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Daniel Day-Lewis Biography
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Daniel Day-Lewis Biography

Daniel Day-Lewis (April 29, 1957) actor. He was born in Kensington, London. From an early age, he entered the National Youth Theater and then at the Bristol Old Vic theater school. He had a great interest in cinema thanks to his grandfather, Sir Michael Balcon, a leading producer of British cinema. His father, Cecil Day-Lewis, was a poet of Isabel II and his mother, Jill Balcon, was a theater actress. His first performance was in the film Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971), a drama directed by John Schlesinger.

He started earning some money while working on some television productions and some theater plays. In 1982 he was assigned a secondary role in Gandhi. Two years later, he performed in The Bounty, adaptation of the naval classic. His international fame came thanks to My beautiful laundry, by director Stephen Frears. He knew how to profile Lewis as a perfectionist actor. Thanks to his role in My Left Foot, he won the Oscar for Best Leading Actor and the Best Actor Award for the London Critics Circle Film, also a BAFTA Award and a distinction from the National Society of Film Critics. Lewis began a romantic relationship with French actress Isabelle Adjani.

He was characterized by being an extremely selective actor in the choice of his roles. An example of this was his rejection of acting roles in Philadelphia or Interview with the vampire. He made a montage of Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the National Theater. During his professional career he has had to acquire many skills and abilities, also make several physical changes. The last Mohican was an example of that.

In 1993 he was with Jim Sheridan In the name of the father, it is the true story of a father and son who were unjustly imprisoned for alleged membership in the IRA. It was an intense year in his career because he also shot the historical drama: The Age of Innocence, by director Martin Scorsese, the production went unnoticed unfairly. He made casting to keep the role of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction but was rejected by Quentin Tarantino who preferred to give the role to John Travolta.

Lewis rolled The Ballad of Jack & Rose (2005). Then, he won his second Oscar for best lead actor in the history of Daniel Plainview, a miserable miner who became an oil tycoon. Steven Spielberg offered him to star in an important historical production focused on the last stage of the mandate of the American president who abolished slavery: Lincoln (2012). It was a blockbuster and critics confirmed it. The film received twelve nominations and was nominated for an Oscar. In the end, he took a statuette to the best art direction, and Day-Lewis third Oscar, for his interpretation of Abraham Lincoln. In short, he has deserved three times the Oscar for the best leading actor for his performances in My Left Foot (1990), Wells of Ambition (2008) and Lincoln (2012).

At the age of 60, Daniel Day-Lewis announced his retirement from acting. The news was spread by Leslee Dart, his agent: Daniel Day-Lewis showed his immense gratitude to all his collaborators and his audience.

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