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Yeferson Cossio

Biography of Yeferson Cossio
Yeferson Cossio, from Instagram
Personal information
Full nameYeferson Cossio
BirthdateMay 15, 1994
Age28 years old
OccupationInfluencer, digital content creator and musical artist

Jenn Muriel

GendersRock, Pop-rock, alternative, urban
Zodiac signTaurus

Biography of Yeferson Cossio

Yeferson Cossio (born May 15, 1994) is a Colombian influencer, digital content creator, and musician who has also distinguished himself as a social manager. He has sponsored and managed projects in order to help different sectors of Colombian society. Of humble origin, Cossio began his career in 2013, first as a model and then as a presenter and YouTuber. Over time, he gained fame on social media thanks to his diverse content and heavy jokes. In 2018 he released his first single “Esa Mujer”. He currently has over 7 million followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Early years

Cossio was born in Medellín, in a middle-class family. The oldest of three siblings, he has two sisters named Cintia and Gisela. From a young age, he showed a great talent for music. In 2008 he started playing the guitar, and later learned to play the piano, bass, and drums. His true passion has always been heavy metal, and his influences include Metallica, Sylosis, and Lamb of God.


Cossio started his career as a professional model in 2013, when he joined the agencies Stock Models, Informa Models, and Athenea Models. He has worked with several major clothing brands, specializing in men’s underwear (he is popular for his photos with the Calvin Klein brand). Thanks to his tattoos, he has also been the image of multiple national and international tattoo conventions. He participated in “Half of the World” in Quito. In 2019 he was part of an episode of “Just Tattoo Of Us” on MTV.

Influencer and youtuber

In 2014, a year after his debut as a model, Cossio started his career on Instagram. Initially, he uploaded images related to his work, but then expanded his content. He diversified on YouTube and other platforms, and during this same period he was a presenter on the CNC Medellín channel.

Although he opened his YouTube channel in 2012, he was not really active until 2016, when he began posting videos about his life and hobbies. Later came the sketches and heavy jokes that finally brought him to popularity. On YouTube, Cossio has collaborated with several influencers, including his sister Cintia, his girlfriend Jenn Muriel, and other figures from his close circle. In 2021, Cossio was in a wheelchair for a few months after falling off a balcony.

Notable videos from his channel include: “The truth about my sexuality”; “Revenge on my girlfriend, heavy joke (Goes wrong)”; “Things you shouldn’t ask a tattoo artist”; “Tattooing my neck (part 2)” and “I was in jail”.


One of the most controversial videos of his career has been “I got a breast augmentation…“, published in March 2021. And although Cossio is known for not fearing anything and accepting all kinds of proposals, the idea of him undergoing a procedure due to a bet surprised and disgusted many. The video shows the entire process and results; seven days later, on March 10, he uploaded the video in which the implants are removed.

Social work

Despite criticism for his inappropriate behavior as a public figure, Cossio is known and lauded for his great social work. As an influencer, far from forgetting his humble roots, Cossio has supported various social causes, from environmental campaigns to fund raising for animal and resource-poor centers. He has also donated houses and is the owner of a foundation. In October 2021 he received the Magna Cruz Bolivariana for Human Rights for his work as a peace manager and great social contribution. Cossio was the first influencer to receive this decoration.

“During his speech he highlighted: ‘it is not about making jokes, making people laugh, and filling our pockets, it is about giving back to society for all that they give us’ – Cossio”

Renounce being Colombian

“In November 2021, Cossio released a video that caused a stir: his tax declaration, titled “This is what I pay in taxes: I renounced being Colombian”. In the video, Cossio not only expressed his dissatisfaction with the amount to be paid (over 500 million pesos), but also declared that he was renouncing Colombian nationality, giving his reasons. One of these was that, despite the large amount of money represented by taxes in Colombia, this is not reflected in the infrastructure and improvement of the country. He mentioned directly: “When you pay taxes and see something in return, you give them with all the love in the world… But here everything is stolen, you see nothing…”

In the video he also mentioned that several accountants recommended that he use bribes to reduce the amount of the declaration, but he refused to do so.”

“If I don’t want to be slaughtered with ridiculous taxes, I have to bribe officials from the DIAN. What a nice country, right? I suppose the 572 million pesos I just paid, plus the other 200 I paid in the last 22 months are for another Lamborghini for one of the daughters of another corrupt official” – Cossio said in the video.

Breakup and reconciliation with Jen Muriel

“On March 7, 2022, Cossio announced the end of his relationship with Jenn Muriel through a post on Instagram. In the post, Cossio confirmed that the relationship had ended by mutual agreement and not due to infidelity, as rumored on social media. After nine years of relationship, both were looking for something different for their future. A few days before, photos had surfaced showing Cossio sharing with Aida Victoria Merlano; this was what ignited rumors about the breakup.

A month after the breakup, Cossio and Muriel announced their reconciliation with a video on social media. In the Instagram post, Cossio and Muriel appeared embraced and smiling, while John Legend’s song “All of me” played in the background.”

Problems in Mexico (2022)

“In April 2022, Cossio traveled to Mexico with his family and friends. During the celebration of the Tulum festival he met several fans, but the meeting ended in an altercation. These fans had arrived at the festival accompanied by another person, who became angry and sent several bodyguards to Cossio. The situation escalated and involved Cossio’s sister, Cintia, who was poisoned and had to spend a night in the hospital. Apparently someone had given her a drug in her drink.”

Cossio course to make money on social media

On April 25, 2022, Cossio announced the sale of a virtual course in which he would teach how to make money and grow on social media. The course was available for sale through the Hotmart platform, as announced on TikTok.


Ve ya mismo a mi Instagram: YefersonCossio (link en mi perfil) te voy a enseñar a volverte rico con las redes sociales. En 2 años han sido aprox 20M de dólares y ustedes también pueden. 😍

♬ original sound – Yef

Social media star

Currently, Cossio has over 9 million followers on Instagram, more than a million on YouTube and 11.2 million followers on TikTok.

Yefito (2022)

In mid-2022, Cossio deleted several videos from his YouTube account and opened a new account called Yefito. Yefito is dedicated to personal content, while Yeferson Cossio will have everything oriented towards music.


In addition to being a content creator, Cossio is a musician. In 2018 he released his first single, “Esa mujer“. His collaboration with Ache, “Dónde Estas“, appeared in March 2021. In November of the same year, he held a rock tribute event to raise funds for an animal sanctuary. In June 2022 he released the music video for his song “Si no Te Tengo“. A month later he released “Exótico“, in collaboration with Zion Hwang.


  • In 2021 he was in a wheelchair after falling from a second floor
  • He received the award for best influencer of the year at the InstaFest 2021 awards.
  • In March 2022 he posted a video about his stay in Rome (Italy).
  • He has covered several songs such as “Often” by The Weeknd and “Through the Glass” by Stone Sour
  • In the video “This is what I pay in taxes: I renounced being Colombian” he publicly denounced an accountant for defaming his name.
  • As a child he had attention deficit and even considered suicide. It was his dogs that helped him recover.


Wiz Khalifa

Biography of Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa, From Instagram

Biography of Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, is a rap singer born on September 8, 1987 in Minot, North Dakota, United States. His parents were members of the United States Armed Forces, which led him to frequently move to places like Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan before settling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There he studied at Taylor Allderdice High School. At the age of three, his parents separated and his grandmother, who was Muslim, nicknamed him Khalifa.

Due to his mother’s career in the military, Wiz had to be taken care of by his aunt during the Iraq War, which made him mature faster than his peers and made it difficult for him to make friends outside of his family circle. However, this experience inspired him to write his feelings in songs. At the age of 14, he already had several compositions and began to receive attention for his good voice and attractive lyrics.

Beginnings of his music career

Wiz Khalifa was inspired by musical idols such as Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Cam’ron and Notorious B.I.G., but he set out to create his own musical identity rather than copying their styles. In search of a recording studio in Pittsburgh, he found ID LABS, where the owner Eric Dan immediately recognized his talent. Together with manager Chad Glick, they began to develop Khalifa’s talent. Soon, he joined Benjy Grinberg’s project at Rostrum Records, after hearing his contribution to a mixtape called Prince of the City2: Welcome to Pistolvania, featuring various emerging artists in Pittsburgh. Under Benjy’s tutelage, Khalifa joined the Rostrum Records family. In 2006, Rostrum released his first mixtape called Show and Prove, followed by two more mixtapes: Grow Season, organized by DJ Green Lantern, and Prince of the City 2, released on November 20, 2007. With these releases, he began his ascent in the music world.

His first contract with Warner Bros Records label

At the age of 16, Wiz Khalifa signed a contract with the prestigious Warner Bros Records label, directed by Grinberg, who considered him a diamond in the rough despite his young age. For the next seven years, he developed his artistic career in an exceptional way within the label. His debut was with the single “Say Yeah”, which led him to reach position 25 on the Billboard Rhythmic Top 40 and number 20 on the Billboard’s Hot Rap Tracks. He also appeared in Rolling Stone magazine, being mentioned as an “artist to watch”. In addition, he performed near the final of the Pittsburgh mash up 2008. In September 2008, Khalifa released the mixtape “Star Power” and in April 2009 he released “Flight School”.

The reason for his departure from Warner Bros Records.

With “Flight School”, Wiz Khalifa decided to part ways with Warner Bros Records due to repeated delays in the release of his debut album planned for the label, “First Flight”. Despite this, Khalifa expressed his gratitude towards the record label as he learned and matured as an artist during his time there. After leaving Warner Bros Records, Khalifa resumed his association with Rostrum Records, releasing the single “Teach U to Fly” and the mixtape “How Fly”. On August 9th, 2009, he also collaborated with New Orleans rapper Currensy. At this time, Khalifa was building a more melodic style, alternating singing with rapping.

Wiz Khalifa was the opening act for Wu-Tang Clan member U-God at the 2009 CMJ Music Marathon held in New York City. Later, he released the mixtape “Burn After Rolling” on November 2nd, 2009, which included songs such as “If I Were a Boy” and “Diva” by Beyoncé, and “Best I Ever Had” by Drake. Twenty days after “Burn After Rolling”, Khalifa released his second album “Deal or No Deal”.

Khalifa: included in the list of the best singers

Wiz Khalifa appeared on the cover of XXL magazine that same month, and was included in the list of the best singers along with other artists such as Donnis, J. Cole, Pill, Freddie Gibbs and Fashawn. In 2010, he was nominated by The Source Magazine, alongside Rick Ross, as Man of the Year. Khalifa released the mixtape “Kush and Orange Juice” on June 14th, 2010, which could be downloaded digitally and due to its high number of downloads and popularity on the radio, it became the #1 trending topic on Twitter. His fame was such that he signed with Atlantic Records in April 2010, although initially this was only a rumor. In addition, he began working on a new musical project with All Hip Hop. Khalifa confirmed to MTV on July 30th that he had signed an agreement with Atlantic Records.

His marriage with Amber Rose

It is no secret that Wiz Khalifa has a large amount of money, his net worth is estimated to be 45 million dollars. An example of this is that in 2012 he purchased a luxurious house in the vicinity of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. In that same year, Khalifa proposed to model Amber Rose. On September 6th, 2012, at the MTV Video Music Awards, they announced their pregnancy. They planned to get married in the first semester of 2013. Amber gave birth to a son named Sebastian Taylor Thomas on February 21st, 2013. After the birth, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose got married in a private ceremony, a marriage that lasted until 2016.

Some interesting facts about Wiz Khalifa

Khalifa has had several legal issues with the Pittsburgh City Council due to his use of cannabis, the singer stated that he requires $10,000 per month to buy marijuana and he also smokes daily. In addition to being a great lover of rap and Hip Hop, he is a fan of all the city’s sports teams, especially the Pittsburgh Steelers, and others such as the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins, MLB’s Pittsburgh Pirates, Arena Football League’s Pittsburgh Power, and also the NHL Chicago Blackhawks.

Posthumous video tribute to actor Paul Walker

Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa are part of the soundtrack of the video “See You Again”, which pays posthumous tribute to actor Paul Walker. It has been one of the most played videos in recent times, with this, they earned an average of $1,000 for each million visits.

Visit to Colombia in 2007

Wiz Khalifa visited Colombia in 2017 where he participated in a concert in the city of Medellín with Puerto Rican Tego Calderón, and then in Bogotá to attend the rock and pop festival Estéreo Picnic. However, his visit generated controversy due to his behavior in Medellín, where he visited the tomb of Pablo Escobar, taking pictures leaving flowers and smoking marijuana, he also visited the Hotel Mónaco, where Pablo Escobar lived. This generated great indignation among the inhabitants of Medellín and nationally. Later, the singer upon returning to his country apologized on his social media accounts, stating that his intention was not to offend anyone.

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Metallica history

Metallica history
Kreepin Deth [CC BY 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Metallica history

Metallica is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles and based in San Francisco. It is considered one of the leading groups in the subgenre and throughout its 35-year career it has won numerous awards, including 9 Grammys, 2 American Music Awards, 2 MTV awards, 2 Billboard awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1980 – Beginnings

The history of the band begins in 1980 when Lars Ulrich, the son of tennis player Torben Ulrich, placed an ad in the magazine Recycler looking for a guitarist for a metal band influenced by the British New Wave of Heavy Metal. James Hetfield responded to the ad and joined Ulrich as the first members of the band. Ron McGovney joined as bassist and Lloyd Grant as lead guitarist. With this first formation, the band recorded its first demo, Hit the Lights, considered one of the first thrash metal songs. However, they soon realized that the lineup was not working and Lloyd was replaced by Dave Mustaine.

Despite the early disastrous performances due to the lack of experience of the members, the band continued and released No Life ’till Leather, showing a more aggressive sound. Additionally, Ron McGovney was replaced by Cliff Burton as bassist and Dave Mustaine was replaced by Kirk Hammett due to his alcohol addiction. Since then, James Hetfield has taken on both the role of rhythm guitarist and singer.

1983 – Release of ‘Kill ‘Em All’

With this new lineup and having Johnny Zazula as their manager, the band released in 1983 Kill ‘Em All, which gained notoriety in the metal scene and sold more than 300,000 copies. After a tour of the United States and a concert in Holland where they reached their largest audience to date, with 5,000 people, the band released the album Ride the Lightening with Megaforce Records in 1984, which received critical acclaim for its melodic sound.

“1991 – Release of the ‘The Black Album'”

After this work, the band released Master of Puppets in 1986 and embarked on a promotional tour that was cut short by an accident in which the bassist Cliff Burton died. After reflecting on their future, the band incorporated Jason Newsted and recorded …And Justice for All, an album with a denser sound that, despite its commercial success and a Grammy nomination, received criticism for being unoriginal and moving away from heavy metal. However, it wouldn’t be until the release of their album Metallica in 1991, known as The Black Album, that they reached great success, selling half a million copies in the first week of sales in the United States and reaching the top of the Billboard chart. This work led to two similar albums, Load in 1996 and ReLoad in 1997, which received negative reviews for their proximity to alternative rock and their distance from traditional heavy metal, disappointing their older fanbase.

“2001 – Documentary, Tours, Awards”

In 2001, Jason Newsted left the band and Metallica struggled to find a suitable replacement for some time. Therefore, they had to record their next album, St. Anger, with their producer Bob Rock playing bass. However, Robert Trujillo soon joined the band’s lineup. Three years later, the documentary Some Kind of Monster was released, which portrays the recording process of the last album and the internal conflicts that the band had with Dave Mustaine. After a tour in 2006 in which they played Master of Puppets again to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and the release of a compilation of their videos titled The Videos, Metallica was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Later, they released Death Magnetic in 2008 and the conceptual album Lulu in 2011, which was poorly received by their fans. In 2012, the band founded their own record label, Blackened, and performed a concert in Antarctica to raise awareness about polar melting and environmental crisis. In 2016, they released Hardwired… to Self-Destruct. Currently, the band is still active.

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Joaquín Sabina

Joaquin Sabina
Photo: Cfedericoccc / CC BY-SA 4.0

Biography of Joaquín Sabina

Joaquín Ramón Martínez Sabina (February 12, 1949) is a composer and singer of urban folk-rock, poet, and painter, widely known as Joaquín Sabina. He was born in Úbeda, Jaén, Spain. His mother, Adela Sabina del Campo, was a housewife, and his father, Jerónimo Martínez Gallego, worked as a police inspector. His family, being very Catholic, enrolled him in a school run by the Carmelite nuns. From an early age, the young Sabina demonstrated his ability in writing poetry and composing music. He formed a band with his friends called Merry Youngs, which mainly covered rock singers such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard.

At that time, he had his first girlfriend, known as Chispa, who was the muse of many of his compositions and some love poems. From the beginning, the father, a notary from Úbeda, of the young woman was against this relationship. So, a few months later, they went on a series of adventures to be together. Joaquín and Chispa went to Granollers and then reunited to escape to the Aran Valley located in Lérida, where they lived together for a time. Sabina returned to resume his studies in a school run by the Salesian Order. He continued writing and learned about Fray Luis de León, Jorge Manrique, and José Hierro. He also read Marcel Proust, James Joyce, and Herbert Marcuse.

He received his first guitar from his father. After finishing high school, he obtained a job as a composer and director of a theater group in Granada. In 1976, he decided to temporarily reside in England, but later returned to Spain and settled in Madrid. During this period, he was closely associated with La Mandrágora, a bohemian art venue where he met Javier Krahe and Alberto Pérez, musicians. Sabina secured a contract with the record label Movieplay and in 1978 released his first album: “Inventario”. Then came “Malas Compañías” with the Epic label.

The previous album, which was a hit in 1980, achieved several successes thanks to the songs: “Pongamos que hablo de Madrid”, “Calle Melancolía” or “Círculos viciosos”. A year later, “La Mandrágora” was released, an album that was well received. His figure began to be compared and placed on the level of great established figures such as Ana Belén, Miguel Ríos, Javier Gurruchaga, Hilario Camacho, Juan Antonio Muriel and Los Secretos. He was invited to participate in the television program “Si yo fuera presidente” by Fernando García Tola and compose television theme songs for programs such as “Con las manos en la masa” and “Esto es lo que hay”. In 1985, he established his own label BMG-Ariola.

From his label came the album “Joaquín Sabina y Viceversa,” its release was promoted on television, but a controversy arose and the song “Cuervo Ingenuo,” performed by Javier Krahe, had to be censored for its reference to President Felipe González. From then on, several important productions were released that were well received among the Spanish audience, and even internationally, these were: “Hotel, dulce hotel” (1987), “El hombre del traje gris” (1988); with songs like “Con un par” from the album “Mentiras piadosas” (1990), and “Nos dieron las diez” from his next work “Física y Química” (1992).

Definitely, since Joaquín Sabina began his music career, he managed to attract the attention of a younger audience than his own generation and was established as a worthy heir to a throne occupied for a long time by the singer Joan Manuel Serrat. This was reaffirmed by the success of his following works: “Esta boca es mía” (1994), his famous song “Ruido,” composed by him and Pedro Guerra; “Yo, mi, me, contigo” (1996) was number one in sales, selling 80,000 copies in just one week. He then continued with “Enemigos íntimos” (1998), an album made with Fito Paez, which contains “Llueve sobre mojado,” composed and performed by both, and the memorable “19 días y 500 noches”.

He has been deserving of several awards for his musical career, receiving the Ondas award for best Spanish artist at the end of the 90s. He was also the winner of the Spanish Music Awards for best pop rock author, created by the Spanish Society of Authors (SGAE) and the Association of Performers or Performers (AIE). He also had a productive and successful tour throughout Spain and Latin America where he shared the theme “19 días y 500 noches”, presented “Nos sobran los motivos” (2000).

Upon his return, he worked on “Ciento volando,” a book of sonnets inspired and dedicated to filmmakers, actors, writers, bullfighters and singers. Unfortunately, Sabina suffered a cerebral ischemia that prevented him from being on stage for several months. After his recovery, he released “Dímelo en la calle” (2002) and published a book with his entire songbook, “Con buena letra” (2002). At that time, he devoted time to writing and published “Ciento volando de catorce,” selling 150,000 copies. Between 2005 and 2006, he released the album “Alivio de luto.” Shortly thereafter, he gave a recital at the Madrid Conference Center. In the summer of 2006, he embarked on a tour called “Carretera y top manta.”

After several years away from the music scene, in 2011, the singer began the tour “El penúltimo tren” in various countries of Latin America, this would also be held for the first time in the United States. But due to acute diverticulitis, it had to be suspended until October at the Manhattan Center in New York. He was also at the “Músicos en la naturaleza” festival, held in Hoyos del Espino. He embarked on a tour where he presented his musical work with Joan Manuel Serrat: “La orquesta del Titanic.” In 2013, he published the book “Muy personal,” which included drawings, poems, and fragments of song lyrics. After several successful projects, such as “Garabatos,” he released his album “Lo niego todo” in 2017.

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Khaby Lame

Khaby lame
Foto:@khaby00 (instagram)

Biography of Khaby Lame

Khaby Lame (born March 9, 2000) is a social media star and content creator from Senegal, based in Italy. He gained fame through his videos on TikTok and currently has over 62 million followers on the platform, making him one of the most followed TikTokers in Italy. He is also popular on Instagram and Twitter. He began using TikTok in March 2020 and in just one year he gained one million followers. His success came suddenly when his videos started going viral in early 2021. He currently has his own manager.


Khaby Lame was born on March 9th, 2000 in Senegal. After spending his early years in Senegal, he and his family moved to Chivasso, Italy, where he has lived and studied since. He enjoys traveling and having fun with friends, but due to the pandemic, he had to stay isolated like the rest of the population. It was then that he decided to try his luck on TikTok, uploading funny videos in which he didn’t say a single word but his expression said it all. And although he wasn’t seeking fame, it soon arrived thanks to TikTok’s algorithm.



#foryoupage #comic

♬ suono originale – Khabane lame


It is worth mentioning that, in recent years, TikTok has become a platform for creating new stars. Many established artists have found the app to be the boost they needed, while others have made a career after gaining followers on the platform. Examples of this include Tai Verdes, SurfMesa, Givēon, Dixie D’Amelio and Bella Poarch, among many others. TikTok has been able to give recognition to young talents.

Khaby Lame and Fame on TikTok

In March 2020, Khaby joined TikTok to escape boredom during quarantine and as a distraction from the pandemic. Although his videos were not groundbreaking, they managed to capitalize on a common theme, which is the criticism of silly videos that can be found on the internet. Videos that make you wonder why someone would even bother filming that. While most people would just ignore it and move on, Khaby chose to record his incredulous reaction, emphasizing how ridiculous the video was. Thus, from the comfort of his home and with minimal production, his videos began to gain followers.



#🇮🇹Perfavore non fare questo con la Pizza😭😭 #🇺🇸Please don’t do that with Pizza 😭😭 #LearnFromKhabi #LearnWithTikTok #ImparaConTikTok #pizza

♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

In a matter of a year, Khaby had amassed over one million followers on the app, and since then his following has continued to grow. The breakthrough came in April 2021, when his videos went viral on the app, making him a household name in Italy and around the world. Khaby is currently one of the most well-known TikTokers in the world, being the most followed TikToker in Italy, with Gianluca Vacchi coming in second place. He is also in the top 30 of the most followed users worldwide.

With his success, new opportunities also came along and a better-planned strategy. Today, Khaby has his own manager, carefully thinks through each of his videos, and not only replicates his success but also aims to diversify his content.

Khaby currently has over 154.3 million followers on TikTok, 79.9 million on Instagram, and 370,000 followers on Twitter.


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Percy Hynes White

Biography of Percy Hynes White
Percy Hynes White, from Instagram

Biography of Percy Hynes White

Percy Hynes White (October 8, 2001), also known as Percy White, is a Canadian actor. He is recognized for playing Xavier in the acclaimed Netflix series “Merlin.”

Early Years

Percy Hynes White is from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. He is the product of the union between the talented writer, actor, and director Joel Thomas Hynes and the prominent writer and actress, Sherry White. Both are recognized in the entertainment world and their son wanted to follow in their footsteps.


Growing up in a home surrounded by an artistic environment, Percy developed an early interest in acting. This led him to make the decision to attend a theater school in St. John’s for two years, where he could perfect his skills and prepare for his career in the acting world. From a very young age, Percy began acting in theater productions, at the age of 5, which allowed him to acquire experience and confidence on stage from an early age.

In 2008, Percy made his film debut with the role of the young version of Keith Kavanagh in the film “Down To The Dirt.” On this occasion, he had the opportunity to share the screen with his father, Joel Thomas Hynes, who played the adult character of Keith Kavanagh. Additionally, his mother, Sherry White, also participated in the production of the film as a dialogue writer, making this experience even more special for him. The film was a great success and served as a platform for the growth of his career in the film world.

The following year, Percy had the opportunity to play the character of Takeout Boy in the film “Crackie.” On this occasion, he again had the opportunity to work alongside his father, Joel, who played the character of Duffy in this production.

One of Percy Hynes White’s most notable roles is in the television series “The Gifted.” In this production, he plays Andy Strucker, a young mutant who is forced to flee from authorities and join a group of mutants in a fight against discrimination and oppression. As the series progresses, Andy struggles with his identity as a mutant and his relationship with his twin sister Lauren (played by Natalie Alyn Lind), who also has supernatural abilities. Additionally, he faces ethical and moral challenges, becoming a leader among the mutants and fighting for their survival and that of his family.

His fame internationalized when in 2022 he played Xavier Thorpe in the Netflix series “Merlin”. In this series he shared the set with Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Christina Ricci, Luis Guzmán, Gwendoline Christie, Emma Myers, Hunter Doohan, and Joy Sunday.

Jenna Ortega and Percy are working on another project together. This time, both have been chosen as the lead actors to star in the romantic film “Winter Spring Summer or Fall”.

Personal Life

Currently, it has not been officially confirmed if Percy Hynes White is in a romantic relationship. However, some recent photographs have appeared in the media and on social media, showing the actor embracing actress Jenna Ortega. Despite this, both he and she have made no official comment on the matter, so it cannot be confirmed for sure if there is any kind of romantic relationship between them.

Allegations: 2023

As of 2023, actor Percy Hynes White is involved in several public allegations of being racist, sexist, having abused minors, and sending intimate images.

Many of his victims have spoken out through virtual platforms, making captures and their testimony public. Some minors comment that when the actor attended high school, he and his friends would drug and abuse women.
In other accusations, other young women say they were threatened with death and also received insults from him after they rejected him.

One of the victims stated that the actor allowed a known person to abuse her in his basement.

It is important to note that these are just allegations and it is not confirmed if they are true or not. It is also important to give the accused the opportunity to defend themselves and have a fair trial.

At the moment, Percy has remained silent and has only limited his comments on social media. Internet users are calling for the actor to not be able to resume his role as Xavier in the acclaimed Netflix series “Merlin” due to these allegations.


Acting works done by Percy Hynes White are:


  • “Down To The Dirt” (2008).
  • “Crackie” (2009).
  • “Cast No Shadow” (2014).
  • “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” (2014).
  • “A Christmas Horror Story” (2015).
  • “Rupture” (2016).
  • “Edge Of Winter” (2016).
  • “Milton’s Secret” (2016).
  • “At First Light” (2018).
  • “Our House” (2018).
  • “Age Of Summer” (2018).
  • “I Like Movies” (2022).

TV shows / Series

  • “The Slattery Street Crockers” (2013).
  • “Rookie Blue” (2014).
  • “Murdoch Mysteries” (2014-2015).
  • “Odd Squad” (2015-2016).
  • “Defiance” (2015).
  • “Saving Hope” (2015).
  • “Between” (2015-2016).
  • “11.22.63” (2016).
  • “The Gifted” (2017-2019).
  • “The Twilight Zone” (2019).
  • “Transplant” (2020).
  • “A Killer In My Home” (2020).
  • “Pretty Hard Cases” (2021).
  • “Nurses” (2021).
  • “Merlina” (2022).
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