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Adam Lambert Biography
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Adam Lambert Biography

Adam Mitchel Lambert (January 29, 1982) Born in Indianapolis, United States. American singer and actor considered one of the best known and influential LGBTI artists of the current music industry. He began his artistic career acting in plays and musicals such as The ten commandments: The Musical and Wicked.

After becoming known in the Los Angeles music scene, Lambert rose to fame in 2009 as a participant in the 8th season of American Idol, a recognized music program in which he was in second place. He debuted as a singer with For Your Entertainment (2009), an album that included the hits Whataya Want from Me, If I Had You, Time for Miracles and Pick U Up. He subsequently released the albums: Trespassing (2012), The very best of Adam Lambert (2014) and The Original High (2015). In recent years he has performed with the iconic British rock band, Queen.


Family and beginnings

Born into a Jewish family, Lambert had Leila and Eber Lamberth as parents. A year after his birth, the family moved to San Diego, California, where he was raised by his parents with his younger brother Neil. He attended primary studies at Deer Canyon Elementary School and subsequently entered the Mesa Verde Middle School. Interested early in music and performing arts, Lambert began to develop his artistic skills while attending classes at Mt. Carmel High School, an institute where he participated in theater and music activities, such as the choir and the Jazz band. At that time he appeared at the Temple of the Arts at Saban Theater, performing the song Shir LeShalom during the tribute to Israeli Prime Minister Rabin Yitzhak, murdered in 1995.

At the age of ten, he began his acting career as part of the cast of the play You’re a good man, Charlie Brown (1992) and subsequently toured Europe for six months as part of the musical Hair. A short time later he worked with actor Val Kilmer playing Joshua in the musical play The Ten Commandments: The Musical, which was presented at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. As of 2004, he began to become known as a singer performing a series of glam-style performances at the Zodiac Show and other more intimate presentations at the Upright Cabaret. Shortly before jumping to fame as an American Idol contestant, Lambert gained recognition as part of the popular musical Wicked (2005-2008), a play in which he played Fiyero.


American Idol (2009)

After developing a remarkable artistic career as a theater actor in musicals, Lambert decided to add for the 8th season of the renowned American Idol music program in 2009. His exceptional interpretation of the themes Rock with you by Michael Jackson and Bohemian Rhapsody of Queen, led him to go to the first round, being seen by the judges as one of the strongest contestants. After obtaining the pass to the top 36 with the Believe de Cher theme, Lambert was chosen by the publisher to be part of the 13 finalists of the program, being the male contestant with the highest votes. While he was seen as one of the strongest candidates among the finalists, Lambert had to face a series of rumors that led him to publicly accept his sexual orientation.

Despite the rumors and the shock caused by the revelation, Lambert managed to reach the final, facing the latter with contestant Kris Allen, who was chosen as winner of the season after interpreting the songs Ain’t No Sunshine, What’s Going On and No Boundaries. Shortly after the final, the press rumored about the reasons for Lambert’s loss, mentioning his sexual orientation and religious ancestry as possible causes.

Once American Idol was finished, Lambert undertook a short tour with some of his classmates, performing songs such as Whole Lotta Love, Slow ride and Mad world. In August of that same year, he appeared in Good morning America with David Cook and Kris Allen, and two months later he released his first album entitled For your entertainment (2009).


Adam Lambert Musical Career

After its successful passage through American Idol, Lambert debuted with the album For your entertainment (2009), whose song If I had you, became a bestseller, quickly positioning itself in the musical rankings. The success of the album led him to participate in various musical events such as the American Music Awards. Two years after he began his relationship with the renowned presenter Sauli Koskinen (2010-2013), Lambert released his second album, the album Trespassing (2012). This quickly surpassed the success of his debut album, becoming the first album of an openly gay singer to be ranked number 1 on the Billboard 200. This twelve-song album included the hits: Cuckoo, Naked Love, Underneath and the collaboration with Nile Rodgers and Sam Sparro, Shady.

That same year, the Live members of the Queen band offered to perform together at a concert in honor of Freddie Mercury, through which money would be raised for organizations fighting HIV / AIDS. In this way they began to work together, performing in some countries in Europe. A year after the launch of his collaboration with the cast of Glee, entitled The Fox (2013), Lambert appeared as a guest mentor on American Idol and a guest judge on the popular RuPaul’s Drag Race program. That same year, he launched The very best of Adam Lambert (2014) and performed with Queen in America.

A short time later, he released The Original High (2015), an album that received good reviews and was ranked number one on iTunes. This successful album included the songs: Ghost town, Underground, Evil In the Night, Things I Didn’t Say and Another Lonely Night, among others. Between 2016 and 2018, he released the singles: Welcome to the Show and Two Fux. As of 2019, Lambert has performed with Queen at the Oscar awards ceremony and has launched the Feel Something and New Eyes singles.

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