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Geoffrey Royce Rojas, popularly known in the world of music as Prince Royce, is a singer and composer of genres such as bachata, latin pop, and r & b. He was born on may 11, 1989, in the bronx, a district of new york, united states. He is the son of ramón rojas (taxi driver) and ángela de león (stylist), both of dominican ascendance. Since a very young age, he began to sing in the choir of elementary school, where he showed an excellent performance and was chosen to represent his school in singing competitions.

When he was 13 years old, he started writing poetry, which later became lyrics. In the year 2005, he composed his first songs and chose to take the stage name of Prince Royce. For the year 2007, the singer already made small presentations at social events, tv shows, and clubs. In addition, he sold cell phones to generate income and pay the musicians who accompanied him. At the age of 19, he would meet andrés hidalgo, who became his friend and manager, prompting him to dabble in bachata music.

The recording of his first album titled “Prince Royce” was made in 2009, and subsequently, it was published on march 2, 2010. The release of his album made him appear in the 15th position on the  latin albums of billboard’s chart in the united states. The main song of that album, “stand by me” was a bachata version of the song by ben e. King, and which reached the first position in the  tropical songs and latin tropical airplay of billboard’s charts in the united states, and reached the eighth position on the hot latin songs list of the same magazine.

On february 8, 2010, he would release his song “corazón sin cara” with which he became much more popular in the world of music, also ranked in the first place on lists like tropical songs, latin airplay and latin tropical airplay, and number four on the hot latin songs list in the united states. The album where the aforementioned successes came, was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). In december of the same year, he would record the song “el campo de los sueños”, in collaboration with Sergio George, and which was used as the soundtrack of the program “domingo de grandes ligas” of the american television channel espn. The album “Prince Royce” also would receive a latin grammy award nomination for best contemporary tropical album.

Prince royce continued working on music, and on april 10, 2012, he would release his second album titled “phase ii”. This album was a great success, thanks to the song “the little things”, becoming one of the best-selling albums on the itunes platform. “the little things” reached the top of the list of tropical music on billboard and later led the billboard’s hot latin songs. The singer was part of a show called “11 11 en mi cuadra nada cuadra” which he used to promote his musical single. Six months later, “phase ii” received a platinum record in the united states and puerto rico and was nominated for the latin grammy in the category of best tropical album. On november 19 of that year, he would release “# 1’s” which was a compilation album of his best songs; with that record work, he would reach the third position in billboard’s hot latin albums list.

In april 2013, prince royce announced that he had signed a contract with the music label sony music entertainment, with which he would release his album “Soy el mismo” on october 8 of that same year. In the record work the song “Darte un beso” was highlighted, which quickly reached the top of billboard’s hot latin songs list. The success of his album continued, so on april 4, 2014, he would receive a gold disc from sony music latin, thanks to the great sales that his “Soy el mismo” album had.

On july 24, 2015, he would release his first album in english titled “double vision” in which the collaborations of Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Tyga, Kid Ink and Snoop Dog were highlighted.


  • Stand By Me: 2010.
  • Corazón sin cara: 2010.
  • El amor que perdimos: 2011.
  • Su hombre soy yo: 2010.
  • Mi última carta: 2011.
  • Las Cosas Pequeñas: 2012.
  • Incondicional: 2012.
  • Te me vas: 2013.
  • Darte un beso: 2013.
  • Nada: 2014.
  • Stuck on a Feeling, en colaboración con Snoop Dogg: 2014
  • Soy el mismo: 2014.
  • Solita: 2015.
  • Back It Up, en colaboración con Jennifer López y pitbull: 2015.
  • Culpa al corazón: 2016.
  • La carretera: 2016.
  • Deja vu, en colaboración con Shakira: 2017.
  • Ganas Locas: 2017.
  • Dilema: 2017.
  • Te necesito; 2017.



  • Prince Royce: 2010.
  • Phase II: 2012.
  • Soy el mismo: 2013.
  • Double Vision: 2015.
  • Five: 2017.



  • Lo Nuestro Award for Artist of the Year, 2011
  • Latin Artist of the year, 2011
  • Tropical Airplay Artist of the Year, Solo 2011
  • Tropical Albums Artist of the Year, Solo 2011
  • Tropical Album of the Year 2011
  • Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year 2012
  • Tropical Song Artist of the Year, Solo 2012
  • Tropical Album Artist of the Year, Solo 2012
  • Tropical Song of the Year “Corazon sin cara” 2012
  • Album of the Year 2012
  • Tropical Album of the Year 2012
  • Albums Artist of the Year, Male 2013
  • Tropical Songs Artist of the Year, Solo 2013
  • Tropical Albums Artist of the Year, Solo 2013
  • Tropical Song of the Year “Incondicional” 2013
  • Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year, Male 2014
  • Latin Pop Songs Artist of the Year, Solo 2014
  • Tropical Songs Artist of the Year, Solo 2014
  • Streaming Song of the Year “Darte un beso” 2014
  • Tropical Songs Artist of the Year, Solo 2017

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