta la Moneda, featuring their famous El Corrido de El Fantasma, a song in honor of the artist of the same name that gained millions of plays and became a classic for the group.

It should be mentioned that El Fantasma has been one of the main driving forces behind the group’s fame. They have not only appeared at some of his concerts, but have also collaborated on several hits. After the EP, that same year, the singles El Sonriente de Durango and Tristes Navidades were released, as well as their first big hit, Vida Ventajosa. Vida Ventajosa was their first big entry into the charts; from then on, the group didn’t stop raking in hits.


Second album and live releases

Their second album, Para impresionarte (2019), was released at the end of the same year, preceded by their first live album, En vivo desde las cañas (2019). The latter was released on October 31, 2019, while Para impresionarte came out at the beginning of November. Later that year, the group released the albums Somos Arrieros (2019), which included songs like El Tesoro and Vida Ventajosa; and Moños Negros (2019), from which the tracks Caballo Adicto, Así Somos, La Marihuana, el Marihuanito, and Mi Pueblo de San Pedro were taken.


Corridos y Más Corridos (2020) and Al Estilo Rancherón (2020)

The releases continued in 2020 with the release of the singles Moños Negros and the hit El Envidioso, which in one day exceeded 200,000 plays on digital platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube. Later, the songs Juan Ramos, Nave 727, and Él fue Arturo came out. Also, earlier that year, the group released two EPs: Corridos Con Olor a Monte (2020), which came out in April in collaboration with Los Reos de Tamaulipas, and 6 Tragos (2020), which was released in June.

As if that wasn’t enough, that year, the group released two albums: Corridos y Más Corridos (2020) and Al Estilo Rancherón (2020). Some of the songs included on these are: Plama y San Felipe, El Gallo Pobre, El Corrido de el Cholo, El Corrido de Panchito, Desde Hoy, and Al Estilo Rancherón (with El Fantasma).

In November 2020, a few months after Al Estilo Rancherón, Dos Carnales released their next album, Borracho (2020). This consisted of a total of 13 songs, among them Pepón, Corrido de Idefolso, Home Run, Mis Raíces, Francisco Cortez, and El Borracho. Ending the year, on December 18, the group returned with a Christmas single consisting of three songs: En Esta Navidad, Oye Santa Claus, and Tristes Navidades.


2021: Collaborations and more albums

Always active, the group started 2021 with the release of the EP Tragedias de Mi Pueblo (Con Banda) on February 3, 2021. Later that same month, the group released the singles Por Alguien Como Tú and La Tóxica. In March 2021, the group collaborated with Colombian singer Camilo on the song Tuyo y mío, which was part of Camilo’s second album, En Mis Manos, and immediately became a hit.

After the release of Tuyo y mío, the group released La Pregunta del Millón, a single that was part of the “Wednesday boleros and Friday corridos” dynamic, in which they released two singles each week, the first being a bolero and then a corrido. A few days later, on April 16, 2021, the group collaborated with Calibre 50 on the single El Mensaje. That same day, the single El Abuelo was released, followed by En Fin and Al Millón, which were released on April 21 and 23, respectively.

Boleros De Hoy and Corridos Pa’ la Historia

On May 7, 2021, the group released the album Boleros De Hoy (2021), a 10-song work that included, among others, the April releases (La Pregunta del Millón and En fin..) and included songs like La Tóxica, La Fiesta, Ya Valimos, and Me Estoy Acostumbrando. At the end of that month, the group released their second album of the year: Corridos Pa’ la Historia (2021). This album, like Boleros De Hoy, brought together several previous releases and other unreleased songs, such as El Terreno de Güero Flores, Los Primos, Yo Soy Rico, and El Éxito.


Premios Juventud

In July 2021, Los Dos Carnales were nominated for the Premios Juventud held in Miami in the categories: “best regional Mexican song”, “best regional Mexican collaboration”, “best regional Mexican fusion”, “viral track of the year”, and “favorite group or duo of the year”. At the end of the ceremony, the group took home the Premio Juventud for La nueva generación regional mexicano and the Best Regional Mexican Song (for El Envidioso). For El Envidioso, the group also received that year the Premio lo Nuestro for Norteña Song of the Year.

A few days before the Premios Juventud, the group released the single Déjate de Cosas, a collaboration with Gerardo Ortiz that quickly climbed the charts with its own music video. Later, in August 2021, the collaborations La Parca (with Ortiz) and El Final (with Alzate) were released.

Cabrones y Vagos (2021)

The EP Los Dos Carnales Con Sax (2021) was released on October 22, 2021. A month later, Los Dos Carnales released their next album, Cabrones y Vagos (2021), in collaboration with El Fantasma. This collaborative album consisted of 11 songs, including the hit Cabrón y Vago, Mis Raíces, El Valor de un Varón, El guarro, and La C y la J.

In November 2021, the group achieved one of their biggest achievements, winning the Latin Grammy for Best Norteña Album for Al Estilo Rancherón.

To close the year, in December 2021, the group released several singles. Thus, the singles Misma Sangre, Rodolfo El Reno, Navidad Sin Ti, and Capricho Maldito appeared. Finally, on December 17, 2021, the EP Navidad Con Los Dos Carnales was released, following the same line as the group’s 2020 Christmas EP.


Current musical activity of Los Dos Carnales

In April of 2022, the group released their latest single “No Estaré Aquí.” Within three days of its official release, the song reached the Top 20 of trending music videos on YouTube Mexico. Currently, the song has over 2 million views on the platform.


  • Imanol Quezada (second voice and accordionist)
  • Poncho Quezada (singer and bass quinto)
  • Armando Hernández (bass)
  • Kevin Montemayor (drums)


Awards and Recognition

  • Premio lo Nuestro a la Canción Norteña del Año – Regional Mexicano (2021)
  • Premio Juventud a La nueva generación regional mexicano (2021)
  • Premio Grammy Latino for Best Norteña Album (2021)
  • Premio Juventud for Best Regional Mexican Song (2021)


  • Vida ventajosa (2019)
  • Moños negros (2019)
  • Cabrón y vago (2020)
  • El envidioso (2020)
  • El borracho (2020)
  • Te vas a arrepentir (2020)
  • Tristes navidades (2020)
  • Me vale madre (2021)
  • Soy rico (2021)
  • El abuelo (2021)
  • Tuyo y mío – feat. Camilo (2021)



  • Te lo Dije (2018)
  • En vivo desde las cañas (2019)
  • Para impresionarte (2019)
  •  Somos Arrieros (2019)
  • Moños Negros (2019)
  • Corridos y Más Corridos (2020)
  • Al Estilo Rancherón (2020)
  • Borracho (2020)
  • Boleros De Hoy (2021)
  • Corridos Pa’ la Historia (2021)
  • Cabrones y Vagos (con El Fantasma; 2021)


  • Dio Vuelta la Moneda (2019)
  • Corridos Con Olor a Monte (2020)
  • 6 tragos (2020)
  • En Esta Navidad (2020)
  • Tragedias de Mi Pueblo (Con Banda; 2021)
  • Los Dos Carnales Con Sax (2021)
  • Navidad Con Los Dos Carnales (2021)
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Calibre 50

Calibre 50
Calibre 50, from Instagram

Calibre 50’s history

Calibre 50 is a Mexican norteña music group from Mazatlán. It was founded in 2010 and consists of Edén Muñoz (vocalist), Alejandro Gaxiola (second voice), Erick García (drums), and Armando Ramos (tuba). They made their debut that same year with the album Renovar o Morir and in 2011, they had their first hit with the song “El tierno se fue”. Later, they released “Te Estoy Engañando con Otra”, “Una Mala Elección”, and “Aunque ahora estés con él”, songs that made the band one of the public’s favorites. Other hits by the group include “Contigo”, “Siempre Te Voy a Querer”, “Javier el de los Llanos”, and “Simplemente Gracias”.



The group’s story begins with Edén Muñoz, who, after being a part of Colmillo Norteño, decided to found the group Puro Colmillo Norteño with other artists. As expected, the similarity between the names caused several legal problems, forcing them to change their name to Calibre 50. The title did not refer to violence, but rather reflected the power, speed, and strength with which they wanted to enter the scene. This is how Calibre 50 was born, with Edén Muñoz, Armando Ramos, Martín López, and Augusto Guído as members. The latter two left the group, being replaced by Alejandro Gaxiola and Erick García.


Calibre 50: debut and career

In 2010, Calibre 50 burst onto the scene with the release of their first album Renovar o Morir. This album spawned the songs “Callejero y Mujeriego” and “Culiacán vs Mazatlán”, which helped the group gain recognition. Their first big hit came a year later with “El Tierno Se Fue”, a song that was included along with other hits on the album De Sinaloa para el Mundo. After that came “Te Estoy Engañando con Otra”, a song that made the group one of the public’s favorites.

Their third album, El Buen Ejemplo, was released in February 2012 and immediately became a hit. “Mujer de Todos, Mujer de Nadie”, “El Niño Sicario”, “Bohemio Loco”, and “Gente Batallosa” with Banda Carnaval were some of the most listened to songs on the album. But the hits didn’t stop there; that same year, the group won the Award for Revelation Artist at the Premios Lo Nuestro awards and in 2013, they reached the top of the charts with La Recompensa, their fourth studio album.

La Recompensa featured the number one hits “Aquí estoy” and “Ni Que Estuvieras Tan Buena”, a song that was very popular both nationally and internationally. As if that weren’t enough, the group closed the year by releasing the successful corridos album Corridos de Alto Calibre, which included the record-breaking hits “EI Inmigrante” and “Javier el de los Llanos”.

The following year, the group returned with a more romantic album, Contigo (2014), which charmed the public with songs like “Tus Latidos” and “Una Mala Elección”. Later came “Aunque Ahora Estés con él”, a song that became a huge hit and was used as the main theme of the telenovela Que te perdone Dios. Also in 2015, the group released the album Historias de La Calle, featuring songs like “La Gripa”, “Préstamela a Mí”, and “Ganó Holanda, Perdió China”.

They then released the albums Desde El Rancho (2016), with the hit “Siempre Te Voy A Querer”; Guerra de Poder, with the songs “El Ingeniero” and “Las Ultras”; and in 2018, came Mitad y mitad, an album that was a huge success in the United States and Mexico. With Mitad y mitad, Calibre 50 won the Pandora Billionaire award, becoming the first Mexican regional group to receive such recognition.

The following year, the group won the Latin Grammy for Best Norteño Album for Guerra De Poder. But the successes didn’t stop there; in May of that same year, the group broke their own record with “Simplemente Gracias”, the single that gave its name to their tenth studio album, published a few months later.

In 2020, the group has released several singles and a studio album, titled Desde Estudio Andaluz Music.

They recently released “Volver a Volar” in collaboration with several bands.

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