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Tom Brady

Tom Brady biography
By Brad Muckenthaler [CC BY 4.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons
Personal information
Full nameThomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr.
BirthdateAugust 3, 1977
Age46 years old
OccupationFormer American football player
Stage nameTom Brady

Gisele Bündchen (2009-2022)

Zodiac signLeo

Tom Brady biography

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. (August 3, 1977) former American football player. He was born in San Mateo, California, United States. Better known as Tom Brady. He plays as the quarterback for the New England Patriots in the National Football League (NFL). His father is named Thomas and his mother Galynn. Since attending a San Francisco 49ers game he became a fan of quarterback Joe Montana. Since then he was his inspiration and his idol. Performed tests to play in the San Francisco 49’ers although he passed was not taken into account in the NFL draft. Upon finishing his studies at the Junípero Serra High School, where he played in the position of the receiver in high school.

Subsequently, he was recruited in the Major League Baseball by the Montreal Expos team. He went to the University of Michigan where he had an excellent performance in both football and academics. Brady graduated with honors cum laude. He was a reserve player during his first two years at the Michigan Wolverines. When he enrolled at the University of Michigan, the team was in seventh place in the standings and had to work hard to get playing time. At one point he began to feel depressed, frustrated and therefore started seeing a sports psychologist.

But finally, Brady decided to fight for his dream and reached the number one position quarterback with Drew Henson, he started in the 1998 and 1999 seasons under the supervision of Michigan coach Lloyd Carr. In the first year, he set the record for Michigan for the biggest pass attempt (350) and pass completions (214). Unexpectedly, Brady solidified as one of the best passers in North America, was part of the ideal team of the conference of the Big Ten, during both seasons and as captain of the team in his last year at university. The Wolverines won several games in a row. Brady finished that season with a win over the Arkansas Razorbacks at the Citrus Bowl in Florida.

In the 1999 season, he was responsible for an unexpected win at the Orange Bowl over Alabama, he managed 369 yards and four touchdowns by air. Therefore, it is in the third position of the ranking in the history of the University of Michigan with 442 complete passes of 710 attempts. Thanks to his good performance the American athlete was called by the New England Patriots in the sixth round with the global selection 199 of the NFL draft. They did the selection test between quarterback Tim Rattay and Brady. In the end, the Patriots chose Brady, who was considered the biggest “acquisition” in the history of the NFL draft.

Brady was promoted to starting quarterback in 2001 because Drew Bledsoe suffered a hemorrhage during a match. The Patriots won eleven out of fourteen games with Brady as a starter. Brady finished with 2843 yards, with eighteen touchdowns, and twelve interceptions he was chosen for the Pro Bowl. Unfortunately, he suffered a knee injury during the AFC championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fortunately, the Patriots won the game and got their ticket to Super Bowl XXXVI against the Rams. The player recovered and in this match, the Patriots won the game with a great joint feat where Brady participated.

He was the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl. In the 2012 season, he led the league with twenty-eight touchdown passes and had 921 yards more than the previous season. In the middle of the season, Brady had a shoulder injury. The following year he recovered and led the Patriots to win twelve consecutive games, getting the title of the AFC East Division. Statistically, his best game was against Buffalo, where he achieved the highest rate of the season. Brady impressed the audience and the fans with his game. On February 1, 2004, he led the Patriots to a 32-29 victory over the NFC champions, the Carolina Panthers, in Super Bowl XXXVIII and was reappointed as the Super Bowl MVP.

During the 2004 season, he helped the Patriots set an NFL record with twenty-one games won consecutively since last season. The team won the title of the AFC East Division for the third time in four years. In a game against Pittsburgh, Brady had a pass rating of 130.5, his highest of the season, even though he had had a high body temperature the night before. On February 6, 2005, he led the Patriots to beat the Philadelphia Eagles, getting his third NFL championship in four years.

At the end of the season, the Patriots finished with a record of 10-6 and got their third title of the AFC East Division consecutively. The player suffered a hernia and had to be operated on surgically. In the 2007 season, the team was reinforced with important receivers such as Donté Stallworth, Wes Welker, Kelley Washington, and Randy Moss. In addition to tight end Kyle Brady; and the runner Sammy Morris. It can be said that this was Brady’s best season; He broke many records, personal, franchise, and NFL.

Brady did not play a game of the preseason 2008, because of an injury to his right foot. Apparently, this year was quite hard for the athlete because he then suffered a serious injury to the left knee where the middle and crossed ligaments were affected. Days later the Patriots confirmed that the rest of the season would be lost. In the 2009 preseason, he could not participate, Brady had to undergo antibiotic treatment to eliminate the infection, in addition to two surgeries on his knee. In his first official game after the recovery, he played against the Buffalo Bills pitched for 378 yards and two touchdowns.

After the game, Brady was named the Offensive Player of the Week for the AFC for the 13th time in his career. In 2010 he extended his contract four years more, for 72 million dollars, making him the player best paid in the history of the NFL. Shortly after, he suffered a car accident from which he was unharmed. In 2011 Brady became the fourth quarterback to throw for 5,000 yards in a season; beating Dan Marino’s record of 5,084 yards. He finished the 2012 season with 4,827 passing yards, 34 touchdowns, only 8 interceptions, and a passer rating of 98.7.

2014 season was not very good because several key players were injured. In 2015 Brady was suspended as punishment for his alleged involvement in the Deflategate scandal. On February 5, 2017, Brady won his fifth championship ring and his fourth MVP in the defining match.

On February 3, 2019, The Patriots won their sixth championship after defeating the Rams in Super Bowl LIII, in this way, Tom Brady became the only player in history with six rings of the NFL champion.

Tom Brady has a relationship with the Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen, and two children with the actress Bridget Moynahan.


American Football

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce Biography
Travis Kelce, vía Instagram

Travis Kelce Biography

Travis Michael Kelce (October 5, 1989) is an American football player born in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, United States. He is known for being the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and is regarded as one of the NFL’s best.


Early years

Travis Kelce is an American football player born in Ohio, United States. He comes from a family where his father, Ed Kelce, worked as a sales representative, while his mother, Donna Kelce, had a previous career in banking as an executive. Additionally, he is the younger brother of Jason Kelce, who is also a prominent American football player.

He attended Cleveland Heights High School, where Travis Kelce actively participated in a variety of sports during his school years, including baseball, American football and basketball.



During his school years, Travis Kelce showcased his excellence in American football. As the quarterback for The Tigers, he excelled for three consecutive years and earned recognition with All-Lake Erie League honors. In his senior year, he achieved an impressive total of 2,539 offensive yards. Additionally, he ran for 1,016 rushing yards and scored 10 rushing touchdowns, while passing for 1,523 passing yards, tallying 21 passing touchdowns, despite facing eight interceptions in the 2007 season.

Upon commencing his college life, Travis Kelce enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, where he joined the football team, the Cincinnati Bearcats. One of the key reasons that led him to choose this institution was the presence of his older brother, who was already studying there and playing as the left guard for the Bearcats.


University Incident

In his first season in 2008, Kelce saw action in 11 games, playing various roles, including tight end and quarterback in the Wildcat formation. That year, he managed eight carries for a total of 47 yards and scored two touchdowns, in addition to one reception for three yards. However, the following season was overshadowed by a suspension due to a team rules violation. This suspension stemmed from Kelce failing a drug test, testing positive for marijuana.

At this critical moment, the presence of his older brother, Jason, assumed an essential role. Jason intervened with the coach on Travis’s behalf, pledging to look after his younger brother and keep him away from trouble, keeping him focused on the game. It is rumored that even during that time, Jason improvised a bed next to his own to be able to watch over and support his brother closely.

This strategic approach bore fruit when, following a one-year suspension, Travis Kelce experienced two consecutive truly outstanding seasons. However, it was his final college season that shone the brightest. During this culminating period, he managed to establish impressive personal records: catching 45 passes, amassing 722 receiving yards, maintaining an outstanding average of 16.0 yards per reception, and scoring 8 touchdowns. Not only that, but he also earned well-deserved first-team honors in all conferences, solidifying his remarkable career in college football.



Travis Kelce joined the Kansas City Chiefs as a third-round selection, picked 63rd overall during the 2013 draft. His commitment to the team was officially sealed on June 6, 2013, when he signed a 4-year contract valued at over 3 million dollars, including a generous signing bonus of 700 thousand dollars.

Travis Kelce has spent ten years in the NFL, and during this time, he has amassed a series of notable achievements. Starting with his career with the Kansas City Chiefs, the team secured two Wild Card playoff berths in the 2013-2014 and 2015-2016 seasons. In 2014, they had an exhilarating game against the Colts that ended in a 45-44 defeat. In 2016, they swept past the Texans with a score of 30-0 but then fell to the Patriots by 27-20.

Kelce’s consistent growth as a standout player led to a contract renewal in late January 2016. On this occasion, he agreed to a 5-year extension worth an impressive total of 46 million dollars, further solidifying his pivotal role in the team and his contribution to the Chiefs’ success.

As for his personal statistics, Kelce has accumulated an impressive total of 10,344 receiving yards through the air and has scored an astonishing 69 touchdowns. His NFL success currently places him fourth on the list of receiving yards by tight ends in the league.


Two-Time Super Bowl Champion: LIV and LVII

In terms of more recent achievements, in the 2019-2020 season, Travis Kelce became the champion of Super Bowl LIV when the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers with a score of 31-20. Then, in the 2022-2023 season, he secured the title of Super Bowl LVII champion by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles, the team where his brother Jason Kelce plays. His NFL career continues to soar, and his legacy in professional American football promises to keep growing in the years to come.



Personal life

Alongside his brother, Travis Kelce co-hosts a podcast titled “New Heights Show”.

The love life of the American football player has always been a subject of interest. It is known that he has been linked to one of the iconic pop figures, Taylor Swift. The singer was seen in Travis Kelce’s family suite, accompanied by Donna, the player’s mother.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

The beginning of this story and the connection between these two celebrities trace back to early July 2023 when Taylor Swift performed at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. At the end of that same month, Travis shared on his podcast with Jason that he attended Taylor Swift’s concert and wrote his personal number on a friendship bracelet, one of those typically shared among fans and the singer at her concerts. However, unfortunately, this action did not lead to any concrete relationship.

Rumors of a possible relationship between both celebrities began circulating on the internet on September 12th. Despite having been seen together on several occasions, neither Travis Kelce nor Taylor Swift have officially confirmed their relationship at present.

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American Football

Michael Oher

Michael Oher Biography
Keith Allison, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Michael Oher Biography

Michael Oher (May 28, 1986)is a professional American football player. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. His birth name is Michael Jerome Williams, Jr., his parents were Denise Oher, and his father, Michael Jerome Williams, both paid very little attention to him throughout their childhood because they had serious addiction problems to drugs and alcohol. Besides, his father was absent for several months due to being in prison. Hence, his school performance was low, he was expelled from several schools. Subsequently, he was placed in a foster home.

Early life

His father died in a prison. The only thing that kept Oher from this tragic situation was football. He was helped by Tony Henderson, who along with his family helped him get into Briarcrest Christian School. He was on the 2003 football team, was selected as the Division II Lineman of the Year, and as a starting member of the Tennessee All-State team. After finishing the season he was chosen as one of the best offensive linemen in the United States. In 2004, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy adopted him. His new family provided sports and academic support. Oher also excelled in other sports such as disco, basketball, and track and field. After Oher finished high school, he enrolled in an NCAA Division I college. He made it to 23rd in the first round of the draft.


Big Mike is his nickname and he is known for his imposing figure of 315 lbs, but he is a kind and caring guy. Therefore, his adoptive home decided to support him in his dream. Michael Oher became ‘All America’ and has built a great present in the NFL. In 2008, he signed a contract with the Baltimore Ravens for 5 years and $ 13.8 million.

He started as a right tackle, but then did it as a left tackle for 8 weeks while replacing teammate Jared Gaither. Subsequently, thanks to a good quality of play, the Ravens selected 23rd Oher in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft. On April 26 of that year, he returned to have the jersey number 74. He had significant participation in the victory against the New England Patriots and did not allow a single sack to his quarterback, so the Ravens won 33- 14. He earned the NFL offensive rookie of the year award from the Associated Press.

On February 3, 2013, he achieved the championship ring by defeating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. The following year he signed a 4-year, $ 19.9 million contract with the Tennessee Titans. But, he did not fulfill all the time that he had agreed with the Titans and went on to play for the Carolina Panthers. Oher signed a two-year, $ 7 million deal a month after breaking up with the Tennessee Titans.

At one point, his health was affected by severe headaches that caused problems in his sports performance.

The Blind Side

His story has been so inspiring that a film about his life titled The Blind Side, starring the talented actress Sandra Bullock, was released, a role that earned her an Academy Award. The athlete did not like the film because it does not tell the story of his life as he was, although it left him significant earnings for it raised $ 309 million.

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American Football

O. J. Simpson

O. J. Simpson biography
Photo: Charles LeBlanc / CC BY-SA 2.0

O. J. Simpson biography

O. J. Simpson (July 9, 1947) actor and football player. His original name is Orenthal James Simpson. He was born in San Francisco, California. His mother worked in a hospital, Eunice, and Jimmy Lee Simpson, his father, was a cook. As a child, he endured a strong condition in his legs due to rickets, he had to use devices to be able to walk until he was five years old. His parents separated in 1952 and he was left in charge of his mother.

The lags of his illness did not prevent him from playing football. At the University of Southern California, he played, his speed as a running back made him be chosen as an All-American player. A year later, he won the Heisman Trophy for best university player and a year later he made his professional debut in the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League. With Buffalo, he catapulted as the best NFL rusher in the 1972 season. In 1973 he won the record for being the first player to advance more than 2,000 yards in a season; in 1975 he broke the record of touchdowns in a season, reached 1,800 yards in advance.

O.J. Simpson felt that he had already achieved great goals in football, so he retired in 1979. He went on to dedicate himself to the sports speech. And subsequently, he entered the world of acting. Also, it was in many advertising propaganda, due to his fame. In 1985 he was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Simpson developed a successful triumphant career as an actor, participated in several productions, such as: mini-television series, the film Roots; dramatic films such as, The Cassandra Bridge, The Klansman, Capricorn One, The Colossus in Flames, and in comic films, Back to the Beach and the trilogy Grab it as you can. His capital was such that in 1979, he founded his own film company, Orenthal Productions.

On the other hand, his charisma and kindness opened the doors to him in this world, O. J. Simpson won many contracts for commercial firms for his personality more than for his expertise. For example, he was a spokesperson for the car rental company Hertz and Pioneer Chicken, as well as Honeybaked Hams, the Corporation pX. Then, he advertised a line of drinks from Napa Naturals and came out in commercial ads for Dingo Cowboy Boots. Apart from his acting career, Simpson was a commentator for Monday Night Football and The NFL on NBC. His popularity led him to host an episode of Saturday Night Live.

He married Marguerite L. Whitley. They had three children: Arnelle (1968), Jason (1970), and Aaren Lashone (1977). His marriage was really devastating. Five months after the separation, her daughter Aaren drowned in the family pool at the tender age of one year. He started dating Nicole Brown, a waitress at the nightclub La Margarita. By 1985 they were already married. The couple had two children, Sydney Brooke (1985) and Justin Ryan (1988). His wife filed for divorce on February 25, 1992.

O.J. Simpson was arrested a few days after his ex-wife and a friend of hers was murdered, on the night of Sunday, June 12, 1994, police found the bodies of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman in the apartment in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, home of Nicole. The victims were stabbed and slit; the two 9 and 6-year-old sons of Brown and Simpson slept inside. Four days after the murders and after having interrogated Simpson thoroughly, Los Angeles police told Simpson’s lawyers that they were going to bring charges against his client, following the agreement that he would turn himself in on the morning of the 17th. June.

But O.J never arrived, Simpson’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, told the agents that his client had disappeared at noon and that the last time he had been noticed was in the company of his friend and former teammate Al Cowlings. Then, O. J. Simpson had become a fugitive, the police sought the help of the public to find him. Robert Shapiro also appeared before the media, exhorted his client to surrender for the sake of their children.

The former sportsman had left a letter in which he denied being involved in the murder and expressed suicidal intentions. On the afternoon of June 17, 1994, millions of people in the United States watched live through multiple television broadcasts how the police pursued a Los Angeles interstate highway, a white Ford Bronco. In it, the former American football star was traveling with his friend Al Cowlings. This persecution would be the preamble of the mediatic trial for the murder that Simpson was subjected to for nine months and in which he would be acquitted.

Two decades later, the retransmission of the ephemeral flight of the former NFL league player is considered an inspiration for many reality shows that flooded US television in the years that followed. But the Problems with the law did not stop, in September 2007, he was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, accused of numerous crimes, including armed robbery and kidnapping. In 2008, he could not escape the tragic fate he had already avoided, was convicted and sentenced to 33 years in prison.

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