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Garth Brooks biography
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Garth Brooks biography

Garth Brooks (February 7, 1962). Songwriter, country music singer and guitarist. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. His parents: Troyal and Colleen Carroll Brooks. She was a singer. His son inherited his talent and love for music. Brooks became interested in music and often sang at family gatherings since he was very young. His life in adolescence developed between music and athletics. He received a half athletic scholarship at Oklahoma State University as a javelin thrower, but eventually, the scholarship was withdrawn because Brooks decided to abandon athletics as he focused his mind on music, while he was in college he began to sing at local clubs of Oklahoma. On some occasions, he shared the stage with the guitarist Ty England.

Although the scholarship was withdrawn, Garth Brooks continued studying until graduating as a publicist in 1984. Sometime later, he married his college girlfriend Sandy Mahl. In 1987, they moved to Nashville hoping to be discovered by a record label and embark on their journey through the world of country music. But the adventure lasted no more than a week, they returned to Oklahoma frustrated and disappointed in the music industry.

Later, his dreams began to be real, he signed with Capitol Records, helped by the musical director Bob Doyle, and released his first self-titled album, he had a shy reception. This was not a reason to abort his career, on the contrary, he continued working until he achieved his first hits such as Tomorrow Never Comes and The Dance. Garth debuted as number one on the charts with the album titled Roping the Wind. From that moment his takeoff was absolute, Brooks has released a large number of albums, represented in sales of more than 100 million in total.

Although at the beginning artists such as Clint Black, Travis Tritt and Alan Jackson were much more famous than him, this young promise needed only a year to rise above them. No Fences was released in the fall of 1990, this album spent 23 weeks at the top of the country’s charts and sold 700,000 copies in the first ten days of its release. No Fences made him a superstar. Throughout 1990 and 1991, Brooks had a number one successes of the album’s country.

His concerts were monumental. At the end of 1990, he filled stadiums in a matter of hours, his shows resembled the extravagances of rock of the 70s. Garth Brooks was an extroverted, charismatic and surprising artist when it came to concerts. He used a wireless microphone with headphones to be able to unwind around the stage. His concerts often had a light show, pyrotechnics games and even came to use a harness to jump over the crowd and sing for them.

Brooks launched Fresh Horses. Within six months of its release, it had sold more than three million copies. Garth Brooks decided to push his seventh album that was on stand-by for several years, entitled Sevens. This album reaffirmed his status as a country star and remained in the memory of his fans when it was released in a magnificent concert in Central Park.

Brooks not only played music. For 1999, after discovering his fascination for cinema, he attended a casting of El Cordero, a thriller about a rock star who was tortured, his name was Chris Gaines. The film was made with Babyface as producer and Brooks as the star. During the pre-production, Garth Brooks appropriated the role of Chris Gaines as a professional actor. Its premiere allowed him to release an album inspired by the life of the character he starred in.

For the year 2000 his personal life, as well as his artistic life, was facing a serious moment since he and his wife announced their separation. When the divorce was made, Brooks confirmed to the media his retirement from music to concentrate on his children. He said goodbye with his album, The Scarecrow. He remained for several weeks at the top. Brooks resurfaced until 2006. He married again, with country singer Trisha Yearwood.

During the following years, Brooks did not register any new material, announcing that he would only return once his youngest daughter will enter the university. In 2013, Brooks revealed that he was going to embark on a world tour, influenced by his wife. He also signed with the major Sony Music Nashville company and released his ninth studio album.

His comeback debuted with Man Against Machine, being number one on Billboard’s country album charts, he held box four on the Billboard 200. In 2016, Brooks released three albums for the holidays: the seasonal album Christmas Together with his wife Trisha Yearwood; the box set The Ultimate Collection and the new album Gunslinger.

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