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John Lennon

Biography of John Lennon

John Lennon Biography

John Winston Lennon, better known as John Lennon, was an English musician and activist, recognized as a member of the band The Beatles. He was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom, on October 9, 1940. His father, Fred Lennon, was a deserter in World War II and escaped as a ship’s crew to North Africa. His mother, Julia Stanley, joined another man, John Dykins, and left John in the care of his sister Mary Stanley, better known as Aunt Mimi, and her husband George Smith.

When John was 16, he entered the Liverpool Art Institute, from which he was expelled. Later, his mother gave him an acoustic Galore, the first guitar with which he would try to make sense of his life. Soon after, he formed the band The Quarrymen with his classmates Pete Shotton, Nigel Walley, and Ivan Vaughan. On July 6, 1957, Ivan introduced him to a boy two years younger than him, Paul McCartney. The following year they changed the name of the group to “Johnny and the Moondogs.” On the other hand, John and Paul also gave some presentations as a duo with the name of Nurk Twins.

In 1960, John Lennon shared an apartment in Liverpool with his friend painter Stu Sutcliffe. After Stu won 50 pounds in a painting contest, John convinced him to buy a bass and join the group. As he did not know how to play the instrument, he was constantly criticized by Paul. The group reconstituted then with John, Paul, George, Pete, and Stu with the name The Silver Beatles. As of June of that year, the group definitively changed its name to The Beatles. The following month John left the School of Art and on August 16th The Beatles left for Hamburg, Germany, where they debuted at the Indra Night Club and where the single My Bonnie, recorded by Tony Sheridan, was released with choirs of the Beatles. The owner of a record store, Brian Epstein, approached The Cavern, and after seeing John and his band perform, offered himself to be their representative.

After severe headaches, Stu died due to a brain stroke. From that moment, The Beatles career shot to success with the addition of Ringo Starr on drums. In June, they signed a five-year contract with the record company EMI. That same year, John married Cynthia Powell, who was pregnant, and on September 4 the band recorded their first single Love me do. In 1963, they debuted on TV on the BBC program Thank You, Lucky Stars and edited Please, Please Me and Ask Me Why. In February, they started their first British tour and in March, Please, please, Me was ranked first in the Melody Maker ranking. On April 8, Cynthia gave birth to Julian Lennon, and shortly after the single, She Loves You was published, which was placed in the No. 1 position in the North American rankings. A few days later, the single I want to hold your hand and the album With The Beatles were released. On February 7 of the following year, The Beatles landed at the John F. Kennedy airport in New York and were greeted by thousands of teenagers on the brink of a massive hysteria attack. Two days later, they performed on The Ed Sullivan Show. They also offered concerts in Washington, Miami and Carnegie Hall in New York. In March 1964, John’s first book, In His Own Write, appeared and in June 1965 he published his second book, A Spaniard in the Works.

“Do not count on me if it’s for violence. Do not wait for me on the barricades unless it’s with flowers.” John Lennon

In October 1965, the Queen of England honored The Beatles with the Knights of the Order of the British Empire Medal. John Lennon refused to allow the Beatles to act in South Africa as a protest against apartheid. The last Beatles tour of North America began in August. In Toronto, Lennon invited all the young people of the world to declare their rejection of the Vietnam War. In Memphis, the Ku Klux Klan caused altercations during a group concert. On November 9, John received an invitation from a group of artists called “Symposium of the destruction of art” to see an artist of the Japanese avant-garde. The artist was Yoko Ono, and they both started dating together a year and a half later.

In February of the following year, a single with the subject of John Lennon was released, Strawberry Fields Forever, and in the B side, Penny Lane, of Paul McCartney. On June 1, the Beatles’ most ambitious and revolutionary album, The Band of Sergeant Peppers, appeared in Britain. On August 24, Brian Epstein died in 1967 from an overdose of barbiturates. Despite this, Lennon married on March 20, 1969, with Yoko Ono. Shortly after, the animated film Yellow Submarine was premiered at the London Pavilion of the British Capital. On November 22, the white double album of The Beatles went on sale, which quickly entered the list of successes. A week later, John and Yoko edited Two Virgins.

In January 1969, The Beatles began recording a movie and a disc with the same name Let it be, which ended with a surprise concert on the roof of the Apple studios in London. On April 22, John Winston Lennon changed his name to John Ono Lennon and recorded with Paul McCartney, The Ballad of John and Yoko. In May of that same year, John and Yoko released their second album Life with the Lions. In September, the album Abbey Road was published in Great Britain, which contained the novelty that one of the faces was totally hooked, without separations between song and song. On April 10 of the following year, Paul resigned from the group and on May 8 the last official Beatles album was released: Let it Be. In April of 1970, the group dissolved. This was a liberation for John Lennon since from that moment he gave free rein to his individual creative fertility.

On December 11th, 1970, the album John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band was released with great critical acclaim. In November, the song Imagine was released, which became the anthem of world peace and John Lennon’s most famous and best-known song. In June 1972, Some Time in New York City was released and on November 10, Mind Games were published. In 1974, Lennon started working on the album Walls and Bridges. A year later he released the album Rock’n’Roll and announced his retirement from the music industry to devote himself to his wife and second son, Sean Lennon Ono. However, on November 21, 1980, Double Fantasy was published worldwide simultaneously, with seven songs by John and seven by Yoko. The main theme was Woman.

Finally, on December 8, 1980, the murderous bullets of a disturbed worshiper ended his life. There was no public funeral, only ten minutes of silent meditation.



Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega biography
Jenna Ortega, from Instagram

Jenna Ortega biography

Jenna Ortega is an American actress and writer, born on September 27, 2002 in Coachella, California. She is known for her role as Harley Diaz on the Disney series “Stuck in the Middle”.

Not much is known about Ortega’s early life and childhood. She is the fourth child of Natalie López and Edward Ortega, and comes from a large family with an older brother, two older sisters, and younger twin siblings. She began acting at a young age, and has mentioned that she would have liked to enjoy a more normal childhood experience.


Artistic career

Jenna Ortega showed an interest in acting from a young age. In 2012, she made her debut, appearing in an episode of the comedy series “Rob”. She also appeared in an episode of “CSI: NY” as Aimee Moore.

In 2013, Ortega played the role of the vice president’s daughter in “Iron Man 3”. She also played Annie in “The Purge: Anarchy” that same year.

Ortega was chosen to play young Jane Villanueva in the series “Jane the Virgin”. The show tells the story of Jane Villanueva, played by Gina Rodriguez, who becomes accidentally pregnant after being artificially inseminated. The series also stars Jaime Camil, Justin Baldoni, Yael Grobglas, Brett Dier, and Andrea Navedo.

In 2014, Netflix cast Ortega as Darcy, Richie’s best friend, in the series “Richie Rich”.

Ortega then joined the Disney family, playing Harley Diaz in the series “Stuck in the Middle”. The show follows a large Latinx family, with Harley being the middle child among seven siblings. The show shows the chaos and fun of growing up in a big family.

Two years later, Ortega shared the screen with actor David Arquette in “Saving Flora” (A Great Friendship), playing the role of Dawn. In 2019, Netflix released the second season of its highly successful series “You”. Ortega played Ellie, the younger sister of Delilah Alves. That same year, she joined the cast of “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” as Phoebe Atwell. In the following year, she appeared on screen with Jennifer Garner, Edgar Ramirez, Julian Lerner, and Everly Carganilla in the Netflix comedy “Yes Day”.

In “The Fallout: Life After”, Ortega played the role of Vada. The film is about Vada, a high school student who struggles to deal with the emotional aftermath of a school tragedy. The film also stars dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler, Shailene Woodley, Lumi Pollack, Niles Fitch, and Julie Bowen. This film marks a change in Ortega’s acting career, as she began to take on more roles in horror and suspense films, such as “Scream 5”, “X”, and “Studio 666”, which was directed by BJ McDonnell and the Foo Fighters.

In 2022, we will see Ortega as Wednesday Addams, also known as Merlina Addams, in Tim Burton‘s Netflix series “Merlina” (Wednesday). She is currently working on several film projects, and we look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Ortega’s voice has brought characters to life, such as Princess Isabel in the “Elena of Avalor” program and the film “Elena and the Secret of Avalor”; Gabriella Espinosa in “The Green Neighbors”; and Brooklynn in “Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp”.

In 2021, Ortega debuted as a writer with her book “It’s All Love”.

Ortega is not very active on social media, but she does post content about her family, friends, and work. In an interview, she mentioned that she tries to take breaks from social media, as she knows that it is one of the most commonly used forms of communication, but she needs a break from it. She has more than 8.6 million followers.

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Sharon Fonseca

Sharon Fonseca biography
Sharon Fonseca, from Instagram

Sharon Fonseca biography

Sharon Fonseca (born January 31, 1995) is a Venezuelan fashion designer, model, and actress who moved to the United States and graduated as a fashion designer in Miami. She is currently the romantic partner of DJ and entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi, who is 29 years older than Fonseca. The age difference between them has generated many comments.


Who is Sharon Fonseca?

Sharon Fonseca is a Venezuelan model and influencer who has taken some steps in her acting career. In 2017, she appeared in Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio, and previously she had worked in Bajo el Mismo Cielo (2015-17), Dueños del Paraíso (2015), and Tierra de Reyes (2015). Currently, her Instagram account has around 5.7 million followers (as of 2021). Fonseca has worked with the DAS Models agency and is also a partner in the creation of the Omkara jewelry brand, whose products are inspired by yoga and spirituality.


Sharon Fonseca’s family

Sharon Fonseca’s family consists of her parents, Luis José Fonseca and Claudia Fonseca, who have been living in Italy with Sharon and Vacchi since the birth of Blu Jerusalema in October 2020. Her mother is in the real estate business, but little is known about her father, who appears younger than Vacchi in photos. Fonseca also has an older brother and sister named Shannon. Shannon lives in Miami and, like her younger sister, is popular on social media for her beauty.


How did Sharon Fonseca and Gianluca Vacchi meet?

Sharon Fonseca and Gianluca Vacchi met in 2018 during the recording of Trump it, one of the DJ’s first songs.

In an interview with ETV agency, Sharon said:

“I was the model for one of his videos and I saw that [Vacchi] was very attentive to me. I am a person who takes things slowly. And he was escalating. Gianluca has a great personality, besides being a very attractive man, an energy that wherever he goes leaves everyone like “wow”. Everyone sees that in him”.

Thus she declared how she had met the father of her first child.


What does Sharon Fonseca currently do?

Currently, Sharon is focused on developing her fashion design and influencer career with her brand By Sharon Fonseca. She is also the face of various brands and has participated in major advertisements. In October 2021, she launched her own nutritional supplement Collagen4me, a hydrolyzed collagen peptide that is good for skincare with vitamins D and C and biotin.


By Sharon Fonseca


Todos sus diseños, tanto viejos como actuales, pueden encontrarse en el insta @bysharonfonseca.


On May 10, 2020- during Mother’s Day celebrations- Gianluca Vacchi announced on Instagram that he and Sharon were expecting their first child. The news surprised and delighted fans, as well as the family and close friends. Throughout the pregnancy, Sharon kept her social media updated, showing how happy she was during the wait. Both Vacchi and Sharon were quite public about the new experience.

During the pregnancy, Sharon continued working as a model and influencer. She would post videos on her social media of makeup routines, light workouts, and outfits suitable for pregnancy. Her outfits were elegant, fresh, and sometimes daring.


Birth of Blu

On October 28, 2020, Gianluca and Sharon announced the birth of their daughter Blu Jerusalema Vacchi. True to their style, the announcement was made through their Instagram accounts, where Sharon and the baby could be seen a few minutes after her birth. Blu was born on the 27th, but the announcement was made the next day.


It is worth mentioning that since the end of 2019, the name Jerusalema has been quite popular on social media. This is due to the song by South African singer Master KG, whose remix, released in September 2020, featured Greeicy and Venezuelan Micro TDH.

According to Vacchi, the baby’s name means:

“A promised land where there was no death or pain, only life, peace, and joy”.

After her birth, Jerusalema starred in the December edition of Hola magazine (2020). This edition featured a Q&A with Sharon and Vacchi, stories about the pregnancy, and how life is as a couple with a new member.


Only Fans with Vacchi (2021)

In April 2021, Sharon ventured into Only Fans with Vacchi with a new type of content. Their channel is dedicated to their life as a couple with Vacchi, the family, workouts, and the trips they take together, now also with Blu. Blu had her first family trip in July 2021, when the couple visited Sardinia (Italy).


Covid (2022)

In early 2022, Sharon, Vacchi, and Blu contracted Covid-19. The couple became infected before the baby, but the disease ended quickly. On January 19, 2022, Sharon reappeared on social media with Blu.

“Gian was first and then the girl. I was last” -said Fonseca


Curiosities about Sharon Fonseca

  • She studied fashion design.
  • She owns the clothing brand By Sharon Fonseca, which she promotes on Instagram.
  • She has worn suits by Celia Kritharioti, Alberta Ferretti, and the Laneus brand, among others.
  • For Jerusalema’s first birthday, Vacchi built her an amusement park.
  • She is an ambassador for the Latinamerican fashion summit platform.

Productions she has worked on

  • Telemundo Unitarios
  • Vikki Rpm as LULU
  • Telemundo NBC’s Quien Es Quien
  • Tierra de Reyes as Isadora
  • Telemundo NBC’s Dueños del Paraíso
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Domelipa biography

Domelipa biography

Dominik Elizabeth Reséndez Robledo (August 27, 2001), better known as Domelipa, is a Mexican TikTok personality and social media influencer. She is currently one of the most successful influencers in her country. She was born in Nuevo León, Mexico. She began her career on social media on the now-defunct platform and gained fame on TikTok in 2018. She was a member of the creative group CheliHouse. She currently has over 52 million followers on the video platform.


Who is Domelipa?

Domelipa is a Mexican TikTok personality and social media influencer. She was born on August 27, 2001 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Her mother is named Norma and as of 2021, she lived with her parents and her two brothers, Kevin and Gabriel. Like many teenagers, she became involved in the world of social media at a young age. It wasn’t until she joined that she began to make a career out of it.


Domelipa: Early days on social media

Domelipa’s first videos appeared on the now-defunct platform, but she didn’t have much success at the time. By the time the app was renamed TikTok in June 2018, her growth was exponential and her fans convinced her to create her own YouTube channel, which was created on June 27, 2018.

His first video on YouTube, ‘FIRST VIDEO | 50 Things About Me’, was published on July 16, 2018. In 2019, just one year after its creation and with only ten videos on the platform, Dome reached the impressive number of 350,000 followers. This success was increased on TikTok, where Dome became known for his charisma through dance videos, viral challenges and fun Lip syncs.


q paso

♬ original sound – cardi b fan account

After becoming known, Dome became part of the Strangers Team collective, which further boosted his success on the platform.

In December 2019, Dome saw his dream come true by posing for the cover of ‘Tú’. A month earlier he had won the TikToker to Watch award from the same publication.


CheliHouse (2020)

In June 2020, Domelipa decided to form the ‘CheliHouse’ team, a collaborative group of TikTok and other social networks, initially made up of Rod Contreras, Edwin Mendoza, Mont Pantoja and Ingratax. The group was especially popular on TikTok and YouTube, although they also uploaded content individually.

Despite the rumors and misunderstandings, ‘CheliHouse’ became one of the most famous teams within the world of networks, being even compared to PRIVÉ, where personalities such as JeanCarlo León, Naim Darrechi and Libardo Isaza were found. After a while, the group could not overcome so many controversies, so it ended up separating.”.


Meeting without Dome (2021)


CH ☁️ 4/5 🤞🏻

♬ Shh (Young Fanatic) – Jessika Farrell

After the group’s split, they reunited in early 2021, but without Dome. The reunion sparked anger among fans who were expecting to see the entire group together again. In response to the backlash, the group reunited with Dome in a March 2021 video call, but the reunion appeared forced.


Other successes

After leaving CheliHouse, Dome continued to grow on social media both individually and through other collaborations. He has collaborated with several musicians such as Camilo, Kunno, Reik and Lagos, as well as other TikTok personalities such as Emir Abdul Gani, the first TikToker to sign a contract as a dancer with Warner. He has also posted videos with Mia Salinas, Mont Pantoja, and singer Dekko.

Among his most popular TikTok videos are his urban dance routines to songs like GPS (feat. French Montana) Maluma (20 M); Linda – Tokischa & ROSALÍA (28M), the “Y muchos le tiran” challenge to the tune of La Old Skul by Rauw Alejandro (28 M); the Love Nwantiti dance (24M); and “bailadora” to the beat of La Pared 360 by Lenny Tavárez & Justin Quiles (40 M).


🙏🏻⛺️🙏🏻 @Camilo

♬ Índigo Guitar – Camilo

Domelipa x Shein


Ver esta publicación en Instagram


Una publicación compartida de domelipa (@domelipa)

In 2022, Domelipa launched her own clothing line in collaboration with Shein. The line is inspired by her musical tastes, with bold and fresh, youthful designs for empowered and confident young people. An interview and other photos of the line’s designs were published in Glamour magazine.

Previously, Dome had recorded an advertisement for Adidas in February 2022. She currently owns the clothing store


Ver esta publicación en Instagram


Una publicación compartida de domelipa (@domelipa)

Marriage engagement with Dekko

On April 1, 2022, Dome announced her engagement to singer and TikTok star Dekko, whom she had started dating in August 2021. The engagement took place on a yacht with the couple’s friends. Photos and video of the moment trended on social media after the couple made the announcement.

In 2021, Dome was one of the most successful influencers in her country, earning between $15,000 and $25,000 per post. She currently has over 17 million followers on Instagram and 52 million followers on TikTok.


Fame on YouTube

On YouTube, Domelipa has about 4.8 million subscribers. She is famous for her outfit videos, vlogs, and pranks, such as the videos “BROMAS TELEFONICAS KUNNO Y DOMELIPA”; “BROMA A MIS AMIGOS (SALE MAL)” ft. Rodrigo Contreras; and “LE CONSIGO PAREJA A RODRIGO EN BUMBLE” ft: Rodrigo Contreras. Her “HAUL ROPA DE SHEIN” video is also popular.

Personal life

Before her relationship with Dekko, Dome had been in a relationship with Ilika Cruz and social media star Rod Contreras.


Domelipa trivia

  • She had to leave professional dance due to a back injury.
  • She likes the way Hailey Bieber, Danna Paola, and Olivia Rodrigo dress.
  • Her favorite colors are black and wine.
  • She was called Mimi when she was a child.
  • Her favorite pet is a rabbit.
  • She doesn’t like the cold much.


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Alan Walker

Alan Walker Biography
Alan Walker, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Alan Walker Biography

Alan Walker (August 24, 1997) DJ and producer. He was born in Northampton, England. He lived in Bergen, Norway because at the age of two his parents moved there for work reasons. His interest in music began when he met and closely followed the careers of producers like K-391 and Ahrix, Alan spent hours watching videos of them on YouTube, and also closely followed composers Steve Jablonsky and Hans Zimmer. Thus, Walker began to create his own music from his laptop. He began composing under the pseudonym DJ Walkzz.

His most popular composition in his beginnings was titled Fade (2014) its virtual launch was due to an error by Walker who uploaded it by mistake, but what he did not know is that it would be popular quickly with the public and the record label NoCopyrightSounds (NCS ) with whom he had signed a contract. NoCopyrightSounds launched Faded on its YouTube channel in late 2014. It was very successful and had over 300 million views.

The songs Specter and Force followed in 2015. The same year he managed to sign with the important Sony Music Entertainment (SME), they released Faded, a vocal and remastered version of Faded. The song had the vocal collaboration of Iselin Solheim and contained the instrumental version. Within a few weeks of the release, it began to lead the top positions on the European charts. It got 2 billion views on YouTube, making the song the most popular. Two months later, he released the acoustic version of it, titled Faded (Restrung). Then Walker released Sing Me to Sleep, singer Iselin Solheim reappeared, this time with an instrumental version.

Subsequently, he released three remixes, one of the Coldplay song Hymn for the Weekend, another of the Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animals Millionaire (ft. Nelly) song, and the last of Sia’s song, Move Your Body. Before the end of 2016, his followers were able to enjoy his new single Alone. Noonie Bao collaborated. Later, an instrumental remix version and an acoustic version titled Alone (Restrung) was released.

It is important to mention that 2017 was a low production year for Alan Walker: he released his new single Tired, which featured the voice of Irish singer Gavin James and then a remix produced by Kygo was released. We must say that Walker has walked in the paths of the various branches of electronic music, for example, EDM, Progressive House, Drum & bass. He will soon be taking his music to Japan, South Korea, and other surrounding areas. The following year, he started performing in Canada. In 2018 he went on several tours of Europe and Asia.

Alan Walker Songs

  • Faded
  • Diamond Heart (feat. Sophia Somajo)
  • Alone
  • Darkside (feat. Au / Ra & Tomine Harket)
  • The Specter
  • All Falls Down (feat. Noah Cyrus & Digital Farm Animals)
  • Different World (feat. Sofia Carson, K-391 & CORSAK)
  • Ignite
  • Impossible
  • Sing me to sleep
  • Without love
  • Heart
  • Tired (feat. Gavin James)
  • Baby don’t go
  • Specter
  • Do it all for you
  • Force
  • Heading Home (I Stand Alone)
  • My heart Stay.
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Gianluca Vacchi

Gianluca Vacchi biography

Gianluca Vacchi biography

Gianluca Vacchi (August 5, 1967) Born in Bologna, Italy. Italian businessman and artist, known for his eccentricity and the way he manages his money, throwing lavish and expensive parties. His lifestyle is frequently shared by the businessman through his social networks.

Vacchi is a man of more than 50 years who has attracted the attention of various people, not only for his eccentricity but also for his physical attractiveness. He currently has more than 15 million followers on instagram and since 2014 he has become popular with the hashtag #GVLifestyle.

There is only one life and you have to live it trying to enjoy everything you can.

Gianluca Vacchi

Family and studies

Gianluca Vacchi grew up in a wealthy family. From an early age he was interested in business. He studied economics and then began to be part of the family business. Later he founded the company IMA, a company dedicated to the creation of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and others. Over time, Vacchi diversified his businesses, participating in different business projects. While doing this, he increased his capital, becoming a billionaire in a matter of a few years.

Change of lifestyle

After several years in the industry, Gianluca Vacchi left the family business in charge of his cousin and dedicated himself fully to enjoying his life, since at the age of forty he had not explored and enjoyed everything he achieved in those years. After thinking about the way he had lived until then, he decided to change his lifestyle. He started by working on his physique, improving his diet and exercising. He complemented this, with hours in the sauna and cryotherapy and shortly after the effort began to show.

At 47, he became known on social networks with a photo in which he was seen riding with the famous American actor Zac Efron.

Since then, he began to attract the attention of the public for his sensual dances, his eccentric and expensive parties. Likewise, through the networks he showed the large number of properties he owned: mansions, houses on the beach, yachts, motorcycles, cars and even a helicopter.

In 2016, the videos of Vacchi and his girlfriend at the time, Giorgia Gabriele, dancing to different Latin music songs, went viral. It was then that it became a trend. Many were interested in the lifestyle of the 49-year-old man, surrounded by beautiful women and with an exorbitant fortune. Since then, the daily life of the famous Italian has been shared by social networks. He is currently one of the most famous adult influencers on the platform.

The following year he ended his relationship with his girlfriend Gabriele, and a short time later he was seen with the beautiful Colombian model, Ariadna Gutiérrez. That same year he published his book Enjoy (2016), which, in Vacchi’s words, is a conceptual biography. In this book, he talks about his experiences, gives advice and encourages people to enjoy life to the fullest.

During this period of his life, the Italian has been seen with famous Latin, American and European artists, which has increased his popularity. Among the artists with whom he has been associated are the singers: J. Balvin, Luis Fonsi, Sebastián Yatra, Ozuna, Daddy Yankee and Yandel, among others. In 2017, Vacchi was seized by Banco BPM. He later explained that this does not greatly affect his fortune and that it was all a disagreement with the bank.

Facet as DJ

In recent years, Gianluca Vacchi has dabbled in music as a DJ, working with great figures such as Steve Aoki, Nicola Zucchi, Christian Lena and Albertino, among others. He currently has a contract with the Spinnin ‘Records label. His first song, entitled Viento, appeared under this label on August 13, 2017. This song currently has more than 27 million views on YouTube.

After Viento, Tump-it came out, a theme that quickly became a trend. In August he released the song Sigamos Bailando, his collaboration with Yandel and Luis Fonsi. Later he released the song Waglio, in collaboration with Alessio and in 2019, he released Asho mami and Mueve.

Vacchi has made several tours as a DJ and worked in clubs such as Amnesia Ibiza, Sutton Club and Sutton Barcelona, among others.

Gianluca news

Currently Vacchi, is romantically involved with the young model Sharon Fonseca. On May 10, 2020, during the celebration of Mother’s Day, he announced via Instragram that he and his girlfriend were expecting their first child.

Birth of your child

On October 28, Gianluca and Sharon announced the birth of their daughter Blu Jerusalema Vacchi, true to their style, this announcement was made through their Instagram accounts.

Ver esta publicación en Instagram

Una publicación compartida de Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi) el

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