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Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel Biography
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Coco Chanel Biography

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel (August 18, 1883 – January 10, 1971) Born in Saumur, France. French designer considered one of the most representative and influential figures in the fashion world of the twentieth century. The promoter of the garçonne-style renovator and vindicator, Coco Chanel became known as a designer in the 1910s, after buying and renovating a line of hats that she sold with the support of her lover Étienne Balsan. Upon gaining the recognition he opened numerous stores and began producing everything from shoes, suits, and dresses to perfumes and accessories. One of the greatest contributions that this revolutionary designer left was the liberation of the woman from the rigid and stoned wardrobe of the belle époque, thus reflecting the struggle for equality and women’s rights initiated by the women of the time.


Family and beginnings

Born into a humble family, Chanel had as parents the farmer Eugénie Jeanne Devolle and the seller Albert Chanel. Her childhood was marked by poverty, the alcoholism of her father and the illness of her mother, who left six orphaned children when she died in 1895. After the death of her mother, her father tried to leave the children to the care of their grandparents, but they refused, so he accommodated the three boys in farmers’ homes and the girls sent them to an orphanage. At twelve, Chanel was left in the care of the nuns of the monastery of Aubazine (Corrèze), where she was strictly educated, learning to sew, embroider and iron.

During the six years that she remained in the monastery, Chanel was trained as a seamstress and began to create a fictional story about her birth and her family, which she hated after abandonment; She spent most of her life denying them and hiding any record that existed about them, as her past embarrassed her. Anxious to start a new life, she left the orphanage and began working as a saleswoman in a sewing shop and singer in La Rotonde, an entertainment place for army men, where she performed songs such as Ko ko ri ko and Qui qu’a vu Coconut?. It was in this place that she started being called Coco, a name she would use later to make herself known as a designer.

At age 22 she fell madly in love with Étienne Balsan, a wealthy young man who ripped her out of provincial life and introduced her to the world of the upper class, parties, and leisure, however, Chanel wanted to work, so he spoke with Balsan to finance the opening of her first business, a millinery. Well, by then she had started selling her first hats to wealthy ladies and ladies on the ground floor of Balsan’s apartment, making himself known for her talent and particular informal and elegant style. In 1910, while Balsan was thinking about the project, Chanel ran away with Arthur Boy Capel, a polo player friend of Balsan, with whom she lived in Paris for a while. That same year she opened her first store in Paris, Chanel Modes, which was supported by Balsan and Capel.


The start of a dream

After opening her first store in Paris, Chanel began to gain recognition as a designer, reforming hats she bought at the Galeries Lafayette. Given the success achieved with the hats, Chanel decided to expand her business by designing her fashion line, which was well-received by her clients, who were mostly known from Balsan. In a short time, the fashion house attracted the attention of women of the time with its informal, elegant and revolutionary fashion, away from the bell-shaped and saturated style of the belle époque. The success of her designs led her to open more branches and hire more than 4000 workers, with whom she managed one of the biggest changes in the fashion world. With her stores on rue Cambo, Deauville, and Biarritz, Chanel imposed a new fashion style, between feminine and chic, which completely changed the way women of the time dressed, reflecting to some extent the change in the times and the struggle initiated by female activists in search of equal rights.

Being a model of her designs, Chanel became the image of the young and successful woman of the time: thin, stylized, with short hair, androgynous figure, and garçonne style. While her business was growing, Chanel was going through difficult moments in the love field, as she was abandoned by Capel, who married an aristocrat in 1919. At the end of World War I, Chanel settled in Hotel Ritz and focused entirely on her business, which prospered rapidly thanks to the dissemination of her designs and style in fashion magazines and newspapers around the world. The recognition she had gained allowed her to innovate and create new styles for the modern, elegant and free woman such as short skirts, female pants, Scottish tweed costume jewelry, round toe shoes a, the beach pajamas and her iconic bag with golden chains.

In 1929, the Wall Street crack forced Chanel to reduce the number of workers and the cost of their designs, however, this did not save the signature of the closure. Overwhelmed by loss, she moved to North America, where she began working designing clothes for big movie stars with the support of producer Samuel Goldwyn. After reopening the fashion house with the support of her new lover Duke Pierre Wertheimer and revolutionizing the world of perfumes with Parfums Chanel, the designer had to face the closing again due to the outbreak of World War II. She subsequently went into exile in Switzerland and stayed away from the world of fashion while attending the creation of the new Dior and Balenciaga look. She reopened her home in 1954, seventy-one years old and continued working on her designs even when her rheumatism and arthritis beset her. This prominent French designer died on January 10, 1971, in her bed at the Hotel Ritz, Paris.

Her funeral was attended by important figures such as designers Paco Rabanne, Balenciaga, and Yves Saint Laurent and the painter Salvador Dalí, among others. Three years after her death, Alain Wertheimer took command of the brand, skillfully leading the company and greatly promoting the sale of Chanel Number 5 and its different editions. Currently, the Wertheimer family are the owners of the company, which they have managed to keep up thanks to the work of great designers and the renewal of Coco Chanel’s style. Among the designers that marked the history of the company is Karl Lagerfeld, who was responsible for recovering the brightness and importance of the brand.




Lunay biography
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Lunay biography

Jefnier Osorio, known as Lunay, was born in Corozal, Puerto Rico on October 4, 2000. He is a Puerto Rican singer and composer of reggaeton and trap music who has worked with artists such as Ozuna and Anuel AA. He is considered one of the most promising figures of the new generation of urban genre singers.

When he was a child, his passion was soccer, but later he became interested in the world of music. Motivated by his dream of becoming a singer, at the age of fifteen he began to record short freestyle videos that he uploaded to Facebook. These videos were very successful on social networks and became viral.

In 2015, Lunay worked at the Likuid modeling agency and enrolled in a casting company. He also uploaded some tracks to his Soundcloud account, including “Un Panda Muy Diferente”, a version of the original “Panda” by Desiigner in which he criticized the versions of bad man full of vices released by other artists. In the song, Lunay mentioned:

I don’t have to be a delinquent

I don’t swim with the current

To please people.

I have an army of angels around me

That you walk with people

That you walk with combo

I walk with God who is better.

In 2017, Lunay released his song “Aparentas” with Mvrio on his Soundcloud account, showing off his great vocal range and surpassing 52,000 reproductions. His success on social networks caught the attention of Latin music producers, Chris Jeday and Gaby Music, who offered him a contract in May 2018. These producers are famous for their work with artists such as Ozuna, Becky G and Natti Natasha. After signing the contract, he changed his stage name to Lunay and, together with Chris Jeday and Gaby Music, released his song “Si Te Vas Conmigo” on May 10th. This song has a video on YouTube that has surpassed 287,000 reproductions.

The following month, Lunay released his song “Déjame Saber”, which has a lyric video on YouTube and has surpassed 136,000 reproductions. In November 2018, the song “Luz Apaga” by Ozuna featuring Lunay, Rauw Alejandro and Lyanno was released. The song was a great success and the video published on YouTube surpassed 20 million visits, becoming one of the most listened to songs of the year.

In addition to “Si Te Vas Conmigo” and “Déjame Saber”, Lunay has published two other songs on his Spotify account, “A Solas” and “Como la Primera Vez”. After the release of Ozuna’s “Luz Apaga”, Lunay released the remix of “A Solas”, originally performed by him and Lyanno and featuring Anuel AA, Brytiago and Alex Rose. On January 8th, the remix of Javiielo’s “Es Normal” was released, featuring Lunay, Lyanno, Sousa and Rauw Alejandro. Currently, Lunay is perceived as one of the strongest exponents of the new generation of urban genre singers.

In 2019, Lunay released his first studio album, “Luces del Alma”. The album includes songs like “Soltera”, “A Solas” and “Hasta Que Salga el Sol”. In addition, Lunay has collaborated with other artists like Anuel AA and Bad Bunny on songs like “Luz Acesa” and “La Cama”.

Lunay continues to be one of the most popular and successful artists in the reggaeton and trap genres in Puerto Rico and around the world. His talent for composing composing and singing songs has been recognized by his fans and critics, and his music has been included on various hit lists in different countries.

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Ryan Castro

ryan castro biography

Ryan Castro biography

Ryan Castro is a Colombian singer and songwriter in the urban genre. He began his music career in 2017 with the single “Morena,” and later gained recognition through his association with Kevin Roldan. Some of his notable songs include “Dime,” “1994,” “Lejanía,” “Chupable,” and “Medellín.” Today, Castro is considered one of the new faces of what is known as “neighborhood reggaeton.”


Ryan Castro’s early years

Ryan Castro was born and raised in the Pedregal neighborhood of Medellín, Colombia, in a humble family. From a young age, he showed a great talent for music. In school, he stood out for his rap and freestyle skills. After finishing school at 17, he began singing on buses to help support his family. Over time, he gained experience and confidence, and started performing at bars, clubs, and music events.

Later, he traveled to Curacao, where he performed at hotels and restaurants. He used the money he earned to finance his music productions and videos. During his time in Curacao, Ryan recorded two songs that went viral online and connected him with the label of Colombian singer Kevin Roldan. This marked a turning point in his career.


Ryan Castro’s debut and career

In 2017, Castro began his professional music career. His first single was “Morena,” which had a great impact. In 2018, he released “Miami,” “Woman,” and “Secreto.” That same year, Ryan also had his first collaboration with “Nunca Imagine” with Maycol Riddim. A year later, in 2019, he released the singles “Campeón” and “Cositas.”

In 2020, Ryan released the singles “Perdóname” and “Guere Guere.” In April of the same year, he released “Quizás,” a collaboration with Riddim and Aston Maio, and two months later, in June, he released “1994” with SOG. It was in 2020 that he released his first hits with Roldan.

Sponsored by the famous singer, Ryan released “Dime” (ft. DBwoy) and “Pensándote” in June. Then, in August, he released “Jamaica” with Massianello. On October 8, 2020, he released “Medellín,” a collaboration with Roldan and Reykon, which quickly surpassed 10 million views on YouTube. The video currently has over 21 million views on the platform.

Other hits in 2020 were “Lejanía” and “Mansion o Ghetto.” In 2021, Castro continued to release hits. He started the year with “Hay Amores” and “Tu Name.” Then came “Porte” and “San Valentín,” released in February, and the same month he released the remix of “Lejanía” featuring Mackie and Ben3detti. He also collaborated that month with SOG and Ronald El Killa on “Bendición.”

Other successes in 2021 included the release of “Jordan” on April 30, a song that made reference to the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. In August, he released “Wasa Wasa,” a song that has more than 41.1 million streams on Spotify. In November, he released “Monastery” in collaboration with Feid, and the same month he released “Chupable” with El Alfa and Chikybombom La Pantera. Mexican influencer Kunno appeared as a guest in the music video for this last song.


At present

In December 2021, Castro was one of the invited artists on Karol G’s tour in Medellín. As a release that month, he appeared on “Noche en Medallo,” a collaboration with Totoy El Frio, Sharik, and Kevin Roldán.

On January 21, 2022, Ryan returned with the collaboration “La Niña De Mis Sueños” with Blessd. Six days later, on January 27, he released “Quien TV Remix” with the same artist. Later, in February, Ryan released “Pendiente al Paso” with Fuego and collaborated with Ovi on the single “Clásico.” “Clásico” was a success on the platforms, currently with over 5 million views on YouTube.

In April 2022, Ryan returned to collaborate with Blessd on “La Nueva,” a track with SOG, Totoy El Frio, and appearances by Nath and Natan & Shander. That same month, Ryan participated in “Fiesta” with Farina.

He recently released “Mírate Bien” with Justin Quiles and Symon Dice.


Ryan Castro Curiosities

In April 2022, he participated in a brief interview with influencer Victoria Merlano. Shortly before the release of his track “Noche en Medallo,” singer Karol G announced that she would not participate in the song as originally planned. She resigned after finding out that there were other recordings of the same song, including several remixes.

His song “Monastery” was one of the most listened to on Spotify during the first week of December 2021. In 2022, the official video for “Jordan” exceeded 198 million views on YouTube, being one of the trending videos of the month of May. It is currently one of his most viewed videos.

Ryan Castro Songs

  • “Morena” (2017)
  • “Miami” (2018)
  • “Woman” (2018)
  • “Campeón” (2019)
  • “Perdóname” (2020)
  • “Guere Guere” (2020)
  • “1994” (2020)
  • “Jamaica” (2020)
  • “Medellín” (2020)
  • “Lejanía” (2020)
  • “Hay Amores” (2021)
  • “Jordan” (2021)
  • “Wasa Wasa” (2021)
  • “Monastery” (2021)
  • “Chupable” (2021)
  • “La Niña De Mis Sueños” (with Blessd; 2022)
  • “Clásico” (with Ovi; 2022)
  • “Mírate Bien” (2022)
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Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle Biography
LitoStarr, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nipsey Hussle Biography

Ermias Asghedom (August 15, 1985 – March 31, 2019), better known as Nipsey Hussle, was an American rapper, businessman, and community activist, who rose to fame in 2018 with his debut album Victory Lab. Nipsey began his career towards the mid-2000s releasing several successful mixtapes such as Slauson Boy Volume 1, Bullets Ain’t Got No Name series and The Marathon. His fame came to him, along with his first Grammy nomination, with his debut album in 2018. He had previously created his label All Money In No Money Out (2010).

Following his death, he received two posthumous Grammys for the songs Racks in the Middle and Higher. He was known for his social work on behalf of the Crenshaw community.

Early years

He was born in Los Angeles, United States, on August 15, 1985. Son of Angelique Smith and Eritrean immigrant Dawit Asghedom, he grew up in Crenshaw, a neighborhood located south of Los Angeles, with his siblings Samiel and Samantha. He attended Hamilton High School but dropped out before graduating. Since he was little he looked for a way to help around the home, so over time, he began to work selling different products on the street.

After leaving school he became involved in the world of gangs, however, he turned away from it when he realized that it was not what he expected for his future. Decided then to dedicate himself to music, he sold everything that linked him to the gangs and worked for a time to buy his own production tools. After finishing his studies, he began to write and produce his own mixtapes, which he sold from a car. After finding inspiration from a trip he took to Eritrea with his father and spending time in prison, Nipsey turned fully to his career and business. He always looked for ways to start and help the community in which he grew up: giving jobs, helping students, renovating public spaces, etc …

Community activist

Nipsey was admired for his work at Crenshaw because instead of moving or investing in hedge funds, he preferred to help the community by boosting the local economy.


In late 2005, Nipsey Hussle released his first mixtape, Slauson Boy Volume 1, independently, to great local success. By then he already had a fan base at the regional level, so it took him a while to sign a contract with the Epic Records and Cinematic Music Group labels. Later, the first volumes of the Bullets Ain’t Got No Name series appeared, with which he expanded his popularity. Burner on My Lap, Ridin Slow, Aint No Black Superman, Hussle in the House and It’s Hard out Here, were some of the songs included in the series.

By 2009, Nipsey would make a name for himself collaborating with Drake on Killer and with Snoop Dog on Upside Down. He also released Bullets Ain’t Got No Name vol.3 and in 2010, he left Epic and opened his own label All Money In No Money Out. Under this label, he would soon release The Marathon, a mixtape in which hits such as Love ?, Mr. Untouchable, Young Rich and Famous and Late Nights and Early Mornings appeared. He also created The Marathon Clothing at that time, a sports and casual clothing brand that was based in his neighborhood. He then released the mixtape The Marathon Continues (2011), participated in the We Are the World 25 for Haiti campaign, and was featured in the popular XXL Magazine Annual Freshman Top Ten.

In 2013 came Crenshaw, a mixtape that would become famous because Jay-Z himself bought 100 copies for $ 100 each.

Victory Lap

After many delays, Nipsey would release his long-awaited debut album Victory Lap, on February 16, 2018, to great success. It was praised by critics and received a Grammy nomination for best rap album of the year. It was such a success that many singles entered the Billboard and Itunes charts. However, Nipsey did not enjoy much fame.


Hussle was assassinated on March 31, 2019, outside his store in South Los Angeles. He was shot multiple times by a man he had previously clashed with, he was arrested and charged with murder on April 2 of the same year. After his death, many personalities expressed the pain caused by the news. It is worth mentioning that the Mayor of Los Angeles himself gave his condolences to the family, recognizing Hussle’s social work in Crenshaw.

He was the partner of actress Lauren London and was the father of two children.

Sales strategies and greatest hits

Hussle was known for his sales strategies, since, he used to upload his singles in free download and then sell some limited editions for a cost of 100 to 1000 dollars. It promoted the sale of his work with campaigns such as Proud2Pay and Mailbox Money, in which he gave special incentives (autographed photos, dedication calls, tickets to his studio, and special events) to buyers. His revolutionary ideas promised him a fruitful career.

Some of his greatest hits

  • Rose Clique
  • Forever On My Fly Shit
  • Thas Wat Hoes Do Proud of That (with Rick Ross)
  • Face the world
  • Bless, 1 of 1
  • Where Yo Money At
  • Fuck Donald Trump
  • Higher
  • Young Rich and Famous
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LP (Singer)

LP (Singer) Biography
Rouske, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LP  Biography

Laura Pergolizzi (March 18, 1981) Singer and songwriter. She was born on Long Island, United States. She is artistically known as LP. She began singing in the late 90s and in 2001 she made her debut with the album Heart-Shaped Scar. This was followed by Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol in 2004 and Forever For Now in 2014. She is famous for having written songs like Love Will Keep You Up All Night by Backstreet Boys, More is More by Heidi Montag, and Cheers (Drink to That) by Rihanna.

In 2017, she rose to fame for her single Lost On You and since then she is considered one of the references of the pop-rock scene of the moment.

Early life

Her mother is Irish and her father Italian. She attended the Walt Whitman Institute in the 1990s and then moved to New York, where she began to become known as an artist by adopting the name LP (her initials). Back then, she would work with a band performing before 100 or 50 people per event. She finally made her debut, in 2001, with Heart-Shaped Scar, an eleven-song album that included songs like Love Somebody, Kiss It All Goodbye, and When I’m Not With You, among others.


After her debut, LP made several appearances in the United States, achieving moderate success. In 2004, she released her second album Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol through Lightswitch Records. The album consisted of eleven songs, including tracks like Wasted, Get Over Yourself, and Change of Scenery.

Despite the tour she went on to promote the album and the good reviews it received, the work failed to stand out. Two years after its release, LP participated in the South by Southwest conference, drawing the attention of several record labels, among which she would choose Island Def Jam as her future home. However, a year later she moved to SoBe Entertainment, an independent label where she continued to work with what she had developed from her previous label. One of these songs was Love Will Keep You Up All Night, which was included in the Backstreet Boys album Unbreakable (2007).

Starting in 2009 she started writing songs for other artists. She co-wrote the single More is More and the tracks Hey Boy, Love It or Leave It and Twisted from Heidi Montag’s album Superficial (2010) and the song Standing Where You Left Me, included on Erik Hassle’s debut album Pieces ( 2010). That same year she signed a contract with the RedOne label and soon after gained recognition for Cheers, a song included on Rihanna’s fifth album Loud (2010). She also worked with Cristiana Aguilera on the song Beautiful People.

In 2011 she co-wrote Afraid to Sleep, a song that was performed on The Voice by finalist Vicci Martinez, reaching number 10 on the iTunes top. That same year he left Red One and joined Warner Bros. Records, releasing under this a year later his live album Into the Wild: Live at EastWest Studios (2012). In this, they appeared subjects like Into the Wild, Levitaror, and Tokio Sunrise. With this new album, she performed at various music festivals such as Bonnaroo, SXSW, Bumbershoot, Lollapalooza, and Tropfest and also at Hyde Park in London and Sonic Boom in Tokyo.

Forever for Now and hit Lost on You 

Thanks to the success that she achieved with the album, that year she would be chosen artist of the week by Vogue. In the next two years, she focused on the recordings of her next album, which would have several collaborations with Isabella Summers, Billy Steinberg, Claude Kelly, and Josh Alexander, among others. On June 3, 2014, she released her hit album Forever for Now, which was promoted with the singles Night Like This and Someday. A year later, he returned with Muddy Waters, a promotional single from his fifth album Lost on You, released in December 2016. The album included songs like Strange, When We’re High, No Witness, and Lost on You, a song that went viral in Europe in early 2017. In addition to Lost on You, in 2016 LP released the EP Death Valley.

In 2017 she performed Otto Knows’s Back Where I Belong alongside Avicii for one of Netflix’s episodes of Sense8 and collaborated with Mylène Farmer on the single N’oublie pas. The single quickly became number 1 on the French music charts. In August 2018, she released the single Girls Go Wild, and a few months later, she released her sixth studio album Heart to Mouth (2018). This latter consisted of twelve songs, including the promotional theme Girls Go Wild and the hit Recovery. Upon its release, the album achieved good results, ranking No. 2 on the U.S. Heatseekers Albums and No. 6 on the Polish Albums and Czech Albums.

It was recently announced that LP would be participating in the tribute album to Chester Bennington (lead singer Linkin Park), performed by his previous band Gray Daze.

LP’s partner is fellow singer Lauren Ruth Ward since 2015.

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Biography
Ronald Woan, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lady Gaga Biography

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (March 28, 1986). Pop singer. Known worldwide as Lady Gaga. She was born in Manhattan, New York, United States. Her mother, Cynthia Louise Bissett, vice president of the mobile operator Verizon. Her father was businessman Joseph Anthony Germanotta, Jr. Director of an internet network company.

Early life

She grew up in the exclusive Upper East Side of Manhattan, in a Catholic family. For this reason, her parents enrolled her in the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a religious and elitist school. She was very fond of music since she was a child, she learned to play the piano and, at thirteen, she wrote her first song. She was a participant in open mic nights. Her favorite singers were Queen, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and David Bowie. Upon completion of high school, she entered New York University’s Tisch School of Art to study music. But she did not finish her studies, she abandoned them to start her musical career.

Musical beginnings

She began by performing melodic songs on the piano in clubs and small bars in New York. Her first production was made by her with producer and composer RedOne, they called it: Boys, Boys Boys. This production was not successful. A little heartbroken, she decided to return to her parents’ house and began to perform in a New York club, in burlesque, avant-garde, and dance performances. At that time, her life knew drugs and uncontrolled parties. In 2007 she began working with Lady Starlight, they began to perform in venues in downtown New York. They participated in the American music festival «Lollapalooza». Again, she focused her life on music, later, she got Sony / ATV to release her single. Using her writing skills, she wrote songs for Britney Spears. Also, she worked for Interscope, her role was to compose for the New Kids on the Block, Fergie, Akon, and the Pussycat Dolls. Simultaneously, Stefani was performing on the Lower East Side with cover bands such as Mackin Pulsifer and SGBand.

While she persisted, unsuccessfully, in contacting and seeking support in some record companies, the situation would change when meeting the music producer Rob Fusari. He promoted her musical career, thanks to his support they built a strong working relationship, and this led to a sentimental relationship. It was Fusari who gave her her stage name, Lady Gaga, in honor of the song Radio Gaga by Queen, one of Stefani’s favorite groups.

At a recognized event, Akon, who already knew Lady Gaga as her songwriter, heard her sing and decided to offer her a contract for his record label, Kon Live Distribution. Gaga certainly accepted it. Thus began Lady Gaga to be known as a singer. At this stage, she had the collaboration of Fusari and other producers such as RedOne and Martin Kierszenbaum.

Debut and Career

The young singer debuted with her album, The Fame. A mix of electropop; the synthpop of the 80s and dance sounds. The success was imminent, it was one of the best-selling albums in 2009 worldwide, with more than 12 million copies, and it reached the Top 1 in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland.

Her vision was great, she not only wanted to release a single, but an album. Lady Gaga’s first album, Just Dance, appeared in April 2008, just around the time of her separation from Fusari, it caused a stir. It was number one in countries like the United States; more than 400,000 digital downloads are estimated, including Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. For this work, the brand new artist was nominated for a Grammy for the first time. In October 2009, she was awarded the Rising Star of 2009 award from Billboard magazine.

At the end of the same year, Lady Gaga released her second studio album, called The Fame Monster. Later, she presented her first single, Bad Romance, at Alexander McQueen’s Spring / Summer 2010 fashion event. The impact couldn’t have been better. Bad Romance was number one in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Peru, Germany, France, Sweden, Austria, and Denmark, and its promotional video, admired for the innovative elements and excellent paraphernalia, exceeded 200 million visits on YouTube, becoming the most viewed in history.

On the album The Fame Monster. There was the song Paparazzi. The video was a boom. Lady Gaga’s songs were tuned in on radio stations and the artist was featured in well-known magazines. Thanks to her fame, she embarked on her first tour: The Fame Ball Tour; this tour had an admirable reception, it sold out stadiums and large venues. Later, she was nominated for the Grammy Awards. The videos of her were irreverent and gave a lot to talk about, they swept on television and especially on the Internet. Platinum blonde appears in Just Dance; with a lightning bolt on her cheek, inspired by David Bowie from Aladdin Sane, another of her references.

On the other hand, on Poker Face she incorporates her sexiest and most futuristic style. Poker Face won three nominations on MTV Video Music Awards 2009, including the best video of the year. His videos can be summarized as extravagant hairstyles, excessive makeup, sidereal or cosmic style wardrobes, or simply exuberant, increasingly sophisticated scenography, choreographies close to pornography.

Gaga style

Alexis Martinez, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Her way of being was linked to her music, she was an eccentric girl and eventually gave explosive statements to the press, she declared herself a hermaphrodite. All these scandals made her more and more popular, and she was the focus of all eyes on her. Her next single was Telephone, played in a duet with Beyoncé. She also premiered Alejandro and Dancer in the Dark. Gaga embarked on her second world tour, The Monster Ball Tour, she officially announced it on October 15, 2009. Described by Gaga as the “first electropop opera”, the tour would be present on all five continents. It would end in Spain in two only concerts, in Barcelona and Madrid. The tickets were sold in just three days. Billboard announced that the song Telephone, from the album The Fame Monster, peaked at number one on the Pop Songs chart, being the only singer in history to get the sixth consecutive number one from it.

In 2010, the news spread that her ex-boyfriend and producer Rob Fusari sued for the company Rob Fusari Productions, demanding the payment of a total debt of 30 million dollars, for being the co-author and co-producer of Paparazzi, Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, Disco Heaven and Retro, Dance, Freak. On the other hand, Lady Gaga was the main protagonist of the MTV Video Music Awards gala, receiving eight Awards. In short, ‘Time’ chose her as the artist of the year.

Born This Way

Gaga began production on the album: Born This Way. A mix of electronic music with rock ‘n’ roll, and pop. It sold more than a million copies in its first week after its release in the United States, topping the Billboard 200. In addition, Born This Way received three Grammy Award nominations. Gaga separated from her manager Troy Carter, in June 2014, along with her new manager Bobby Campbell and she joined Artist Nation. This music star declared in a documentary about her life, Five Foot Two, that she suffers from fibromyalgia, a disease that attacks muscles and bones, and it has cost her time off stage. Although, she is still extremely optimistic.

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