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Kyrie Irving biography
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Kyrie Irving biography

Kyrie Andrew Irving (March 23, 1992) professional basketball player, is currently a Boston Celtics player. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, although he is of American ascendence. Play in the base position. Irving started playing basketball since he was four years old, at that time he lived in West Orange, he usually played in the garage of his house giving a show almost the level of the NBA games, his parents supported him a lot: Elizabeth Irving, ex-player of volleyball at the University of Boston and Dred Irving, former player of the Mitchel Houses of NY. Unfortunately, the family had to suffer the death of Elizabeth attacked by organ failure and sepsis.

So, Dred turned to care for his children; He worked as a bond broker in Manhattan and in his spare time he played basketball with his son. On one occasion, the board of his house was damaged, causing him to have a complicated operation, but after a few attempts, Irving succeeded. He was part of the basketball teams of the schools where he studied. He participated in a number of AAU tournaments. At Montclair Kimberly Academy, an exclusive private school accumulated 1,000 points in his first and second year of high school, placing his team in first place and reaching a state prep B class in the state of New Jersey.

This made everyone know the precocious base, who was so skillful and innovative with the ball that when he played he attracted complete stands that went to see him play. Years later he was transferred to St. Patrick, located in Elizabeth, near south of Montclair. It was a powerful national team, under the technical direction of Kevin Doyle, who mentored NBA players Al Harrington and Samuel Dalembert, and who would now be a key player in the development and takeoff of Irving’s professional career. Although, Irving had certain problems to socialize, and to express himself due to his extreme shyness.

There is no doubt that the young man was not afraid of playing against other talented athletes. Kidd-Gilchrist was amazed by the ferocity of the basketball player. After a while, Irving and Kidd-Gilchrist ended up leading St. Patrick, each time they consolidated their game better and reached the championship that season. A year later, Irving engaged with Duke University, who signed him for a high value considering it one of the best bases in the entire country. Irving was never afraid, and he has always been a player who demands of himself, he definitely has an insatiable thirst to master new challenges, no matter how discouraging they may be.

In 2010 he played in the prestigious McDonald’s All American Game. In just one season with the Blue Devils at Duke University, he averaged 17.5 points, 4.3 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game. His coach, Mike Krzyzewski, was fascinated with his performance. Irving managed to get his team to be the absolute leader after winning eight consecutive games. In these games he obtained an average of 17.4 points, with 53.4% ​​accuracy in field goals, adding 5.1 assists, 3.8 rebounds and 1.5 steals per game.

Unfortunately, in the next game, Irving seriously injured the big toe of his right foot that kept him away from basketball for 3 months. This situation appeared in the headlines of important newspapers and sports magazines. When he returned to the field, after several weeks of therapy, he played the NCAA Tournament, which fell to Arizona Wildcats in the round of 16, in that match he got 28 points off the bench. His participation has made him be chosen number 1 of the NBA Draft after Andrew Bogut.

Actually, his talent is almost inexplicable: as Duke’s rookie, he was the most dominant college player; in 11 games he obtained an average of 17.5 points, 4.3 assists, 3.4 rebounds and 1.5 steals per game, and a 90 percent effectiveness in free throws and 46 percent from the triple line. It is said that maybe he has registered the best teen campaign in the history of the NBA. In July, while coaching with the Olympic players with USA Basketball Select Team, he was considered the best of all Select players, according to Mike Krzyzewski, Team USA coach.

Another of the important players who have praised him has been LeBron James. Currently, it is known that the basketball player is dissatisfied with the presence of LeBron in Cleveland. It is said that this has removed prominence since he arrived, but others say that the reasons are negotiations that have been taking place behind Irving’s back. The intention was to send it to Suns of Phoenix. It is expected that things will be solved and in the next season, Irving will continue to provide his services to Cleveland.

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