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Dr. Phil C. McGraw biography

Phillip Calvin McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil or simply as Phil C. McGraw (September 1, 1950), psychologist and writer. The well-known Dr. Phil McGraw was born in the city of Vinita, Oklahoma, United States. His family had few economic capabilities, his father, Joe, was a supplier of oil equipment, then studied psychology and his mother Jerry McGraw, was dedicated to the care of their children. Since high school he liked football, with it, he managed to indirectly discover his talent to motivate and advise people. In a game of relevance his team lost, this fell like a bucket of cold water for his teammates, he gave them a talk that was marked in his life and those of his teammates.

Phil went through several universities, first, he attended the University of Tulsa to study his father’s career; but he deserted. One year later he moved to the University of the Midwest in Wichita Falls, Texas, earning a degree in psychology. Then he started at the University of North Texas, where he obtained his PhD. in psychology. He alternated his career with college football, was a prominent player and won a scholarship and several mentions. While studying for her doctorate, he married Debbie Higgins, but in a matter of months, the union dissolved. After a while, he met a girl named Robin, with whom he decided to get married.

After studying, Phil C. McGraw worked with his father in private practices as a therapist. Actually, he hated what he did, he did not feel like giving therapies. Dr. McGraw, looking for a change, launched a popular self-motivation seminar called Pathways. Ten years later, he undertook the creation of a company, along with Gary Dobbs, called Courtroom Sciences Inc. The company located in Irving, Texas, helped the defendants with judicial strategy and jury selection. Phil thanks to the capital obtained by the company, continued his studies and made several Masters and specialties, for example, in Clinical Psychology or Experimental Psychology.

In one of his consultations, he met the famous Oprah Winfrey in 1998. They began to build a friendship, Oprah was very much admired by the thought of Dr. Phil, he became a frequent guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, for about four years. In this show, he built a style of his own called by him: Get real, which was based on speaking clearly and without stilted psychological expressions. He played themes of all kinds, relationships, keys to life, happiness, hatred, etc.

Thanks to the fame acquired in his participation as a psychologist and personal motivator, in 2002, Phil C. McGraw managed to create his own production company, called Peteski Productions and with that, he premiered his own program, The Dr. Phil Show. The program has addressed issues such as money, obesity, spoiled children, cheating and disgruntled spouses. He obtained a high rating for programs of this type after Oprah launched his. McGraw attracted about six million viewers daily. Since he premiered his show, McGraw moved with his family, Robin, his wife, Jay and Jordan, their children, from Texas to Beverly Hills, California, where he bought a property for about $ 7.5 million. This same year he decided to sell his shares in the Courtroom Sciences Company.

During the conduction of his program, he wrote and published several books of self-improvement and self-help, where he urges people to live their lives from their particular realities. His self-help books were very popular, topping the list of best-sellers in the New York Times. One of the most popular was The Ultimate Weight Solution. The book talks about the urgency of treating the problem of obesity so common in the United States, it is also a sensitive issue for him because his father died from this disease and he was about to suffer it.

McGraw is questioned because some psychologists think that his style is too hard and relaxed, in addition, that his programs can be overanxious to acquire a rating. On the other hand, marketing experts doubt the long-term permanence of their program. However, his program has shown figures to the contrary; like his psychology brand that has been recognized in the United States. Your website receives 14 million visits per month. In 2006, Forbes magazine ranked him among the 100 people with the highest purchasing power, winning more than 45 million dollars in that year.

To his seminar tours throughout the country, countless people attend. Where he uses to launch and sell his books, his most recent book, The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality, was released in 2014. His fame has given him the opportunity to appear in some series such as Frasier, Sesame Street, The Simpsons and Hanna Montana. In addition, he has also participated in some films, as is the case of Scary Move 4, where he made a comical interpretation of himself.

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