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John Cena

John Cena Biography
Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

John Cena Biography

John Felix Anthony Cena, better known as John Cena (April 23, 1977) professional wrestler and actor. Born in West Newbury, Massachusetts, his parents are John Sr (known as Johnny Fabulous) an announcer and businessman wrestling and Carol Cena, of Italian and Canadian descent, respectively. From his childhood, John expressed his passion for sports. At 15 he was a gym and wrestling fan, his idols were: Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and Shawn Michaels. After graduating from high school, Cena headed to Springfield College in Massachusetts to study physical education, simultaneously demonstrating his prowess on the American football field. In Springfield, Cena became a Division III offensive lineman and team captain.

In 2000, after obtaining his university degree he moved to look for a new life in California, he worked as a bodybuilder. It was not easy for John Cena, he had to start getting economic independence and stability, with only $ 500 in his pocket. He had to work in various trades, he was a limousine driver, he folded towels and cleaned toilets at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. Although, for his ability to sport he was promoted to coach of the Venice Beach gym.

John Cena ventured into wrestling in 2000. In just one year, the young man signed a contract to work at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). Cena appeared in the WWE in a fight against Kurt Angle on June 27, 2002, that ended up losing. Then, he did it under the character of Dr. Thuganomics, this character was adopted in a special appearance during the fight against The Rock, on the way to WrestleMania 28. From there he trained hard in order to be a wrestler in Ultimate Pro Wrestling where he also created the character, The Prototype.

His development was abysmal, in 2004, he began to build his celebrity status. John Cena won the United States Big Show Championship. Not long after, the title was taken from him, but he recovered it soon. Cena lost the title again, remaining in the hands of his fellow WWE superstar, Carlito. During that time, apparently Cena had certain health complications due to a kidney problem, it is said to have been caused by a blow from one of Carlito’s bodyguards. An event that took him away from the ring for a month.

In 2005 and 2006 Cena was involved in several controversies. He had a conflict with champion John Bradshaw Layfield, manager Eric Bischoff and fellow wrestler Chris Jericho. At that time, Cena also had enmity with Edge and Umaga.

In 2007 he fought with former rap star Kevin Federline. John ended up losing that fight for Umaga’s help to Kevin Federline. Then, Cena won the rematch against Kevin Federline in the ring. This year, John became the first person to defeat Samoan Bulldozer (Umaga) that year, knocking him out of the undefeated. The Chain Gang Soldier also partnered with Shaun Michaels defeating the team of Randy Orton and Edge. He joined the fight with Cena and Michaels, obtaining the victory.

That same year, John Cena lost his WWE Championship title due to an injury, while fighting against Mr. Kennedy, Cena suffered a pectoral muscle tear when he executed a hip throw. Despite this, the fight ended, clearly defeated. Immediately he was treated medically and the terrible injury was confirmed. He was seven months outside the ring. As a result, he could not fight in the WWE CEO, Vince McMahon took away the title and ended his reign.

In 2008, Cena recovered and in a great sporting moment, managed to reach the final of the Royal Rumble. He won the traditional title of WrestleMania. Cena also had a contest against JBL, which he defeated on the Day of Judgment; in the same way in One Night Stand in a combat of First Blood. However, JBL was able to defeat him at the Brawl parking lot in New York City. In the month of August, it was announced that Cena had suffered a herniated disk in the neck, which was treated in the operating room of Dr. Joseph Maroon on August 25, was out of action for several months, was out of action indefinitely. Rey Mysterio managed to occupy the throne of the fights. Cena underwent a second surgery.

John also participated in the film in a movie of the WWE franchise entitled The Marine, Cena was the protagonist of this film, playing John Triton. The film really was not very well received, it received criticism due to the poor history and some situations out of context that did not represent in the best way the life of the sailors. Even so, Cena fans made sure it was a box office movie, perhaps out of curiosity to see their idol on the big screen.

He was also invited to the BBC Two television show, Top of the Pops and in Jimmy Kimmel Live! Where he promoted his album. He appeared in popular shows such as Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Fuse’s Celebrity Playlist, The Best Damn Sports Show Period, MADtv, G4’s Training Camp, and MTV’s Punk’d. He got a contract as a co-host, with Hulk Hogan, at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards, he was the guest judge at the 2006 Nashville Star, and he appeared on Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Awards.

The WWE wrestler also moved into the music market, he released his first rap album: You Can not See Me, which reached number 15 on the Billboard 200 list in the United States. The album had the participation of his cousin Tha Trademarc. The subject that gained most popularity was The Time Is Now, one of the songs he played with the popular rap band Estoric. In March 2009, 12 Rounds was premiered, an American action film by director Renny Harlin and produced by WWE Studios. The cast is made up of professional wrestler John Cena, along with Steve Harris, Gonzalo Menendez, Aidan Gillen, Brian J. and the sequels 2 and 3, produced in 2013 and 2015, will be released.

After undergoing a new surgery for an injury in 2016, in January of the following year in Royal Rumble, Cena defeated AJ Styles, winning for the thirteenth time the WWE Championship. He equaled the record of Ric Flair becoming the 16 times World Champion. In April 2017 he took advantage of the culmination of a Wrestlemania 33 peel to ask for the hand of his girlfriend Nikki Bella, who would be his second wife since he was married to Liz Huberdeau for four years.



Gianluca Vacchi

Gianluca Vacchi biography

Gianluca Vacchi biography

Gianluca Vacchi (August 5, 1967) Born in Bologna, Italy. Italian businessman and artist, known for his eccentricity and the way he manages his money, throwing lavish and expensive parties. His lifestyle is frequently shared by the businessman through his social networks.

Vacchi is a man of more than 50 years who has attracted the attention of various people, not only for his eccentricity but also for his physical attractiveness. He currently has more than 15 million followers on instagram and since 2014 he has become popular with the hashtag #GVLifestyle.

There is only one life and you have to live it trying to enjoy everything you can.

Gianluca Vacchi

Family and studies

Gianluca Vacchi grew up in a wealthy family. From an early age he was interested in business. He studied economics and then began to be part of the family business. Later he founded the company IMA, a company dedicated to the creation of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and others. Over time, Vacchi diversified his businesses, participating in different business projects. While doing this, he increased his capital, becoming a billionaire in a matter of a few years.

Change of lifestyle

After several years in the industry, Gianluca Vacchi left the family business in charge of his cousin and dedicated himself fully to enjoying his life, since at the age of forty he had not explored and enjoyed everything he achieved in those years. After thinking about the way he had lived until then, he decided to change his lifestyle. He started by working on his physique, improving his diet and exercising. He complemented this, with hours in the sauna and cryotherapy and shortly after the effort began to show.

At 47, he became known on social networks with a photo in which he was seen riding with the famous American actor Zac Efron.

Since then, he began to attract the attention of the public for his sensual dances, his eccentric and expensive parties. Likewise, through the networks he showed the large number of properties he owned: mansions, houses on the beach, yachts, motorcycles, cars and even a helicopter.

In 2016, the videos of Vacchi and his girlfriend at the time, Giorgia Gabriele, dancing to different Latin music songs, went viral. It was then that it became a trend. Many were interested in the lifestyle of the 49-year-old man, surrounded by beautiful women and with an exorbitant fortune. Since then, the daily life of the famous Italian has been shared by social networks. He is currently one of the most famous adult influencers on the platform.

The following year he ended his relationship with his girlfriend Gabriele, and a short time later he was seen with the beautiful Colombian model, Ariadna Gutiérrez. That same year he published his book Enjoy (2016), which, in Vacchi’s words, is a conceptual biography. In this book, he talks about his experiences, gives advice and encourages people to enjoy life to the fullest.

During this period of his life, the Italian has been seen with famous Latin, American and European artists, which has increased his popularity. Among the artists with whom he has been associated are the singers: J. Balvin, Luis Fonsi, Sebastián Yatra, Ozuna, Daddy Yankee and Yandel, among others. In 2017, Vacchi was seized by Banco BPM. He later explained that this does not greatly affect his fortune and that it was all a disagreement with the bank.

Facet as DJ

In recent years, Gianluca Vacchi has dabbled in music as a DJ, working with great figures such as Steve Aoki, Nicola Zucchi, Christian Lena and Albertino, among others. He currently has a contract with the Spinnin ‘Records label. His first song, entitled Viento, appeared under this label on August 13, 2017. This song currently has more than 27 million views on YouTube.

After Viento, Tump-it came out, a theme that quickly became a trend. In August he released the song Sigamos Bailando, his collaboration with Yandel and Luis Fonsi. Later he released the song Waglio, in collaboration with Alessio and in 2019, he released Asho mami and Mueve.

Vacchi has made several tours as a DJ and worked in clubs such as Amnesia Ibiza, Sutton Club and Sutton Barcelona, among others.

Gianluca news

Currently Vacchi, is romantically involved with the young model Sharon Fonseca. On May 10, 2020, during the celebration of Mother’s Day, he announced via Instragram that he and his girlfriend were expecting their first child.

Birth of your child

On October 28, Gianluca and Sharon announced the birth of their daughter Blu Jerusalema Vacchi, true to their style, this announcement was made through their Instagram accounts.

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Pepe Garza

Pepe Garza Biography
Taken from @pepegarza Link:

Pepe Garza Biography

José Francisco Garza Durón (December 1, 1965) was born in Monterrey, Mexico. Composer, musician, and programmer, considered one of the most representative figures of the Mexican radio and music industry in the United States. Throughout his career, Garza has promoted numerous Mexican regional music artists such as Lupillo Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Yolanda Pérez, Rogelio Martínez, Jorge Gamboa, Valentín Elizalde, Espinoza Paz, Banda Recodo and Banda La Arrolladora, among others, which in a short time they made their way into the scene. Because of this talent in finding new voices he has been called the Starmaker. He began his career in radio as an announcer and later escalated his position as a producer of various Mexican radio stations, later he moved to the United States, a country in which he became one of the most prominent figures on the radio.


José Garza known as Pepe Garza began his career in the radio industry as an announcer in Monterrey, over time he gained experience and made his way into the radio industry. His talent and knowledge allowed him to scale up on the radio, becoming a radio programmer. During the first years as a programmer he stood out, being hired by important Mexican stations. While working as a programmer, he began to make his own compositions, among them, That Crazy I Am, stands out, a song performed by the Liberation group, which was nominated for Best Mexican Regional Song at the Lo Nuestro Awards. After a long time in the Mexican radio, he decided to move to the United States, a country in which Mexican regional music has a large audience, the majority of this immigrant.

Pepe on American radio

After moving to the United States, he began working at KBUE-FM or Qué Buena, a radio station in Southern California, which he has directed for several years; This is one was one the most prominent stations in the United States. It transmits the successes of Mexican regional music,  musical genre that has expanded in recent years to reach non-Mexican publishing. Becoming a trend in several Latin American countries. As a key figure in the regional music scene, Garza has promoted great stars such as El Coyote, Jenni Rivera, and Yolanda Pérez, known as La Potranquita, Rogelio Martínez, Valentín Elizalde, and Jorge Gamboa, as well as renowned bands such as Los Originales de San Juan, Cuidillos, Banda Recodo, Banda La Arrolladora, and Banda Liberación, among many others.

In the station he has promoted various radio characters that have won the audience’s appreciation, among them El Morro, a restless and daring child created by Garza and his partner Tomás Rubio. This became a trend after the publication of his album with music for kids, getting nominated for the 2001 Latin Grammy Awards, as a children’s producer. This character was recognized by the magazine Furia Musical as the Musical Event of the Year.

Another prominent character of the artist is Don Cheto, a character inspired by the figure of an immigrant and his life in the United States, endowed with qualities such as simplicity and kindness, which can be taken for naivety in some cases. Always loyal to their traditions, Don Cheto, represents to the Mexican who lives in the United States.


In the 2000s, Garza undertook several projects linked to the world of Mexican regional music, such as the foundation of the Los De La Radio Awards, where the most prominent artists of the regional music scene are rewarded. Later founded the company Arpa Music with his brother Alejandro Garza, in this, he gathered various composers such as Joss Favela, Luciano Luna, Horacio Palencia, and Espinoza Paz, among others, whose compositions have been performed by prominent stars such as Thalia, David Bisbal, Jenni Rivera, Banda la Arrolladora, Pedro Fernández, and Banda MS, among others.

In 2009 he became a judge for the musical reality show I Have Talent, Much Talent produced by Estrella Tv. This program is one of the most popular in the United States made exclusively for the Spanish-speaking audience. In the Garza program, he is seen as one of the most important judges due to his long career and knowledge of the music industry.

For this same period, he has excelled in his facet as a composer, being awarded multiple times in the BMI awards in the category best composition with the theme Cursed Capricho. Also won the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers to the Song of the Year for the Coyote theme with the band Oro Norteño. Years later, he published Who the Devil is Durón ?, which includes successful songs that have been performed by Juan Rivera, Graciela Beltrán, Jenni Rivera, Banda Limón, La Costeña, Oro Norteño and Rieleros del Norte, among many others.

In 2016 he started recording the P program Pepe’s Office, a program that is uploaded to YouTube. In this one you can see the renowned programmer advising and interviewing artists from the Mexican regional music scene, his most recent interview was to El de la Guitarra.

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Lenny Tavárez

Lenny Tavárez Biography
Taken from the artist's personal instagram:

Lenny Tavárez Biography

Julio Manuel González Tavárez (May 19, 1987) was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Singer and songwriter, known in the music industry for being part of the Dyland & Lenny duo, famous exponents of the Puerto Rican urban scene. They became known with the debut album My World (2010), followed by My World 2 (2013). These two albums consolidated the career of young artists who for 2013 decided to undertake separate paths. Since then Tavárez began his solo career by excelling in the urban music scene with the songs La Nena, Fantasías y Caviar. In the ten years of his career, he has collaborated with famous artists such as Pitbull, Luis Fonsi, Farrruko, J Álvarez, Cosculluela, Alex Rose, Miky Woodz, Rauw Alejandro, Lyanno, Noriel, among others.


Before devoting himself completely to music, he became interested in sports, seriously thinking about to be a basketball player with his friend Carlos Castillo Cruz. However, they put aside this idea for 2008, at which point he decided to undertake his artistic career with Cruz, forming the Dyland & Lenny duo, through which they became known since 2009. In the early years, the duo wrote and recorded their songs with Elías de León, renowned producer of the urban music scene and founder of the White Lion label, label with which they have worked recognized exponents of the urban genre such as Julio Voltio, Tego Calderón, Calle 13, Cosculluela, Darell and Nicky Jam, among others.

Dyland & Lenny (2009-2013)

After starting his artistic career at the White Lion label, they signed a contract with LunnyTunes, a famous duo of producers and singers, who has collaborated with renowned artists, such as Tego Calderón, Wisin & Yandel, Daddy Yankee, Arcangel, among others. In 2010 they debut with the album My World, an album that consisted of fifteen songs, including the hit songs Quiere pa’ que te quieran, Nadie te Amara Como yo, Caliente with Arcangel and Tu Cuerpo es ley, collaboration with Zion & Lennox. Shortly after its release, it was positioned in the country’s music rankings, later the duo started the album’s promotions by visiting countries such as Panama, Venezuela, Chile, the United States, among others.

In the middle of the following year, they released the single Pégate Más, which quickly positioned itself in the musical tops. Later the remix of Pégate Más came out, along with Juan Magan. In August of the following year, they published their collaboration with Pitbull and Beatriz Luengo, entitled Sin Ti (I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing), a theme that had two videos (Lyric and official) on the artist’s channel. That same year they collaborated with Gusttavo Lima in Balada.

Beginning in 2013, they participated in the song Danza Kuduro by Don Omar and shortly thereafter they released, My World 2 (2013), an album that had eleven songs, including their collaboration with Lima and Pégate Mas. Among the most outstanding songs of the album are Darte Lo Tuyo, along with J. Álvarez, La Cura with Yomo, Que Vuele with Victor Manuelle and El Juego with Cosculluela. By this time the artists were recognized on the scene, becoming nominated as Revelation Duo at the Lo Nuestro Awards and Duo of the Year at the Texas Awards. However, after working together for four years they decided to take separate paths.

Career as a soloist

Lenny began his career as a soloist shortly after the separation of the duo, debuting with the single La Nena, published in December 2014. The following year he released the single Fantasias, under the EM Music Inc label, after its release, the song became in trend positioning in the radio stations of Latin America. That same year he launched his collaboration with Pusho, entitled Tortura.

In the course of 2016, he launched Fantasías (Remix) with De La Ghetto and J Alvarez, No se que fue, Como tu no hay and Si Tu cama hablara with Cosculluela, songs that consolidated the artist’s career as a soloist; promoting these he visited several Latin American countries, between these Colombia and Venezuela. In recent years Tavárez ventured as an entrepreneur, launching a line of protein products called Pro-Fit 7.

The following year Tavárez published the hits Caviar, No quiero amor with Farruko, Caviar (Remix) with Kevin Roldan & Darell, Toma Bebe with Anonimus and Secreto. In 2018, he released his first EP entitled Pop Porn, an album that includes the songs Marihua, El Punto, To To, Te Lo Metí and Sueños Mojados.

After the publication of this, he made several collaborations such as Comenzar de cero and No Quiere amores with Ronald «El Killa»; Hoy with Lyanno and Rauw Alejandro; Paraiso with Pau Muro; Aquella Vez with Lyanno and Chris Wandel; Mi llamada with Rauw Alejandro; Toda (Remix) with Lyanno, Cazzu, Rauw Alejandro and Alex Rose; and No me equivoque with Miky Woodz, among others. In the course of 2019, Tavárez has participated in the song A Prueba de balas with Dayme and The High.

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Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld Biography
Christopher William Adach from Mexico / CC BY-SA

Karl Lagerfeld Biography

Karl Lagerfeld (September 10, 1933 – September 19, 2019) was born in Hamburg, Germany. Designer considered one of the most relevant figures in the world of fashion. For his knowledge and undisputed talent was called the Kaiser of fashion. Lagerfeld’s successful career began in the 1950s when he moved to Paris, he continued his studies and became known through the International Wool Secretariat, an award he won in the category of coats. Thanks to this award he made his way into the fashion scene, working as an assistant to Pierre Balmain, later joined the Italian firm Fendi and the Chanel house, which saved him from oblivion in a few years. After consolidating his career at Fendi and Chanel he founded his firm, which not only reaffirmed his talent but also made him one of the most important references in fashion

Early Years

Born into a upper-middle-class family, Lagerfeld studied at a private school in his hometown. During this period of training, he was noted for his intelligence and scathing personality, which was influenced by the character of his mother Elisabeth Bahlmann a cultured violinist daughter of the German politician, Karl Bahlmann; his father, Otto Lagerfeld was a renowned businessman, a descendant of a family of bankers, who earned his fortune by introducing evaporated milk in Germany.

While growing up in postwar Hamburg, Lagerfeld, longed for the splendor of the 80s of the 19th century, in which glamor and class flourished. When he finished primary school in Hamburg, he decided to move to France, where he continued his academic and artistic training. He attended Lycée Montaigne in Paris, an institution where he studied Drawing and History. However, he left school at sixteen.

Professional career

After settling in Paris he began to move in the Parisian fashion scene, designing and sketching his creations. In 1954, Karl Lagerfeld participated in the International Wool Secretariat, a fashion contest in which outstanding designers participated, who were making their way into the European fashion scene as Yves Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, a young designer considered Lagerfeld’s rival, for his influence and talent. In the contest Saint-Laurent and Lagerfeld, they obtained the first position in the categories dressed and coats, respectively. Thanks to his triumph in the contest, Lagerfeld was hired as a junior assistant at Pierre Balmain, a renowned French firm, which at that time was seen as one of the most important sewing houses in the country. For this same period, his rival was hired by Dior, an event that accentuated the rivalry between young people.

Lagerfeld held the position of assistant at Pierre Balmain for about three years, as he got tired of not being able to shine in the firm with his work. As he mentioned in some interviews, he was not born to be an assistant; so he looked for a position more suited to his talent. After leaving Balmain, he was hired as creative director of House of Patou, a fashion house in which he designed numerous collections following Patou’s style. After a short time, he resigned and began collaborating with the firm Tiziani, for which he designed various garments. Some of the sketches of this period were auctioned by the firm in 2014. In the course of these years, the brilliant designer dressed important figures like Elizabeth Taylor.

At the beginning of the 1960s, the young designer’s career was strongly promoted, being hired by the fashion house Chloé, in which, after collaborating with few designs, he came to excel designing an entire collection. In 1967, he was hired by Fendi, to work in the department of clothing, accessories and leather accessories, in which he worked most of his life. His stage in Fendi is one of the most outstanding of his career, in the course of this Lagerfeld, he revolutionized the way Fendi presented himself, included various eclectic influences such as Eskimo-inspired designs, medieval armor, and kimonos, all these applying his vision, which was well-received by critics of the fashion scene. During his years at Fendi, he introduced successful ready-to-use lines and styles, which made Fendi a global fashion brand.

After excelling at Fendi for almost two decades, he was contacted by Alan Wertheimer, president of the Chanel house, who offered him the position of creative director of the house; by this time Chanel was going through a hard moment, barely kept afloat with the sales of perfumes and some clothing, since Gabrielle’s death left the house uninspired and none of the designers hired in that period he had managed to recover the splendor and glamor that it had held for a long time. Taking into account the situation of the house, Lagerfeld considered the proposal as one of his biggest challenges, joined Chanel in 1983 and shortly after managed to consolidate the house again.

During the first years in the house, Lagerfeld, renewed the outdated style of Chanel, introducing appliques, sequins, and youth styles, without neglecting the elegance of the Chanel style. Starting the new millennium, Lagerfeld, decided to change his diet, losing 42 kilos in just one year, this feat was reported by him and his doctor in the bestseller The Karl Lagerfeld Diet (2004). With a new appearance he continued to design collections entire for Chanel and Fendi; per year he launched twelve collections, two for Fendi and ten with Chanel.

Lagerfeld, missed the most recent Chanel parade, due to fatigue, was subsequently admitted to the American Hospital in Paris, due to health problems. After several complications, he died on September 19, 2019.

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Big Soto

Big Soto biography

Big Soto biography

Gustavo Rafael Guerrero Soto (October 19, 1996) was born in Cumaná, Venezuela. Singer and songwriter, trap and hip hop performer. In recent years he has attracted the attention of the public with issues such as No me importa, mueran, Double Cup, Sombraas, Skrt, Pluton, UFO, and Chipi Chipi, which have become a trend quickly, being one of the few exponents of trap in conquering the Venezuelan music scene, in which many artists have failed to be heard.

Currently, Big Soto and Trainer, are the great promises of the trap scene in Venezuela, at the same time they are making their way into the Latin American music scene, promoting their music through international tours in which they have called the attention of the publication becoming on-trend.

Guerrero was interested in music from an early age, influenced by his father who was a lover of the hip hop genre and the urban scene, Big Soto, listened to artists such as Tres Dueños, Guerrilla Seca, Nas, and 50 Cent. Over the years he began to write and take his first steps in the urban music scene. By 2014, he began organizing events in his home with which he was released in a short time.


The beginning

Big Soto took his first steps on the music scene at the beginning of the 2010s, a time when he was an organizer of improvised events in his house in which themes of the urban genre were interpreted. Shortly thereafter he began composing and recording his first exhibition, which was produced by Microphone Records in Miranda (Venezuela). After the release, the song was well received by the public, which motivated the young artist to continue releasing more songs, which focused on themes such as romance and social awareness. The following year, he published his first video for the song Carta De Vida, a song in which the Big Soto talks about how the experiences he has had allowed him to mature and learn, accepting how contradictory it can be.


Musical career

After becoming known in the music scene for his romantic and mature lyrics, he met Jefferson Mora, known as Trainer, exponent of the trap music scene, which at the time was making his way into the Venezuelan music scene. Along with Trainer, Big Soto began working on new musical projects that moved away from hip hop to move towards the trap, a musical style that in recent years has been booming in the United States and Latin America. Their first song was En mi mente, released on June 8, 2016, this was produced by Young Boyz, can be found in the SoundCloud account of Big Soto.

In August of the same year, he released the video of Chamito Loco, a song in collaboration with Trainer, which quickly won reproductions, becoming one of the most listened to songs of the artist at that time. The video of the song was directed by Pipo Martínez, edited by Trainer and Big Soto; and produced by Young Boyz Records. This account currently has more than five million views on YouTube.

At the end of 2016, he published several videos, the first was Iskiusmi Panita, collaboration with Trainer and Adso, which was produced by Anthony Camarillo and directed by Daniel Lugo, currently this has exceeded 11 million views. He subsequently published the videos of No me importa and mueran. These songs were included in his first mixtape Young Cream (2017), published on February 24, 2017, this consisted of seven songs, among these varied collaborations with artists such as Trainer, David Rone, and Adso; Among the most prominent songs of the album are: SKRT, Iskiusmi Panita, and Chamito Loco con Trainer.

Before publishing Young Cream (2017), he collaborated with Trainer and Akapellah on the song Double Cup, which was published on January 13, 2017, that same day the video of the song was released which quickly gained reproductions, becoming a little trend time after. That same month, he published the SKRT video directed by Simón Medina, in which Akapellah, David Rone, Tao de Los Waraos and part of Eleuce Music appear. At the beginning of the following month, he launched Samurai, a theme in collaboration with Trainer and Soteldo, produced by Willie DeVille. He later collaborated with DeVille in Sombras, followed by UFO, Funny, Avisa, Intensa with David Rone, Rela4life and Chipi Chipi, a song that features a YouTube video directed by DeVille and Francisco Rísquez, this was one of the singer’s first videos in getting 90.000 reproductions in 24 hours. In the following months, he published several topics, among them Pluto, Vida Buena, Me Mira, and En la Ciudad, along with Trainer, Gianluca, and Big Angelo.

In the course of 2018 he published several singles that consolidated his career as Sin Taboo, Big Bang, That Night and Sorry Mom, also recorded several collaborations such as Pa ‘lante with Adso, Mula with Eladio Carrion, Singer with Neutral Shorty and Corina Smith, Hips in collaboration with Micro Tdh and me niego with Mora, the latter has a video on YouTube which has exceeded two million views. He also appeared on songs such as Quimica by Niko La Fábrica and Lirica (Remix) by Trainer.

2018 was one of the busiest years of his career in addition to collaborations and simple carried out various presentations, which boosted his career. In the course of 2019, he has collaborated with Alan Wittels in single Cuba. In February he announced the release of Como lo haces with Jambene, a single that is expected to be published on February 15.

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