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Jimmy Fallon Biography
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Jimmy Fallon Biography

James Thomas Fallon (September 19, 1974) He was born in New York, United States. American actor, comedian, and presenter, famous for his appearances on Saturday Night Live and his interviews on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Graduated in Communication from the College of Saint Rose, Fallon began his career in the mid-1990s in Los Angeles. After becoming known as a comedian, he joined the popular comedy show Saturday Night Live (1998) and shortly thereafter debuted as a film actor with the film Almost Famous (2000) by Cameron Crowe. Later he became the host of the talk shows and varieties Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (2009-2014) and The Tonight Show (2014), replacing the then-host Jay Leno.



Born into a family of Irish and German descent, Jimmy Fallon is the son of James Fallon and Gloria Fallon; His sister is Gloria Fallon (writer). He studied at the Saugerties High School, where he began to develop his theatrical and humorous skills, being part of several works and student presentations. At the beginning of the 1990s, he began to participate in various comedy and imitation contests representing various famous figures, with the support of his mother, who from the beginning saw the talent of the young man.

After becoming known as the winner of the young comedians’ contest, Fallon entered the University College of Saint Rose, in Albany. In this, he initially studied Computer Science and later switched to Communication, a career he left shortly before graduating in 1995. That year he moved to Los Angeles to start his career performing in various locations and drawing public attention with his faithful imitations. When he gained popularity in 1998, he became a member of the Saturday Night Live comedian group, a comedy program that revolutionized seventies television with its mix of sketches, contests, comedy, and special guests.



Fallon worked on Saturday Night Live from 1998 to 2004, during these years he presented several sketches and became a presenter of the Weekend Update space with the also renowned actress and humorist Tina Fey. Starting the new millennium debuted as a film actor in the dramatic comedy of Cameron Crowe, Almost Famous (2000), a film in which he played the businessman Dennis Hope. In this comic and autobiographical film inspired by the musical atmosphere of the sixties and seventies rock, Fallon shared set with renowned actors such as Philip Seymour, Frances McDormand, Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel, and Kevin Sussman, among others.

A year later he joined the cast of the HBO miniseries, Band Of Brothers (2001), a series set in World War II that tells the story of the Easy Company battalion. Being considered one of the best series of the year, Band Of Brothers, received six Emmy awards, a Golden Globe and a Peabody Award, among other awards. Consolidated his career in the entertainment world, Fallon became the host of various awards such as the MTV Movie Awards of 2001 with Kirsten Dunst, the Video Music Awards of 2002 and the Primetime Emmy Awards of 2010, among many others.

Shortly before finishing his stage on Saturday Night Live, Fallon was nominated for the Grammy for his Best Spoken Comedy Album: “The Bathroom Wall” (2002), a comedy album in which he is heard interpreting songs of his  authorship and some Stand-up like Idiot Boyfriend, Drinking in the Woods and Dorms, Shower Baskets & the Walk of Shame and Gotta Get a Fake ID, among others. For this same period he acted in Everything Else (2003) by Woody Allen, Taxi (2004) by Tim Story and Love at stake (2005), a film by the Farrelly brothers (Peter and Bobby) who co-starred with Drew Barrymore.

In 2006, he was Dylan’s voice in Doogal (Hairy Adventures, 2006) by directors Dave Borthwick, Jean Duval and Frank Passingham, Daniel Tay (Doogal), Whoopi Goldberg (Ermintrude) and Chevy Chase (Train) also worked on it. The following year he married Nancy Juvonen, a film producer with whom he had his daughters Winnie Rose (2013) and Frances Cole (2014). Later their marriage starred in The Year of Getting to Know Us (2008), along with Lucy Liu, Sharon Stone, and Tom Arnold. In 2009, he became the host of his program on NBC with Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, which he presented between 2009 and 2014. In this program, Fallon presented several monologues and sketches, in addition to some interviews with celebrated guests, with the support of a musical group that was also invited to the program. Some of the guests of the program were: Emily Blunt, John Leguizamo, Donald Trump, Serena Williams, Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks, Adele, Fall Out Boy, Bon Jovi, Jason Derulo, Snoop Dogg, Ke $ ha, Ariana Grande and The Fray, among many others

In 2014, he finished the program to make way for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014-present) and became the new host replacing Jay Leno, former host of The Tonight Show. Since then, Fallon has presented one of the most watched and best-known programs in the United States, in which he has interviewed famous figures from the world of entertainment, politics, and academia. Some of the most prominent guests have been: Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, Michelle Obama, Lindsay Lohan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel Radcliffe, Anne Hathaway, J Balvin, Pitbull, Bad Bunny, Lady Gaga, U2, BTS, Camila Cabello, and Barack Obama, among others. Recently, Colombian singer Maluma was interviewed on the show.

In addition to comedy and presentation, Fallon is known for writing, debuted as a writer in 1999, with the book I hate this place: The pessimist’s, Guide to life (1999) and in recent years has published Snowball Fight! (2005), Thank You Notes (2011), Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA (2015) and Everything Is MAMA (2017).


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