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Eladio Carrion

Biography of Eladio Carrion
Eladio Carrión, from Instagram
Personal information
Full nameEladio Carrion
BirthdateNovember 14, 1994
Age29 years old
OccupationGinger, influencer
NationalityAmerican / Puerto Rican
GendersReggaeton, Trap


Zodiac signScorpio

Biography of Eladio Carrion

Eladio Carrión (born November 14, 1994) is a singer and internet personality. He was born in Kansas, United States and gained popularity on social media through his comedic videos. Before launching his solo career, he worked as a composer and collaborator with other artists. Some of his pre-debut hits were “2×2” with Flowsito and “No quiero más amigos nuevos” with Rawenz. He finally debuted in 2017 with “Me enamoré de una Yal,” followed by other hits such as “Si tú te vas,” “Mi Cubana,” and “Ave María.” Since then, he has collaborated with successful urban artists such as Big Soto, Randy, Zion, Darkiel, Myke Towers, Amenazzy, Rauw Alejandro, Lyanno, Lunay, and Noriel.

Currently, he is considered one of the references in the Latin American trap genre with songs like “Mi Error,” “Se Moja,” “Mi llamada,” and “Animal.”

Family and beginnings

Son of a renowned military man, due to the nature of his work, Carrión grew up constantly moving. He lived in different military bases located in Kansas, Alaska, and Baltimore. At eleven years old, he arrived in Puerto Rico, a country that he initially struggled to adapt to. He was a rebellious young man and had numerous problems in school until he became passionate about swimming, a sport that he practiced seriously and represented the country in the Pan American Games in Guadalajara in 2011. In that competition, Eladio managed to advance to the preliminaries of the 200 meter breaststroke, finishing in eighth place.

Later, the young artist left behind the medals and swimming to focus on his career as a comedian and internet personality. At that time, Carrión regularly uploaded comedic videos to platforms like Vine and Instagram, which helped him gain popularity and become one of the country’s most prominent influencers.

Once he was known thanks to his fans, Eladio took his first steps as an artist by composing and collaborating with various urban genre artists. In 2015, he released his first work in collaboration with Flowsito titled “2×2.” This was followed by collaborations “No quiero más amigos nuevos” with Rawenz and “OG Kush” with Subelo NEO and Jon Z in 2016. These works allowed him to gain recognition and experience in the industry.

Eladio Carrión’s musical career

After several years of collaborations and memorable experiences, Eladio made his debut in 2017 with “Me enamoré de una Yal,” a song recorded with Ele A El Dominio and Nengo Flow under the Los de La Nazza label. After its release, the song managed to catch the attention of genre lovers, being heard on radio and clubs in the country in a short time. It also ranked in the top music charts and broke records of several artists on platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud in Puerto Rico.

A year later, Carrión returned with his second single “Si tú te vas,” a song that featured Jon Z. Like his previous hit, “Si tú te vas” quickly ranked in the national music charts and led downloads on Soundcloud and Spotify. Later that year, Carrión once again set the trend with “Entre tantas,” followed in April 2018 by “Dame una hora,” his collaboration with El Nene Amenazzy. That same month, Carrión released the trap fusion “Mi Cubana,” which was supported by Rimas Music & Mueva Record and quickly became one of the most listened-to songs by genre fans. The song gained over two million plays on digital platforms like Spotify. The imminent success of the song led Eladio to join rappers Cazzu, Khea, and Ecko for the creation of his first remix.

A few hours after its release, the song made its way into the music charts and exceeded two million plays on YouTube.

In the following months, he released the hits “Ave María” with Randy Nota Loca, Khea, and Big Soto, and “Servicarro de Church” with Robertito Chong. He also released the singles “Miles,” “Hace Tiempo,” “Gracias,” and “Olvidarte” and the collaborations “Mula” with Big Soto, “Me Usaste” with Jon Z, ECKO, and Juhn, and “Sigue Bailándome” with Myke Towers. From then on, his rise was astronomical. In a short time, Carrión became one of the most respected exponents on the scene, collaborating with new talents and established artists such as Ñengo Flow, Alex Rose, Lunay, Lyanno, Ecko, Noriel, Ñejo, Joyce Santana, Jamby el Favo, and Ele a El Dominio, among many others.

2019: Today, Mi Llamada (Remix) and Costear

In January 2019, Carrión participated in the song “No styling” by Andre the Giant. Later that same month, he released “Dice que no” by Oken with Rauw Alejandro and Darwel, and then in February, he released “Mi error,” followed by “Periódico de ayer” with Ñejo. In March of that year, he released “Se Moja” in collaboration with Noriel; a month later, the remix of “Mentirte” with Jon Z and the participation of Randy was released.

For May, Carrión collaborated on the remix of “No podemos” by Ele a el Dominio and also lent his voice to the single “Madre perdóname” with interpreters Joyce Santana, Jon Z, and Ele a el Dominio.

This was followed by “Hoy” and “Si tú me quisieras,” the latter performed as a duet with Maikel Delacalle. In the middle of 2019, the single “Animal” was released, which immediately became a huge success, marking a before and after in his career.

After “Animal,” Carrión collaborated with Bad Bunny in August 2019 on “Kemba Walker.” Then, in September, “Arreglamos (Remix)” appeared with Lary Over, Green Cookie, and Myke Towers and with Joniel and Ez Made Da Beat. That same month, Carrión released “Que Me Importa” with La Manta and “Vivimo Caro” with Jon Z and Duki. Closing out 2019 was “Mi Error,” a remix of his song with Zion & Lenox and Wisin & Yandel, featuring Lunay as the new emerging star of the genre.

That year, Carrión also participated in “Costear” with Jhay Cortez, Bryant Myers, Rauw Alejandro, Justin Quiles, Lyanno, and Joyce Santana.

Sauce Boyz (2020)

On January 31, 2020, Carrión released his first album, “Sauce Boyz”, which included 16 songs featuring collaborations from various genre stars. The album included tracks such as “Hielo” with Jhay Cortez, “3 Am” with Brytiago, “Mala Mía” with Miky Woodz, and “Lluvia (remix)” with Rauw Alejandro and Amenzazzy. After its release, “Sauce Boyz” held the #8 spot on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart for 10 weeks. Later, Carrión released an EP called “Sauce Boyz Care Package”, which included two discs with 10 and 16 songs, respectively.

Later that year, Carrión was nominated for the first time for the Latin Grammy Awards for his collaboration with Bad Bunny on the single “Kemba Walker.” Meanwhile, the artist continued to release several singles and make numerous collaborations, such as “Gangsta Party” with Danny Towers, “Koito” with Neo Pistea, “Se Emociona” with Jory Boy, “Tussi” with Justin Quiles and Arcángel, and “Tren Thomas” with Leebrian.

A new version of “Sauce Boy,” “Sauce Boy Freestyle II,” was released in October 2020. That same month, “Ballin” with Omy de Oro and “Gelato” featuring Hide Miyabi were also released. Finally, he closed out 2020 with “Ele Uve (Remix)” featuring Noriel, Natanael Cano, and Ovi.

2021: Monarca y Sauce Boyz II

In January 2021, Carrión released his second studio album, “Monarca”, which included collaborations from J Balvin, Yandel, Cazzu, and Lunay on tracks such as “Tata”, “Discoteca”, and “Nena Buena”. Other tracks on the album included “Todo o Nada” with Corina Smith, “Progreso”, “Mariposas”, and “Toretto”. After its release, the album reached the top positions on the US Billboard charts, being #11 on the Top Latin Albums and #8 on the Latin Rhythm Albums. The album was also nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in the Best Music Album category, but ultimately did not win.

After the album, in March, the single “Nube” was released, followed by “Sauce Boy Freestyle 4” and “ChiCha” featuring Lary Over, both released in May. A month later, in June, Carrión collaborated with Argentine producer Bizarrap on the single “Eladio Carrión: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 40”. Shortly after its release, the song reached #10 on the Argentina Hot 100 Billboard chart and was #162 globally.

Sen2 Kbrn

On July 6, 2021, Carrión released his first mixtape, “Sen2 Kbrn”, which included singles such as “5 Star”, “Guerrero”, “Al Capone”, “Midas”, and “Problems”, in addition to “Sauce Boy Freestyle 4”. After its release, the EP placed #20 on the Top Latin Albums chart.

Later that year, the singles “Corazón”, “Rey”, and “Aquafina” with Brrya were released. In September, Carrión collaborated with Blueface on “B!Tch#S” and in October released “Sauce Boy Freestyle 5”, the fifth version of the 2020 single. Finally, in December, Carrión released his third album, “Sauce Boyz II (2021)”, a sequel to “Sauce Boyz” featuring collaborations from artists such as Arcángel, Bizarrap, Duki, Myke Towers, Sech, Rels B, and Noriel, among others. The album includes tracks such as “Claro Cristal”, “No te deseo el Mal” with Karol G, “Miradas Raras” with Sech, “Alejarme de Ti” with Jay Wheeler, and “Sin Frenes” with Bizzarrpa and Duki.


During 2022, Carrión has continued his career with various collaborations. Early in the year, he collaborated with Mau y Ricky on the single “No Puede Ser”. This was followed by the releases of “Nikes”, “Diamantes”, and “Skinnies” with Jon Z and Roto alongside Corina Smith. In March 2022, “Super Gremlin” was released, another collaboration with Kodack Black and Mike Towers, and later that same month, “Nuevo” was released with Gigolo and La Ece, and “GUCCI FENDI” with Justin Quiles.

Among his most recent releases are “Ausente” with Tito Flow and Amenazzy, and “Glizzy Walk 2.5” with Hydro and YOVNGCHMI.



Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio Biography
Paulina Rubio, vía Instagram

Paulina Rubio Biography

Paulina Susana Rubio Dosamantes (born June 17, 1971), better known as Paulina Rubio or “La Chica Dorada” (“The Golden Girl”), is a singer, entrepreneur, actress, and celebrity hailing from Mexico City, Mexico.

Early years

Paulina Rubio Dosamantes, artistically known as Paulina Rubio, is a Mexican singer and celebrity. She is the daughter of the famous Mexican actor and singer Enrique Rubio and actress Susana Dosamantes. From an early age, Paulina was immersed in the world of entertainment, which greatly impacted her future career.

Her mother had the greatest influence on her, as she introduced her to the realms of acting, singing, dancing, and painting at the Centro de Educación Artística (CEA).

Paulina Rubio Biography

Photo: @paulinarubio (vía Instagram)


Paulina Rubio took her first steps in music at a very young age. At the age of 10, she joined the children’s group Timbiriche, which already had a substantial following in Latin America. Throughout her time in the group, Rubio showcased her talent and charisma, making her one of the standout members. Her voice and stage presence propelled her to fame and provided a strong foundation for her solo career. This ensemble included renowned artists, among them Thalía.

During that time, apart from delving into the musical world, she also ventured into acting. She participated in well-known soap operas and theater productions.


In 1992, Paulina Rubio released her debut solo album titled “La Chica Dorada”, which quickly became a success in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. The album showcased a fresh and catchy pop style that resonated with the younger audience. Her single “Mío” became an instant hit, solidifying Rubio’s position as a prominent figure in the world of Latin pop music.

Over the following years, Paulina continued to release successful albums such as “24 Kilates” in 1993, “El Tiempo Es Oro” in 1995, and “Paulina” in 2000. Her music blended elements of pop, rock, and electronic, allowing her to remain relevant and appeal to a wide audience. Songs like “Y Yo Sigo Aquí”, “Ni Una Sola Palabra” and “Lo Haré Por Ti” became pop anthems throughout Latin America.

As her career progressed, Paulina Rubio managed to expand her success internationally. Her 2000 album “Paulina” opened doors in international markets, particularly in Spain and the United States. The song “Lo Haré Por Ti” reached the top of charts in several countries.

In the 2010s, Paulina Rubio continued her musical career with albums like “Gran City Pop” in 2009 and “Brava!” in 2011, which included the popular single “Me Gustas Tanto”. Besides her musical endeavors, Rubio served as a judge on the talent show “The X Factor” in the United States during its second season in 2012. Two years later, La Chica Dorada returned to acting with a cameo in the American dramedy series “Jane the Virgin”.

The most recent album released by the talented Mexican artist is “Deseo”, which saw the light in 2018 and features a special edition. Additionally, in 2022, she had the honor of being part of the judging panel on the show “Mira Quién Baila All Stars”.

Personal life

Paulina Rubio’s personal life also garnered media attention. She married Spanish businessman Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, known as “Colate”, and later had a relationship with Mexican actor Gerardo Bazúa. With Nicolás, she had a son whom they named Andrea Nicolás Vallejo Rubio.

However, her marriage to Nicolás faced difficulties, and they separated in 2012, leading to a legal custody battle over their son. Throughout the years, Paulina also experienced ups and downs in her relationship with her family and her career.

Following that, it was when the artist entered into a relationship with Gerardo Bazúa, also known as Jerry Bazúa, from which her second child, Eros Bazúa Rubio, was born.

The relationship of La Chica Dorada with her ex-partners is tense, as she maintains that she must financially support her children while they are with their parents and also cover the expenses of both children full-time. On the other hand, the children’s parents argue that their incomes are insufficient, a stance which was acknowledged by the United States court. But that’s not all, as Rubio’s attorney mentioned that the singer is the one covering the expenses of the legal proceedings she maintains with both ex-partners.


Musical works by Paulina Rubio:


  • “La Chica Dorada” (1992).
  • “24 Kilates” (1993).
  • “El Tiempo Es Oro” (1995).
  • “Planeta Paulina” (1996).
  • “Paulina” (2000).
  • “Border Girl” (2002).
  • “Pau-Latina” (2004).
  • “Ananda” (2006).
  • “Gran City Pop” (2009).
  • “Brava!” (2011).
  • “Deseo” (2018).



  • “Siempre Tuya Desde La Raíz”.


  • “Nada Puede Cambiarme”.


  • “Ni Rosa, Ni Juguetes”, ft Pitbull.


  • “Algo De Ti (Remix)”.


  • “Me Voy”, ft Espinoza Paz.


  • “Mi Nuevo Vicio”.


  • “Si Te Vas”.
  • “Me Quema”.


  • “Desire (Me Tienes Loquita)”, ft Nacho.
  • “Suave Y Sutil”.


  • “Ya No Me Engañas”.
  • “Si Supieran”.
  • “De Qué Sirve”.


  • “Tú Y Yo”.
  • 2021
  • “Yo Soy”.


  • “Me Gusta”, ft Maffio.


  • “No Es Mi Culpa”.
  • “Mi Decisión”.
  • “Propiedad Privada”.
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Yahritza y Su Esencia

History of Yahritza y Su Esencia
Yahritza y Su Esencia, vía Instagram

History of Yahritza y Su Esencia

Yahritza y Su Esencia (2022) is a regional Mexican music group originating from Yakima Valley, Washington, United States. The ensemble consists of a trio of siblings: Yahritza Martínez (vocalist and acoustic guitar), Jairo Martínez (acoustic bass), and Armando “Mando” Martínez (guitar). Their melodies stand out within the urban sierreño subgenre.


The group “Yahritza y Su Esencia” is formed by the Martinez siblings: Armando is the oldest, followed by Jairo, the middle brother, and finally Yahritza, the youngest sister, who is also the main vocalist of the band. All of them were born in Yakima Valley, Washington, United States, but they have Mexican roots due to their parents, who come from Michoacán and emigrated in search of opportunities in the United States.

From an early age, they grew up immersed in Mexican traditions at home. Their parents passed down their rich culture, allowing them to explore the rhythms of regional Mexican music from its roots. Moreover, their father, who had once been a part of a regional music band while living in Mexico, provided his support and experience in that field.

At the age of 14, the youngest of the Martínez siblings began playing the guitar and delved into the world of social media. It was through these platforms that she shared her talent and her voice, which are now the heart and soul of the ensemble.


One of their most recognized songs is titled “Soy El Único”. The vocalist wrote this song at the age of fourteen, focusing on the theme of a romantic breakup. The inspiration for the lyrics came from the comments she received on her videos, where people shared their own experiences in relationships. The single climbed to the #1 position on the Billboard Global 200 chart, also achieving the prominent #1 spot on the YouTube Music ranking in the United States, and a respectable #5 position on the popularity charts in Mexico.

They gained prominence when a video featuring their music audio went viral on Tik Tok. This achievement drew the attention of influential figures and, thanks to the collaboration of Ramón Ruiz and Alex Guerra from the group Legado 7, the record label Lumbre Music emerged, which currently represents Yahritza y Su Esencia.

After signing the contract, the band released their debut album, “Obsessed”, in late April 2023. The album performed exceptionally well in terms of commercial success, achieving platinum certification in the United States, with sales of 60,000 equivalent units in the country.

In 2023, Yahritza y Su Esencia joined forces in collaborations with prominent artists such as Yuridia, Ángela Aguilar, and Grupo Frontera. These collaborations, particularly with Grupo Frontera, played a significant role in their increasing international popularity. Their strong track record has earned them nominations at various award ceremonies, including the Latin Grammy Awards, Latin American Music Awards, and Premios Lo Nuestro. In the latter, they managed to clinch the coveted award.


The controversy arose in August 2023 when a video of an interview conducted with the group in January of the same year went viral. During the interview, they were asked about their experience in Mexico City (CDMX), to which the vocalist responded: “Yes, I like it, but I don’t like it when I wake up and as I’m falling asleep, because you can hear the cars and the police sirens, but yeah, I do like it. It’s nice here”.

After this, the vocalist hands the microphone to her older brother, who expresses with little enthusiasm his lack of excitement for Mexican food, emphasizing his preference for the food from their hometown in the United States. Then, the microphone is passed to Jairo, who agrees with the opinions of “Mando” Martínez and shares that he has a sensitive stomach and is careful about what he eats.

“For me, it’s also the food because I’m quite sensitive and well… I mostly eat, eat chicken. Ajá. I only eat… wings”.

History of Yahritza y Su Esencia

(vía Instagram)

Apologies from Yahritza y Su Esencia

Following the emergence of this controversy, Yahritza y Su Esencia spoke out. In the company of her brother Jairo, Yahritza Martínez offered apologies to the Mexican people. Although her older brother couldn’t be present, he contributed his thoughts to the subsequent statements.

“Hello everyone, how are we? Ah, we want to send you a big greeting on behalf of Yahritza y Su
Esencia. Unfortunately, “Mando” couldn’t be here with us, but he was indeed part of this message we want to convey to you. Um, so to start, first and foremost, we want you to know that what motivates us every day to write songs and music is the great pride of having Mexican blood in our veins. No matter where we were born, we are proudly Mexican and deeply appreciate the love from the audience, especially in Mexico. Ahm, you always show us so much affection and receive us with so much, much love, and for that, we are grateful, but also apologetic.

We’ve seen the recent comments on social media and we believe you, the audience, are absolutely right. And, well… No, we didn’t express ourselves correctly. Instead of talking about how much we love the country, especially Mexico City, we were discussing some details that were out of place, and we understand that now. Ahm, so we genuinely offer you an apology from the bottom of our hearts. If we offended anyone, that was never our intention. Ah… We love Mexico, our culture, and its people, and we’re honored to be part of that culture. We never wanted to disrespect our land, I swear, it was never our intention.

For us, it’s important to have an honest relationship with you, and that’s why we appreciate you letting us know when something isn’t right or when something you don’t like happens, because that way we can improve. (Jairo:) And really, we love you a lot too and we appreciate all your support, so… Thank you very much. (Yahritza:) And again, everyone, ahm… A thousand apologies on behalf of Yahritza y Su Esencia, a big hug”.


The statements made by the group caused discomfort and offense among many Mexican citizens. They were labeled as “No sabo kids” (a term implying ignorance or naivety), and there were mockeries about their appearance and derogatory comments were made. On TikTok, a trend started where people would hit their speakers whenever a song by Yahritza y Su Esencia played, as a form of protest and criticism.

The repercussions were not limited to reactions. Prior to this incident, Yahritza y Su Esencia had over 5.7 million followers on Instagram, but following the statements, that number drastically plummeted to 718k followers. Furthermore, on their music platforms, their audience, subscribers, and listeners experienced a concerning decrease.


Musical Works by Yahritza y Su Esencia:



  • “Soy El Único”.
  • “Esta Noche”.
  • “Amarga Navidad”.
  • “Fuentes de Ortíz”.
  • “Inseparables”, feat Iván Cornejo.


  • “Cambiaste”.
  • “No Se Puede Decir Adiós”.
  • “Nuestra Canción”.
  • “Frágil”, feat Grupo Frontera.
  • “Qué Agonía”, feat Yuridia and Ángela Aguilar.


“Obsessed” (2022):

  1. Esta Noche.
  2. Enamorado.
  3. Soy El Único.
  4. Siendo Sincero.
  5. Déjalo Ir.
  6. Nadie Sabe.
  7. Estás En Mi Pasado.
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Tina Turner

Tina Turner Biography
Tina Turner, vía Instagram

Tina Turner Biography

Anna Mae Bullock (November 26, 1939), known professionally as Tina Turner, was an African-American singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and choreographer. She was born in Brownsville, Tennessee, United States. She is considered the “Queen of Rock” after a fifty-four-year musical career.

Early years

Tina Turner is the youngest daughter of Zelma Priscilla Currie and Floyd Richard Bullock. She lived with her grandparents for much of her childhood and youth as her parents moved to Knoxville, Tennessee during World War II. Her grandparents took her to Woodlwan Missionary Baptist Church near Highway 19, which is now known as the Tina Turner Highway in her honor. They were very religious, disciplined, and strict individuals. Tina attended Flagg Glove Elementary School and continued attending church, this time at Nutbush Hill Baptist Church, where she had her first exposure to music.

For a period of time, Tina returned to live with her parents, but the family situation was never good; her father was a violent and abusive man. When she turned eleven, her mother left them to live in St. Louis. Two years later, her father started a new relationship and gradually distanced himself from his daughters, until the sisters were forced to be taken in by their grandmother in Georgeanna, Brownsville. For Tina, experiencing the lack of love from her mother was a very tough aspect of her life. Tina dedicated herself to studying and balancing her school days with her role as a cheerleader for the basketball team, and sometimes she even played the sport herself.

When she was sixteen years old, her grandmother died unexpectedly, and her mother took her with her to St. Louis. In this city, she was enrolled in Sumner High School and completed her studies in 1958. She then worked as a nurse’s aide at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, with the goal of eventually becoming the head nurse. After some time in the 1950s, she discovered that her sister Aillene had a magnificent voice. They started singing together at home.


Later, Tina suggested to her sister that they should sing in nightclubs. They started frequenting the Manhattan Club, a nightclub in the East St. Louis area, and over the months, Tina and her sister formed a small band. During one of their performances, Tina heard the Kings of the Rhythm band. The lead singer was Ike Turner. On another occasion, Gene Washington, the band’s drummer, invited Tina and her sister to join them on stage and perform a song.

The only one who dared was Tina. With Tina’s astonishing voice and magnificent performance on stage, Ike approached her and they sang a duet. Some time later, Ike offered Tina to join the band. From that moment on, Tina’s musical career took off, and Ike played a significant role in her career. In 1958, Tina made her first studio recording titled “Box Top” with singer Carlson Oliver under the name “Little Ann”.

Career: Iker & Tina Turner

Annie Bullock was already known by the stage name “Little Ann” before being associated with Ike Turner, who was already a prominent figure in black music in the city of St. Louis. In the late 1950s, they formed the duo Ike & Tina Turner, which had a successful artistic career from 1959 to 1973. They released their first songs in 1959, but it wasn’t until 1961 that any of their songs managed to enter national charts. Annie then formed the soul duo with Ike, whom she was in love with.

The duo quickly gained popularity, thanks to Ike’s recognition as one of the finest African-American voices in soul, being a singer who successfully evolved from his blues roots and seamlessly adapted to the rising R&B genre. In just one year, they managed to place three songs in the top 100, and the critics hailed them as the group with the greatest potential and impact of the moment. In essence, Tina Turner’s sexy image, the divinity of her voice, and her stage presence made them one of the best duos of the 60’s.

In 1966, they released the song “River Deep, Mountain High”, produced by Phil Spector, which gained tremendous worldwide resonance. Their subsequent singles topped the charts, and tours followed one after another. However, due to personal issues, Tina realized that her relationship with Ike was not as successful as her music career, leading her to make the decision to separate and end the duo. Her decision was influenced by Ike Turner’s inappropriate behavior, as he was arrested multiple times for drug possession, and his drug addiction had a negative impact on his vocal performance.

Solo career

Tina continued her solo career, but it wasn’t easy for her as she was emotionally devastated. She had a role in “Tommy,” the film by The Who, and recorded the album “Acid Queen”, which had little commercial success. Unfortunately, the same happened with her next work, “Rough” (1979). Fortunately, her career started to revitalize with the support of her sister, and she was invited in 1982 to sing on a version of “Ball Of Confusion” by the group B.E.F., who also produced a rendition of the song “Let’s Stay Together” (1983) by Al Green.

Over time, Tina continued to achieve brilliant success thanks to her talent. She released albums like “Let’s Stay Together” (1983) produced with the support of David Bowie, “Private Dancer” (1984), “Break Every Rule” (1986), “Foreign Affair” (1989), “Wildest Dreams” (1996), and “Soul Kiss” (1998), among others, many of which were Grammy Award winners. This marked Tina’s return to superstar status. With “Private Dancer”, her music was firmly established on the international scene, selling over ten million copies. Her fame continued to grow after she took on a role in the film “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. Additionally, her single “We Don’t Need Another Hero” was included in the film’s soundtrack.

Another one of her successes was “Break Every Rule” (1986), an album that featured collaborations with important figures such as Phil Collins and Steve Winwood. She later embarked on a fourteen-month tour across various parts of the world. In 1988, she released “Tina Live in Europe”, which featured collaborations with Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Bryan Adams, and bluesman Robert Cray. In 1989, she once again dominated the playlists with the album “Foreign Affair”, which included hit singles like “The Best” and “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” and achieved million-selling status.

Between 1991 and 1993, Tina Turner released the albums “Simply The Best” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. In these albums, she maintained her distinctive musical style and iconic image. In early April 1996, she released the album “Wildest Dreams” and embarked on a tour in the United Kingdom. Her next album, “Twenty Four Seven”, was a major success both in sales and critical acclaim, reaching number nine on the Billboard 200 chart. This album marked the beginning of a new phase in her career.

In addition, she embarked on a successful worldwide tour called the “Twenty Four Seven Tour”, which became one of the most prominent tours of the year. During this time, Tina Turner demonstrated that she still possessed an electrifying voice and an inexhaustible charisma to thrill audiences. She embarked on a significant tour across the United States and several European countries.

After several decades of a music career and sixty years of life, Tina Turner announced her retirement in the summer of 2000 while residing in Zurich, Switzerland.

In 2004, Turner released a new compilation album titled “All the Best”, which included her most notable hits and some new songs. This album served as a reminder of her incredible journey in the music industry and was warmly received by both critics and fans.

The year 2008 marked Tina Turner’s triumphant return to the stage with a series of concerts at the famous O2 Arena in London. These performances not only generated immense interest but also proved that Tina’s energy and charisma were still intact. The audience response was overwhelming and confirmed her status as a living legend in the music industry.

2009: Retirement from Performing

In 2009, after concluding her successful “Tina!: 50th Anniversary Tour”, Tina Turner announced her official retirement from music. Although she has made sporadic appearances at special events since then, she has made it clear that she does not plan to tour or release new albums. The following year, Turner attended the opening of a Broadway musical based on her life, titled “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical”. This musical captivated audiences with its powerful storytelling and talented cast, receiving critical acclaim and nominations for several Tony Awards.

During the 2018 Grammy Awards ceremony, Tina Turner received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to music.

In 2019, the singer shared her personal story with the world by publishing her autobiography titled “Tina Turner: My Love Story”. In this book, she recounted her life and career in detail, allowing readers to delve into her triumphs and challenges over the years. The book was well received and became a bestseller.

On March 27, 2021, Tina Turner once again moved her fans as she bid farewell through the HBO documentary titled “Tina”, a work that offers a deep look into her life and career. In this captivating film, the legendary Tina Turner shares her longing to embark on the final and most meaningful stage of her life, where she seeks to find peace and fulfillment away from the spotlight. Furthermore, she courageously reveals that she has experienced post-traumatic stress as a result of the painful abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband and father of her children, singer Ike Turner.

Personal life

Initially, in 1958, Tina was involved in a relationship with The Kings of Rhythm saxophonist, Raymond Hill. At the age of eighteen, she became pregnant with the artist. As a result, her mother kicked her out of the house. When she tried to seek support from Raymond, she did not receive it because he had decided to return to his hometown due to an ankle fracture, leaving everything behind.

With her firstborn son Craig in her arms, Tina had nowhere to live, and that’s when Ike Turner allowed the singer to temporarily stay at his house in East St. Louis. During that time, both artists maintained only a friendship, as Ike was married to Lorraine Taylor, the mother of his two children, Ike Jr. and Michael.

In 1960, Tina and Ike entered into a relationship, and the singer became pregnant with their second child, their first and only child together, Ronald Turner, also known as Roonie Turner. Two years later, the singers got married in Tijuana, and as their wedding night, Ike Turner decided to take Tina to a brothel, where he indulged himself with the ladies working there.

After marrying the singer, that’s when Anna Mae change your name a Tina Turner. Additionally, the artist adopted Ike’s children from his previous marriage, Ike Jr. and Michael.

Ike Turner: Physical, emotional and sexual abuse

Tina Turner suffered a series of abuses from her husband, Ike, which started with a beating for refusing to go on tour. These abuses and beatings escalated due to Ike’s cocaine addiction. Additionally, it should be noted that Ike was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

During her marriage, Tina endured everything from sexual abuse to beatings that left her face shattered. Despite it all, she remained silent. On one occasion, she had to be hospitalized with broken bones and third-degree burns after having a cup of hot coffee thrown in her face. The injuries were so severe that she required reconstructive nose surgery due to both the burns and the blows she suffered.

In addition to all of that, Tina Turner had to face the pain of betrayals and infidelities. In 1968, while expecting another child with Ike, she learned that her friend, Ann Thomas, was also pregnant by him, which led her to make the painful decision to undergo a secret abortion. That same year, just before a concert in Los Angeles, Tina attempted suicide by ingesting Valium pills.

In July 1976, after being involved in a violent fight at the hotel where they were staying, Tina decided to end her relationship with Ike Turner. She was a victim of brutal beatings by her husband and managed to escape shortly after their arrival. In that same month, Tina filed for divorce and dissolved the musical duo they had formed together, Ike & Tina Turner.

New beginnings: Erwin Bach

After her separation from Ike Turner, the talented singer decided to focus on her solo career and enjoy her time alone. However, in 1985, her life took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with Erwin Bach, a German music producer, during a party organized by her record label in the city of London. Despite the traumas she had endured in past relationships, Tina made the brave decision to step forward, engage in a conversation, and ask him out. Over time, this choice would prove to be one of the best decisions of her life.

From 1986 onwards, Erwin and Tina began their relationship, and over the next 25 years, their love blossomed. Finally, in 2013, they decided to take their commitment to the next level and formalized their union in marriage, sealing their love officially.

After getting married and living in Switzerland for twenty years, Tina Turner decided to apply for the nationality of that country. In early 2013, she managed to obtain it, simultaneously renouncing her American nationality.

Tina Turner’s illnesses

In 2016, Tina was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, and the following year she received a kidney transplant from her husband, Erwin Bach. Turner had faced a series of health issues, including cancer, a stroke, and kidney failure. In addition to that, she suffered from post-traumatic stress due to the abuse she had endured from Ike Turner.

Death of her sons: Craig and Roonie

In 2018, at her residence in Studio City, Los Angeles, California, the artist’s eldest son, Craig Raymond Turner, tragically took his own life at the age of 59. According to reports from local police, Craig was found deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

As for Ronnie Turner, he faced various health issues throughout his life, including a cancer diagnosis. In a 911 call, it was reported that Ronnie was experiencing respiratory distress, which unfortunately worsened leading to his passing. Despite the paramedics’ efforts to revive him, he was pronounced deceased shortly after. Ronnie passed away at his home in Encino, California, on December 8, 2022.

Death of Tina Turner

On May 24, 2023, Tina Turner passed away at the age of 83 in her residence in Küsnacht, after bravely battling an illness that accompanied her in her final years of life.


Film works Tina Turner participated in:


  • “The Big T.N.T. Show” (1966).
  • “It’s Your Thing” (1970).
  • “Soul to Soul” (1971).
  • “Ally McBeal” (2000).


  • “Gimme Shelter” (1970).
  • “Taking Off” (1971).
  • “Tommy” (1975).
  • “All This and World War II” (1976).
  • “John Denver and the Ladies” (1979).
  • “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” (1985).
  • “What’s Love Got to Do with It” (1993).
  • “Last Action Hero” (1993).


Musical works Tina Turner worked on:


  • “Tina Turns the Country On!” (1974).
  • “Acid Queen” (1975).
  • “Rough” (1978).
  • “Love Explosion” (1979).
  • “Private Dancer (30th Anniversary Issue)” (1984).
  • “Mad Max Thunderdome (Original Motion Picutre Soundtrack)” (1985).
  • “Break Every Rule” (1986).
  • “Tina Live in Europe” (1988).
  • “Foreign Affair” (1989).
  • “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” (1993).
  • “Wildest Dreams” (1996).
  • “Wildest Dreams (Expanded Version)” (1996).
  • “Twenty Four Seven” (1999).
  • “Twenty Four Seven (Expanded Version)” (1999).
  • “Tina Live” (2009).
  • “Children Beyond” (2011).


  • “The Best” (1989).
  • “Foreign Affair (The Singles)” (1989).



  • “Proud Mary”.


  • “When the Heartache is Over”.
  • “I Can’t Stand the Rain”.
  • “On Silent Wings”.


  • “Open Arms”.
  • “Great Spirits”.
  • “Cose Della Vita”, ft Eros Ramazzotti.
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Marc Anthony

Biography of Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony, From Instagram

Biography of Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony (born September 16, 1968) is an American salsa singer and actor, born in New York. His real name is Marco Antonio Muñiz Rivera. From a young age, he has been involved in music, growing up with rock and rhythm & blues. His parents, Felipe Muñiz and Guillermina Rivera, discovered his passion and musical ability when he was a child. During his teenage years, to earn money, he began singing at bars and nightclubs, and quickly gained popularity. He was contacted by one of the members of the Latin Rascals group, and their producer Louie Vega invited him to record several albums with the Atlantic Records label.

Beginnings as a singer

One of Marc Anthony’s most successful musical products was the album “Rebel”, which achieved some success on the disco music charts. In 1992, his career in the salsa world took off when the famous Tito Puente took him as an opening act for a concert at Madison Square Garden. A year later, he recorded a salsa version of a song by Juan Gabriel that received excellent reviews and great popularity in the musical circles of New York. Soon, Marc Anthony appeared in several television productions and began to receive offers for concerts. After a few years, he was recognized as the new “king of salsa”. During the 1990s, his lyrics occupied the top position in Latin America and also in the United States.

The new “musical phenomenon”

Marc Anthony became a massively successful musical phenomenon, comparable to the success of Héctor Lavoe. At the same time, he continued to develop his acting career, appearing in films such as “Bringing out the Dead” directed by Martin Scorsese; “Big Night” directed by Stanley Tucci; “Hackers,” and “The Capeman,” a Broadway musical directed by singer and songwriter Paul Simon. He also performed the main theme of the soundtrack of “The Mask of Zorro” (1998), in which Antonio Banderas was the lead actor.

Third salsa album “Against the Stream”

That same year, he worked on the production of his third salsa album: “Contra la Corriente,” undoubtedly many salsa critics and aficionados affirm that it was the best album of his career, for which he received a Grammy for Best Latin-Tropical Album. In 1999, he released the album “Marc Anthony” to the market, this album undoubtedly demonstrates a new stage in his musical career, as it combined salsa with pop and also featured songs in English, in order to reach and conquer the Anglo-Saxon audience and market.

The first single, “I Need to Know,” put him in the top positions of the North American charts: it remained in the Top 10 of the Billboard for eleven weeks and eight more weeks in the Top 40. He also released the Spanish version, titled “Dímelo.” With this song, he won the Grammy for Best Latin Song of the Year and was number one on the Latin Billboard chart. He quickly released the second single, “You Sang to Me,” repeating the success of the previous one and selling over two million copies of the album.

Starting the new millennium, he released a greatest hits salsa album titled “Desde el principio.” After that, Marc Anthony went on a extensive tour that took him through the United States. All magazines and press talked about his triumphant concert at Madison Square Garden. Then he was in Canada and Central America. At that time, Marc Anthony received the admiration of his fans when he helped with his charitable work for the victims of Hurricane George, in sum, he founded a foundation that bears his name.

International tours

In 2011, he started the Dos Mundos Tour, with the company of Alejandro Fernández, a concert across Latin America. The following year, he was in Colombia at the Manacacías Summer Festival, many people from different parts of the country traveled to attend his concert. He had a significant participation in the 53rd International Song Festival of Viña del Mar, Chile, where he sang the song “¿Y cómo es él?” from his album “Iconos”. He received the highest distinction.

On March 3, 2012, Marc returned to Uruguay after 17 years and gave his performance at the Charrúa Stadium in Montevideo with an attendance of 25,000 spectators. In the GIGANT3S TOUR, he performed in several North American cities alongside Chayanne and Marco Antonio Solís. In 2013, he released his album 3.0. In 2014, he was the big winner of four of the five awards for which he was nominated at the Premios Lo Nuestro. Additionally, his career was recognized as one of the most successful Latin music artists. In 2016, he released a song called “Deja que te bese” with the collaboration of Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz, the song has over 50 million views on Youtube.

Marriages, children.

In September 2016, he carried out his “Marc Anthony Live” tour which included 5 dates at Radio City Music Hall. His private life has been somewhat controversial and has been exposed to various comments. He had his first daughter in 1994, Arianna Rosado-Muñiz, a product of his relationship with a former police officer from New York. In 2000 he married for the first time to Dayanara Torres, with whom he had two children. He later helped Jennifer Lopez in the production of the song “Sway” for the soundtrack of the movie Shall We Dance?. They then fell in love and after only one month of relationship, they got engaged in March 2004.

The couple had twins and Jennifer sold the exclusive photos of the children to People Magazine. However, after a few years, the couple decided to end their marriage on April 9, 2012. It is said that everything started when Jennifer Lopez met dancer Casper Smart and began a relationship with him two months after her separation from Marc. Later, Marc started a relationship with Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima, whom he married in 2014. Despite this, his relationship with Jennifer, the mother of his children, is harmonious, and he even participated in her song “Olvídame y pega la vuelta” in 2016. Two years earlier, the Puerto Rican singer made an impact with the hit song “Flor Pálida”.

On January 28, 2023, he married Nadia Ferreira in an incredible wedding surrounded by stars from film, music, and sports. The ceremony took place at the Perez Art Museum in Miami, with David Beckham as the best man.

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Biography of XXXTentacion

XXXtentacion (January 23, 1998 – June 18, 2018) was a musician and rapper. He was born in Plantation, Florida, United States. His birth name was Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy. He grew up in a dysfunctional household of Jamaican parents where there was a lot of turmoil. Since childhood, he had behavior problems and was very violent. At the age of six, he threatened and hurt another boy with a knife. His mother was not able to take care of him and he was raised by his grandmother, whom he considered his mother. He never had good grades in school and was not fond of attending. From a young age, he had a great passion for music. The main artists who influenced his life and career were Kurt Cobain, Papa Roach, Cage The Elephant, and even Coldplay.

As he entered adolescence, he had several legal problems due to fights, armed robbery, possession of oxycodone, possession of a firearm, and resisting arrest. So, he was sent to a youth prison in South Florida, there his behavior did not change, on the contrary, it worsened more. He brutally beat a homosexual man who was also behind bars, a story that he later recounted in an interview without any remorse. While in prison, he met Stokeley Clevon Goulhorne. They both began to make rap songs. From that moment on, he began to get tattoos, there are several tattoos that had a lot of meaning for him and others he just put on his skin out of preference.

During that period, he named himself XXXTentacion, he signed all the lyrics he composed with this pseudonym. In 2014, the American rapper began publishing songs on the music platform SoundClulb. By the end of the following year, he released “Look at Me,” a song that gradually climbed to the top of the Billboard charts. His name became viral after being accused of home robbery, the artist declared himself innocent of the charges and received conditional release. But the controversy did not end there, it was later revealed that he had assaulted his girlfriend, Geneva Ayala. The young woman told the newspaper that Onfroy had threatened to attack her with a fork and wire barbecue brush.

During the summer of 2016, she was forced to stay with him and during that time, she received all kinds of abuse, threats, torture, and humiliations. Later, she discovered that she was pregnant with the rapper and the situation of violence did not change. The young woman decided to file a complaint and he was accused of aggravated assault on a pregnant woman, domestic abuse by strangulation, illegal detention, and manipulation of witnesses. Despite this, and the evidence, he denied the accusation and declared himself innocent. Although it was a national news and the young woman’s statements occupied the front pages of magazines, his followers showed their support and this did not impede the rapper’s rise. He also had the support of rap stars such as Danny Brown and A$SP Rocky. Meanwhile, the rapper went from jail to house arrest.

This reprehensible behavior was exposed on covers such as Freshman Class, where the question was raised about continuing his career as if nothing had happened. Music critic Tom Breihan stated that he should not receive any more support. Later, it was known that he did not respect the conditions of his conditional release, instead living in a $1.4 million mansion with luxuries such as a BMW. He was also frequently throwing parties. The rapper stated that these accusations would not affect or end his successful music career.

This controversial, eccentric and tumultuous life ended with a burst of shots. The first news was published by The Washington Post, it is known that two attackers intercepted the 20-year-old rapper when he was buying motorcycles at a dealership in Deerfield Beach on June 18, 2018. The police have suggested that the shooting may have been an attempted robbery, but the culprits were not captured.

Days later, after conducting several investigations, the police found Robert Allen, 22 years old, guilty. He was seen around the site minutes before the attack. Similarly, Dedrick D. Williams was found as a suspect and later charged with manslaughter. The police continue to clarify the facts. In the meantime, hundreds of people gathered to say goodbye to the rapper who died minutes after arriving at the hospital. His mother expressed that her son had left her a gift; his grandson who was on the way.

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