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Issa Vásquez

Issa Vásquez Biography
Issa Vásquez, vía Instagram
Personal information
Full nameIssabela Vásquez Perdomo
BirthdateJanuary 14, 1997
Age27 years old
By-nameLa Turca
Stage nameIssa Vásquez

Juan Javier Guzmán (2011-Present)


María Clemencia Perdomo

Zodiac signCapricorn
Biography in other languages


Issa Vásquez Biography

Issabela Vásquez Perdomo (January 14, 1997), better known to internet users as Issa Vásquez, is an influencer and entrepreneur from Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia. She is widely acknowledged for her fitness-focused content, through which she imparts to her followers a healthy lifestyle.


Who is Issa Vásquez?

Issa Vásquez is a Colombian fitness influencer, born in Ibagué, Tolima. She is the daughter of María Clemencia Perdomo. While little is known about her biological father, she has been fortunate to have Carlos G Pinzón as her stepfather, whom she considers a second father in her life.

In her youth, Issa wasn’t someone who regularly engaged in physical exercise. However, she didn’t feel completely satisfied with her body, particularly her legs. A moment that left a profound mark on the influencer was a heated argument with her group of friends, during which she received hurtful comments about her body. These derogatory words had a significant impact on her and marked a turning point in her life.

“In my school, my friends were always very slim, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable, but I did notice the difference. It didn’t affect me until sixth grade when I had a fight with my friends, and they bullied me for a few months, calling me ‘Willy the whale.’ This affected me a bit and stayed with me”.

She studied at the San Bonifacio de las Lanzas School Corporation, from which she graduated in 2014.


Early years

At the age of 17, Issa embarked on an exchange journey to Boston, United States, to study business communication and English. Over the course of six months residing in Boston and the following six in Madrid, she underwent a significant lifestyle transformation, partly driven by a period of emotional post-breakup turmoil. During this time, Vásquez unknowingly gained 15 kilograms without realizing the physical changes she was going through. It was upon her return to Colombia that her family and friends were surprised to see her.

Back in her home country, the influencer chose to undergo a cosmetic procedure to remove fat from her legs, as this area was one of her main sources of insecurity. This step motivated her to take a greater interest in her diet and physical fitness.

Unfortunately, Issa couldn’t find a balance and went from not taking care of herself to becoming obsessed with diets, fitness enthusiasts, and workouts. Over time and through experience, she came to understand that this world and lifestyle should be maintained in a healthy balance.

“I began restricting myself so much that I didn’t want to go out to eat with my friends. I would eat beforehand to avoid doing it there, or I would bring my salmon to the cinema, and it’s not that it’s wrong, but if it starts to affect your social life, then it’s no longer healthy”.

She pursued her studies in business administration in the city of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia.



Her initial foray into content creation wasn’t at the forefront of her focus. During that time, she was a young individual passionate about personal care, crafting recipes and diet plans that she shared on an Instagram account called “Be Choices”, created for that specific purpose. Initially, her profile was private, but she switched it to public settings when she began to notice changes in her own body.

During that time, Issa was conducting her internship at a technology multinational company. Managing her time became a real challenge as she would wake up at 4 in the morning to go to the gym, then attend university, and afterwards head to work. During her free time, she dedicated herself to recording recipes for her Instagram page, although at that time, she didn’t generate income through this activity.

Before the pandemic hit, her boss at the multinational company offered her a significant position and a hard-to-refuse salary. Despite giving it careful thought, Vásquez chose to decline the offer as she wanted to focus on her social media and her career as a content creator.



Issabela Vásquez took her first steps by observing fashion influencers, carefully analyzing their strategies and collaborations. One of the aspects she noticed was that many of them had representatives, so she decided to contact the person she considered the most prominent in this field. She wrote a letter to Lina Cáceres, outlining her desire to have her as a representative, despite not having a large number of followers at that time. Lina’s response was straightforward: “Keep working on it”.

In addition to that initiative, Issa began reaching out to various sports brands in an effort to become their ambassador. Despite facing initial rejections, she didn’t give up and kept seeking opportunities. Within a month, Reebok gave her a chance, making it the first company she worked with. Later, other collaborations followed, such as Tosh, which compensated her for her advertising.

During the quarantine imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Issa decided to host live streams to entertain her audience. During these live sessions, she shared her own workout routines, which gradually attracted a growing audience. Her viewership went from 120 spectators to 16,000 people tuning into her live streams. Over time, her content diversified, encompassing recipes, exercise routines, and a close connection with her expanding organic community on Instagram.

Currently, Issa Vásquez has established herself as a charismatic influential figure on social media, amassing a strong following across various platforms. On TikTok, she has over 925 thousand followers, while on Instagram, she has reached 808 thousand followers. Additionally, her YouTube channel boasts more than 50 thousand subscribers.


Entrepreneur: Natif

Taking advantage of her fame and success, Issa Vásquez decided to embark on an entrepreneurial venture. Initially, the idea was to open a restaurant with her partner, but both aimed to go beyond just one city. A close friend, who owned a supermarket, revealed that one of the most popular products in his store was bread. This information was of vital importance to this visionary couple, who gave life to their brand of healthy baked goods, Natif. Nowadays, Natif is present in more than 70 cities nationwide, distributing its products in over 250 stores.


Personal life

The influencer has been in a romantic relationship with Juan Javier since 2011, and together, they have become one of the most beloved couples on social media. Over the years, numerous followers, internet users, and friends have eagerly awaited their engagement due to the enduring love story they share.

Finally, during a romantic trip through Europe, specifically in Greece, on August 30, 2023, the long-awaited marriage proposal took place.


Issa Vásquez Biography

Photo: @issavasquez_ (vía Instagram)



Wendy Guevara

Wendy Guevara Biography
Wendy Guevara, vía Instagram

Wendy Guevara Biography

Wendy Guevara Venegas (August 12, 1993), better known as Wendy Guevara, is an influencer, actress, singer, and entrepreneur, hailing from León de Los Aldama, Guanajuato, Mexico. She is famous and widely recognized for being a member of the group “Las Perdidas” due to a viralized video.


Early years

Wendy Guevara is a talented Mexican influencer, actress, singer, and entrepreneur, identified as a transgender woman. She is the daughter of Francisco Guevara and Fabiola Venegas Vázquez. At birth, she was named and baptized with the name Luis Carmen Guevara Venegas. She has three siblings.

Despite coming from a humble and hardworking family, Wendy had to face the dysfunction caused by her father’s addictions. During her childhood, she spent a lot of time on the streets, and her older sister became a mother figure to her, providing care and protection.

Her family was involved in the footwear industry, dedicated to the creation and manufacturing of shoes. Over time, Wendy also worked in the family business. However, later on, she was forced to engage in prostitution for a few years in Mexico City.


Rise to fame

Towards the end of the penultimate quarter of 2017, Wendy Guevara found herself on a hill in the city, accompanied by her friend Paola Suárez, who is now a renowned influencer. At that moment, they were enjoying a romantic encounter with two men while drinking, well aware that drinking in public could attract the attention of the police. As their companions went out to buy more beers, Wendy and Paola took the opportunity to record a fun video in which they shouted to the wind, “¡Estamos perdidas!” (We’re lost!) and the other echoed back, “Perdidas, perdidas” (Lost, lost). Paola shared the video on her Facebook account, generating great amusement among internet users, who began to share it massively. This video became the turning point that propelled both content creators to fame.

Shortly after, the two young women were invited to the MTV Millennial Awards to receive recognition for their viral internet videos. Since Paola lived in Mexico City, Wendy made the decision to start sharing content on YouTube and asked her friend Kimberly Irene to join her in creating videos.


Wendy Guevara Biography

Credits: Facebook Paola Suarez



After their video went viral, Wendy, Paola, and Kimberly embarked on an exciting artistic project called “Las Perdidas” (The Lost Girls). These talented creators of audiovisual content share their videos on the YouTube platform and have also had the opportunity to participate in various television programs and other platforms. In 2019, Wendy and Paola made their television debut by being part of a virtual special for the popular telenovela “Doña Flor Y Sus Dos Maridos”, produced by Televisa. As their content has grown, they have added more people to their group of friends, forming what is now known as “El Clan de Las Perdidas” (The Clan of The Lost Girls).

In 2021, Guevara began her career in the music industry, introducing a series of promotional singles. These include “Mua”, “Hey Perra”, “Hasta Que Salga El Sol”, “Putssy” in collaboration with the talented drag queen singer Trixy Star, as well as “Las Bebas Trans” and “Tu Malandrito” in collaboration with Pol Prince.

During 2022, Wendy and her group of influencer friends had the opportunity to collaborate with the renowned journalist Adela Micha on the show “La Saga”. Shortly after, the trio thrilled their followers by confirming their participation in the biographical television series “Ellas Soy Yo”, which is based on the life of the talented singer Gloria Trevi.

After releasing her promotional single “TAPU” in February 2023, Wendy received an invitation to participate in the renowned reality show “La Casa De Los Famosos Mexico”, which was broadcasted on the TelevisaUnivision and EndemolShine Boomdog channels, including Las Estrellas, Canal 5, and the streaming service Vix. During her stay on the show, rumors of a potential relationship with Nicola Porcella surfaced, although up to that point, they had only displayed a friendship with great chemistry.

Finally, on August 13, 2023, Wendy Guevara emerged as the winner of the program, achieving a milestone by becoming the first transgender woman to win a reality show in Mexico. Her victory became etched in the country’s history and in the hearts of her followers.



Personal life

Since childhood, before beginning her transition, Wendy faced episodes of violence from her father and older brother. Francisco Guevara did not accept his child playing with dolls, and her older brother used to report her, leading to physical abuse towards Wendy as a consequence. As Wendy grew older, her older brother also began facing ridicule and harassment due to his childhood appearance, which resulted in him perpetuating violence against Wendy as well. Nowadays, the influencer shares this period of her life with sadness and reflects that at some point, her older brother might have felt ashamed of her.

During her adolescence, when Guevara began questioning her sexual orientation, preferences, and gender identity, she had the opportunity to see trans actresses and celebrities on television who excelled in the industry. One of these inspiring figures was the renowned actress Alejandra Bogue, who was one of the first women to motivate Wendy to embrace her true identity and define herself as a transgender woman.

In that process, the content creator received support from her neighbor Lucero, a transgender woman who owns a hair salon in their neighborhood. The generous lady Lucero opened the doors of her business to several young people in the area so they could get themselves done there. At first, Wendy identified herself as Vianney, but it was her neighbor who suggested another name and baptized her as “Wendy”, in honor of the character played by Angélica Vale in the telenovela “Amigas y Rivales”, named Wendy Nayeli.

Currently, Wendy Guevara is in a period of being single, fully enjoying her life and her growing fame.


Her experience in prison

Wendy experienced a period of 48 days of confinement in the holding cells of León, Guanajuato, for engaging in prostitution. It is important to mention that prostitution is prohibited in that state of Mexico. Unfortunately, during her time in the holding cells, she went through extremely difficult situations that nobody should ever experience.


Victim of various abuses

From an early age, Wendy went through multiple challenges. She had to confront a dysfunctional family dynamic, marked by her father’s alcoholism and drug addiction. At the same time, she dealt with doubts and insecurities related to her sexuality and gender identity.

Sister’s mate

Unfortunately, at the age of seven, she became a victim of sexual abuse by a stranger. Subsequently, it was discovered that the perpetrator was a companion of her older sister. This tragic event took place during the holiday season while Wendy was spending time with her cousins, taking part in the creation of lanterns and bonfires. The young girl mentioned that at that moment, she felt fear and couldn’t do anything to defend herself. Sadly, the incident was only halted belatedly due to the brave intervention of her cousin, who quickly informed her aunts and other family members. Aware of the seriousness of the situation, they immediately alerted the authorities, leading to the arrest of the aggressor and his subsequent prosecution.

Sadly, this incident left a profound mark on Wendy’s life. In a revealing interview, she confessed that she continued experiencing nocturnal enuresis until the age of 14 as a direct result of the trauma she had lived through. However, thanks to the psychological support she received, the influencer was able to address and, with time, process what had happened. The therapeutic process allowed her to heal and gradually come to terms with the traumatic events she had faced.


A relative of her cousins

At the age of twelve, she was a victim of a cousin’s relative, who was already older at that time, and he asked her to touch him inappropriately for a minor. Unfortunately, she didn’t talk about this event when she was young. She exposed it now that she is recognized to alert her followers and parents, urging them to take care of and supervise children’s childhood, and to try to preserve their innocence.



Amidst a distressing escape from a man determined to attack her with a machete, fate led Wendy to a busy Oaxacan taco stand. Desperate to find help, she approached the manager of the place, who kindly provided her refuge in his van. However, behind the façade of kindness, a dark and terrifying secret was concealed: the manager took advantage of Wendy’s vulnerable situation to commit a disgusting act, touching her inappropriately without her consent.


Police officer

During her time in jail, in the detention cells, a police officer would pretend to conduct an inspection in a room. He would call a group of women and have them go individually into the room, where he would abuse them. Unfortunately, Wendy was also a victim of this man, who forced each inmate to perform oral sexual acts.



Musical Works by Wendy Guevara:

  • “Mua”.
  • “Hey Perra”.
  • “Hasta Que Salga el Sol”.
  • “Putssy”, junto a Trixy Star.
  • “Tu Malandrito”, junto a Pol Prince.
  • “TAPU”.



Projects on the screen in which Wendy Guevara has participated:

  • “Doña Flor y Sus Dos Maridos” (2019).
  • “La Saga” (2022).
  • “Gloria Trevi: Ellas Soy Yo” (2023).
  • “La Casa de Los Famosos México” (2023).
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Hasbulla Magomedov

Hasbulla Magomedov
Hasbulla Magomedov, from Instagram

Biography of Hasbulla Magomedov

Hasbulla Magomedov (born March 9, 2002) is a rising social media influencer and content creator. He was born in Majachkalá, Dagestan, Russia and gained fame for his athletic physique and striking appearance. He is known for being one of the most highly-anticipated signings in the UFC, and his followers eagerly anticipate his future career developments.

Who is Hasbulla Magomedov?

He is a Russian content creator. He gained fame for his funny and somewhat shocking videos, as his appearance often caught people off guard with his actions.


The influencer suffers from acondroplasia, a birth defect that many people are unaware of by its name. This disease is a type of dwarfism, characterized by the inhibition of bone growth, with the long bones of the legs and arms being more affected. This condition can be hereditary, but the vast majority is genetic, and this is the case of Hasbulla, as his parents are of average height. It is because of acondroplasia that Hasbulla measures 1 meter and weighs 16 kilograms.


Magomedov achieved fame, in one way or another, thanks to his suffering and creativity. Most of his videos were based on a young man doing what he normally does, which is exercising, smoking, driving, and drinking. But it’s not just that, his physical appearance also made people question why a child was performing such actions.

In this way, the influencer began to be recognized in his country, then throughout his continent, to the point of reaching Latin America. People love his videos, as he also has a somewhat comedic personality, as his ease of getting upset, and adding all of this, makes his videos unique.

Ultimate Fighting Championship: UFC

For this year, after a fight in 2021, reporter Lazorin announced through his Instagram profile that Hasbulla would be part of the UFC, after signing a contract with them for five years. In October 2022, the influencer became the champion of Mixed Martial Arts of the UFC, leaving Charles de Oliveira as the loser.

Personal Life

Currently, no romantic partner is known. He is seen traveling around the world, enjoying his new lifestyle, and loving his moment of fame. In 2021, a rumor became popular, that Hasbulla wants to study the Quran, to become an Islamic theologian.

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@papikunno, from Instagram

Biography of Kunno

Guillermo Kunno (born May 8, 2000), also known as Kunno or Papi Kunno, is a Mexican TikToker and influencer who gained fame in 2020 after his video “Kunno Caminata” went viral on TikTok. Kunno started his adventure on TikTok in February 2019. He is known for being controversial; he has a large number of followers and detractors. In 2020, he ventured into acting, appearing in one of the episodes of “Como dice el Dicho.” Later, he made his singing debut with the single “Tal vez No” and in 2022, he appeared as a guest on the series “Wild Rhythm.”


Who is Kunno?

He is a singer, TikToker, and social media celebrity of Mexican origin. He was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, on May 8, 2000. His first name is Guillermo. His parents are Lucy and Guillermo, and he has a brother named Chris. His parents named him Kunno after actor Kuno Becker, who is known for playing Santiago Muñoz in the Goal movie series (2005-08). Kunno is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and openly displays his identity on social media. From a young age, he became interested in makeup.


Kunno: TikTok Star

Like other young stars, Kunno found fame on the TikTok platform in February 2019. He quickly gained followers with his reaction videos, choreographies, and other content, though he also became known for his controversial statements. In the course of 2020, Kunno was heavily criticized for his unfavorable comments about women and his reactions to videos of younger individuals. Because of this, he has been accused of misogyny and normalizing pedophilia.

Despite the controversy, Kunno achieved fame in mid-2020 after his video “Kunno Caminata” to the song “4k” by El Alfa and Noriel went viral. The video became so popular that his number of followers surpassed 11 million. By 2021, his number of followers reached 19 million. At the time, the “Kunno Caminata” was copied by several celebrities such as Thalia, Erika Buenfil, and Livia Brito. The video and its choreography remained popular for several months.


Quien se iba a imaginar todo lo que lograría esta caminata🤩

♬ 4K – El Alfa & Darell & Noriel

Controversial HolaFan!

After achieving fame, controversy did not leave Kunno behind. In September 2020, the TikToker was heavily criticized for joining the HolaFan! platform, where artists charge for special mentions, greetings, etc. The cost of his greeting was 1,200 Mexican pesos, which fans considered excessive. Later that month, he left the platform.


Kunno as an actor

Also in September 2020, Kunno achieved one of his biggest dreams: to be an actor. he made his acting debut on September 26, 2020, in one of the episodes of the series “Como Dice el Dicho,” where he played the role of Gabo. Two months later, in November 2020, Kunno appeared in the music video for “Bichota” by Colombian singer Karol G.

In 2021, he appeared in the music video for “Chupable” by El Alfa “El Jefe” with Chicky Bom Bom and Ryan Castro. In the video, Kunno appeared several times dancing with the singers and other invited dancers.

Debut and musical career of Kunno

On January 13, 2021, he made his singing debut with the release of the single “Tal vez no” on Spotify and YouTube, as well as other digital platforms. The song quickly gained millions of plays on both sites, becoming very popular on social media. In less than a year, the song surpassed 20 million views on YouTube.

In June 2021, he released his second single “Crush” and in September, “Que perra soy” was released. Both singles were popular on social media, especially on TikTok where several challenges and trends appeared.



Ya estamos a nada de comenzar a grabar el videoclip de #QPS 😍🔥 a quienes hagan el trend… SERÁN PARTE DE EL😳✨ seguiré reaccionando🤩

♬ Qué Perra Soy – Kunno


The following month, Kunno collaborated with El Cherry Scom and Rodrigo Rodríguez on the single “Hoy Te Toca.”

“I consider myself what I am: a celebrity and an artist” – Kunno

In February 2022, Kunno appeared in the music video for “Suelta” by Dimelo Flow with Rauw Alejandro, Mr. Vegas, María Becerra, and Fatman Scoop. After its release, the song quickly reached a million plays on YouTube. Later, in May, Kunno released the single “Yo Nunca Nunca,” an EDM track by Poncho de Nigris, with Fano, Finisho, and Dj Cobra Monterrey.


Grammys 2021

In March 2021, the young TikToker announced that he would make a small appearance at the special Grammy Awards 2021 broadcast on E!. The news sparked a wave of reactions, both positive and negative, as many fans thought the TikToker would be present at the awards ceremony. However, Kunno did not participate in the awards ceremony but in the special on the red carpet: E! Front Row. The program saw him participate from social media and with a dress designed by Benito Santos.



Gracias por tanto🤩 @eonlinelatino @grammys #Kunno #Grammys

♬ 4K – El Alfa & Darell & Noriel


Wild Rhythm

On March 2, 2022, Kunno appeared as a guest artist in two episodes of the series “Wild Rhythm”: “To Hell with It” and “The Barrio.” In the series, his participation was brief, as he was limited only to dancing, sharing scenes with dancers Luisa and Carolina Eusse and actress Paulina Dávila. In addition to Dávila, the series was starred by Greeicy Rendón.


30 facts about Kunno

  1. He is homosexual, and, as he says himself: “Even if you don’t believe it, I’m gay.”
  2. His real name is Kunno, although many people think it is just his artistic name.
  3. His mother was inspired by actor Kuno Becker and gave it her own touch by adding an “n.” Kunno is not his only name, he has a composite name… His name is Guillermo, like his dad, although he hates being called: Memo, Memin.
  4. He has 16 tattoos on his body (2019).
  5. He loves makeup.
  6. He does not eat cheese in any of his presentations, that is to say: he does not eat pizza.
  7. He does not like Michael Jackson.
  8. He has never eaten beets or beets. He does not like their earthy smell.
  9. His favorite animal is the Lion, he has it tattooed on his chest.
  10. He is hyperactive, he has a lot, but a lot of energy.
  11. He considers himself a little apathetic. One of his favorite words is: No!
  12. His lucky number is 13.
  13. He has it hidden in a tattoo.
  14. His favorite drink is Strawberry-Kiwi Electrolite.
  15. He has broken his head 3 times.
  16. His biggest fear is a tsunami.
  17. He speaks English and French. He says so.
  18. He does not like shorts. He does not like that garment at all.
  19. He loves the sun too much.
  20. He was born in 2000.
  21. According to Kunno himself, he never sweats his face.
  22. He has many piercings.
  23. His favorite series is Glee.
  24. He is always dancing.
  25. He has a huge ego, in his own words: He shines with his own light!
  26. On TikTok he has collaborated with Rod Contreras and other Mexican influencers
  27. He is close with Domelipa, he even recorded her proposal to Dekko.
  28. He has a YouTube channel for vlogs, challenges, and content about his life.
  29. He got to walk in the New York Fashion Week.
  30. He talks about his experience with liposuction and his recovery on TikTok.



  • Tal vez no (2021)
  • Qué perra soy (2021)
  • Crush (2021)
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Rod Contreras

Rod Contreras
Rodrigo Contreras, from Instagram

Biography of Rod Contreras

Rodrigo Alonso Contreras González (December 28, 1999), better known as Rod Contreras, is a Mexican TikToker, YouTuber, and Instagrammer who gained popularity through his viral sync and dance videos. Passionate about soccer, Rod began his career on YouTube in 2017, and later gained fame on TikTok a year later. In 2020, he was heavily criticized for his alleged relationship with Domelipa while she was with Kevlex and they were part of the Cheli House team. Currently, Rod has over 40.6 million followers on TikTok and 2.2 billion likes.


Early Years

Contreras is from Mazatlán, Mexico. He has an older sister named Denisse and his family affectionately nicknamed him “chapito”. Initially interested in soccer, he participated in several tournaments and competitions from the age of 13. In high school, he began to lean towards the world of social media, where he quickly found success.


Beginning on YouTube

Rod started his career on social media on January 17, 2017, when he posted his first video on YouTube. This video was “My First Videoblog!”, an introduction style video about his life and what he would do on the channel that gained several views. Slowly his popularity increased and with this his number of followers. By the beginning of 2021, his channel had 4.2 million subscribers, although he does not upload videos frequently.

Among his most popular videos on the platform are: “Guess the TikTok trend” with Mon Pantoja (13M+), “Roast Yourself Challenge” (55M+), “The whole truth about the kiss with Domelipa” (6.4M+), and “Imitating couple goals photos” (6.2M+).

Other popular videos are: “Would I go with aimfer? Answering uncensored questions with aimfer”, “What’s in my mouth with my girlfriend? Do we kiss?” and “Mon pantoja or Domelipa? You can’t imagine what I answered”.


TikTok Star

Known on YouTube, in 2018 he decided to try his luck on TikTok and within a few months he achieved success. His popularity increased day by day until he became a viral phenomenon. In fact, Rod is one of the TikTokers with the most followers in Latin America; in 2021 he had over 30.2 million followers and 1 billion likes.


¿Tienen crush de tiktok? 🥵 ETIQUETENLO😳

♬ original sound – Joseph Menggoy🇵🇭💸 – Joseph Menggoy🇵🇭💸

This fame quickly spread to Instagram, as in 2021 he reached 9.9 million followers. A year later in 2022, Rod Contreras exceeded 12 million followers. On Instagram, he is known for his spectacular photographs and bold style. Rod is not afraid to change the color of his hair or experiment with different styles, and has been the image of several brands for several years.

In his videos and posts for TikTok, he often collaborates with influencers Ingratax, Carol Castro, Sofia Mata and Edwin Mendoza. In 2022 he began collaborating frequently with Miroslaba Soria, a new emerging star on the platform.


Relationship with Domelipa

Rod Contreras and Domelipa met in 2019. Rumors about the relationship began afterwards when Dome ended her relationship with Ilika Cruz. Then, they started dating but things didn’t work out and the relationship ended quickly. Some time later, Dome started dating Kevlex, and to avoid problems and misunderstandings Rod stayed away. However, the rumors between Dome and Rod continued to affect the relationship with Kevlex. Kevlex sent indirects and other comments to Rod. Finally, the problem exploded when a user uploaded an edited video with Rod’s words, making it appear that he was referring to Domelipa. The video went viral and fans began attacking him, especially Kevlex.

After the situation escalated, Rod had to ask fans to stop through a video on YouTube, published in March 2020.

After the scandal, Rod was linked to Mont Pantoja, with whom he had collaborated on several videos.


☁️ 🤫 @montpantoja @ingratax

♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

Rod Contreras and Cheli House

In June 2020, Rod joined the creative group Cheli House, initially composed of Domelipa, Mont Pantoja, Ingratax and Edwin Mendoza. The creation of the group generated many controversies because previously Dome had mentioned that she didn’t really like Mont Pantoja; there was also the recent scandal with Kevlex, Dome and Rod. Despite so many rumors and misunderstandings, the group was quite popular on the app. They were even compared to the Prive Crew team, where personalities such as JeanCarlo León, Naim Darrechi and Libardo Isaza were found.

Later that year, the group separated but reunited in 2021. Initially, the group reunited to talk without Dome, but due to the insistence of fans they had to have a new reunion with Dome.


2021: Roast Yourself Challenge

In May 2021, Rod launched his “Roast Yourself Challenge”, a diss track-type video that caused a lot of talk among his fans and haters because of its content and criticism. In the video, Rod mentions the controversies and hateful comments of some social media users.

“Those jealous people talk about me
They want to create controversy
And they can’t against me” Rod Contreras



Carol Castro’s Birthday

In October 2021, Rod Contreras celebrated Carol Castro’s 21st birthday in Colombia. In a post, Rod dedicated some special words to her and made a significant oath in relation to their friendship.


2022 (present)

Currently, Rod continues to grow on social media, where he has over 55 million followers, between Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Thus, on Instagram he has over 12 million followers, on TikTok he has 40.6 million, and on YouTube he has 5 million.

He frequently uploads content to TikTok. In the last months (from January to May 2022) he has uploaded several videos to YouTube, such as the live version of “Roast Yourself”, his “Surprise to fans in a mall” and the uncomfortable question challenge “Why did I end with my ex?”


Curiosities about Rod Contreras

  • In May 2020 he tattooed the TikTok logo on his left wrist.
  • He was nominated for Favorite TikToker for the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2020.
  • In 2021 he was nominated for the Eliot Adwards.
  • In January 2022 he confessed to attending the MTV Miaw 2021 with a fake Covid test, which is why he lost the award.
  • He has several tattoos on his arms, including designs of a snake and a butterfly.
  • In his “Roast” he referred to Domelipa using a palette.
  • His favorite color is yellow.
  • He has a nephew named Santi.
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Mont Pantoja

Mont Pantoja
Mont Pantoja, from Instagram

Biography of Mont Pantoja

Paola Montserrat Pantoja Lizárraga (born February 17, 2002), more commonly known as Mont Pantoja, is a social media personality who has gained fame on TikTok and YouTube. She currently has over 22 million followers, making her one of the most famous TikTokers in her country. Mont started her career after gaining popularity with her cousin Juan de Dios Pantoja. After achieving success on TikTok, she ventured into YouTube, where she gained millions of subscribers and is also known on Instagram. Since July 2020, she has been a member of the creative group Cheli House alongside Rod Contreras, Edwin Mendoza, and Ingratax.


Early Life

Pantoja was born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, on February 17, 2002. Her full name is Paola Monserrat Pantoja Lizárraga, and she is cousin to fellow YouTuber Juan de Dios Pantoja. In fact, it was through Juan de Dios that she began her career on social media, appearing in some of his YouTube videos. Thanks to her fresh, confident, and outgoing personality, Mont quickly won over the hearts of fans, making her way onto different platforms.

She loves the beach, knows how to dress stylishly and innovate, and is extremely popular for her photos on lifestyle and modeling.


Mont Pantoja on TikTok

An Instagramer and vlogger, Mont first made a name for herself on TikTok alongside her cousin. And although she was initially only seen by a few people, she eventually began to garner millions of followers, attracting the attention of various brands. Her charismatic personality and talent made her videos and lip syncs a huge success on the platform. Her popularity was such that she soon began to spread to other platforms.

@montpantojaHiii 🤍♬ Fiel – Los Legendarios & Wisin & Jhay Cortez

On Instagram, where she posts photos of modeling, artistic makeup, and other things, she currently has over 12 million followers. In addition, she has several sponsors and has made a large number of posts.


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At the urging of her fans, Mont began posting videos on YouTube in March 2020. To date, she has accumulated over 2 million subscribers. She typically uploads vlogs, collaborations, and brand promotions. While she only has a few videos, she has managed to carve out a space on the platform, promising even more successes.

She also has 647,000 followers on Twitter, and her fans are known as “chelitos”.


Cheli House

In July 2020, she founded the collaborative group CheliHouse, initially consisting of Rod Contreras, Edwin Mendoza, Ingratax, and Domelipa. The collective was quite popular for their lip sync, challenge, and viral dance videos, but it couldn’t escape problems. Internal tensions and numerous rumors led to their distance. The group reunited without Domelipa in 2021.

Currently, Mont has over 22 million followers and 1 billion likes on TikTok.


Mont Pantoja’s Personal Life

Her current partner is her CheliHouse colleague Edwin Mendoza.

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